I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?

Tui  the peahen is still on her nest (her eggs are due to hatch on July 2nd) and Pania the other peahen has slowly become more and more absent.  And now I have no idea where she is. There are a few more hiding places to search but Hmm… I think to myself. I wonder if she is sitting on eggs as well.

Kupa has taken to hanging out with the guineas as he has no women folk to keep him in line.


The piglets are being pigletty and already I have had a few queries as to price and availability. I have a couple of young pig experts coming on Saturday to catch them and tag them and give iron shots and so forth then I will know for sure then how many of each gender I have. I am going to do all the local vaccinatons as these piglets are for sale and I don’t know of anyone else who grows them organically. I know a few who grow them kindly though.


I am fairly sure there are five boys and three girls. Some noticeably fatter than others too.



Someone is watching someone watching her eggs. Boo is not allowed to help himself to eggs anymore. He has to sit and wait until I place his egg on the ground in front of him, then say Eat Up. This is the most stubborn dog I have ever trained but when I was raking the grass hay yesterday he just followed the tractor up and down, up and down, up and down the field. Even Ton had given up and thrown himself under the bushes but Boo (his name is evolving)  just kept on trudging along after the tractor  doing his job of following me wherever I go.

I got up even earlier than usual this morning so that John (who leaves for work at 5am)  could help me give Queenie a booster shot to encourage her to be wildly fertile when the Lady Vet comes again on Sunday.  I hope we get a better result.  I also hope that Daisy  does not show signs of coming into heat as well.  I would hate to have to breed her all over again, she is such a drama-cow as you know.

After I have attended to the animals this morning I shall continue the hunt for Pania. I will let you know.  Let’s hope she is sitting on eggs somewhere. I am fairly confident that she will be.

Have a lovely day.

your friend, celi

50 Comments on “I can’t find Pania the Peahen .. now what could she be up to?

  1. So, how many piggies will you sell, and how many will you raise for your own freezer? Enquiring minds, and all that…
    Have a lovely day, C…hope you find the peahen 🙂

    • I hope to sell five or six and raise two or three.. these guys will be leaner and smaller than the commercial varieties.. but i will keep them until fall and the end of the harvests.. c

  2. Gosh how quickly your little farmy seems to multiply! Piglets, soon Pea chicks, then calves… did I miss any? I love how life takes a deep breath and ushers in the new to continue the circle. This is probably why Spring and Summer are my favorite months. Autumn and Winter, are needed too I know, and gives everyone a chance to stop and relax for a while. But I still love the energy I have during the warmer months!

    • there is an element of hibernation in us too i suppose and when it warms up we zoom into action! c

  3. Good morning Celi ; are peahens ground layers like turkeys ? just asking cause i don’t know. i hope she is found soon. That’s too funny about Kupa hangin out with the guineas. The thing with dogs and eggs is a sore subject. nuf said. have a blessed day mike

    • In the wild the peahens will make nests in the long grass ..and yes like pheasants and other wild birds they will take their chances, though Tui chose a box in the barn. I hope that Pania has chosen one of the out buildings .. c

  4. It’s been tremendous watching everything that’s been happening in these few short weeks of summer. I’ve loved watching how the animals’ habits and personalities seem to have been liberated with the sunshine! Those piglets sure are gorgeous, and so too is that Blue Heeler, bless him. You too have a lovely day 🙂

  5. hmm…how much does a piglet cost? i have no idea! i hope you can sell them all though i would have trouble letting them go. i hope you find pania. poor kupa is slumming it!

    • I will sell them at weaning for $125 which is what I bought the Shush Sisters for. Though the older they get the more they will sell for so that their feed is covered. 6 weeks old is the ultimate selling age though i think.. c

  6. I know a few other drama cows so don’t feel that our Daisy is the only one. 😉
    Oh how tempting for Boo to stick his nose into that bucket and take just one egg – you know just for testing purposes.
    Hope you find Pania on eggs somewhere.
    Have a lovely day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • It does feel like we are slowing down as the heat rolls in. But that is just the animals .. now i will start pickling and hay making. Cherry jam soon. As they laze about under the trees we start putting food in jars for the winter.. c

  7. It’s good that you’re getting those piggies done while they’re small and not when they’re 20+ pounds. (We won’t mention any names of people who’ve done that!) We don’t give our pigs any shots. Hope you get lots of great pics. Have a great day Celi!

    • If you show an animal here they have to have the certificates of vaccinations, so to increase my chances of selling them I need to. For the animals who are remaining on this farm they will not need anything.. I worm mine organically too with VermX. or garlic for a week every month.. c

  8. You know, I used to be completely in love with the life of a farmer called Jimmy Doherty. He started an organic pig farm, breeding rare pigs in an effort to save the breeds. Now he and his wife have this huge conglomerate business but it was so lovely when they were just a small quiet little farm. Have you ever heard of him or of his 2002 show Jimmy’s farm? He always had something go wrong, like escaping piglets, or a pig who learned how to open doors. It was really charming. 🙂

    • No I have not heard of him, it must be hard work to keep such a big concern organic. I must look him up. My piglets have not escaped yet, i am waiting though! c

      • I just read about him and it seems he is a poster boy for big ag and GM now. so I vuess he has gone over to the other side? I need to read more it is all very confusing.. c

  9. May I ask a rather off-topic question about the guineas? I saw them with Kupa and wondered… what is it they do on the Farmy? Do you raise them for eggs? Meat? I just don’t know much about them. Thinking fertile thoughts for Queenie, and looking forward to the next visit in the Coop.
    I just LOVE stopping by here every day. Thank you!

    • We got the guineas as insect gobblers, evidently they keep the tick population down.. however once the crops are up they spend all their time in there keeping THAT insect population down!! c

  10. Mmmm, perhaps Pania got tired of you placing her eggs under cluckky hens 🙂

    • Oh I am only tiny, we don’t have enough space for that many, the land would not sustain it, plus if i sell a few I hope to cover some of the feed bill for the others.. c

  11. be careful mowing hay
    i have cut the feet of several guineas in my lifetime
    dont think a pegleg peahen would be too happy

    if she is setting she will show up to feed
    hope blue not find nest first

    several yrs ago a pair of peahens showed up at my place
    stayed a few days
    then the ladies dissapeared again
    no idea where they came from, or went

    so might ask neighbors if see an escapee

  12. I have a friend in Pasadena who is blind, getting her doctorate on third world disaster aid, and is going on vacation to Boston area to see her sister and friends. One of the friends is a woman who created the serum for insemination of cows! I tell you! high regards.

  13. Oh your Boo… The ear and snout in that pic resembles my Bo!
    “Drama-cow”… I’m thinking a new Farmy term has just been been coined… it’s been a while since “washing basket moment” 🙂

  14. Celi, everyone’s looking so well and I am finding myself more and more in awe of your drive and vision and most of all, your consuming passion for the farmy and its inhabitants. You are a perfect demonstration of how every creature, every personality on earth has his or her place, a unique place which will never be filled in the same way again. I love my visits here. Inspirational in so many ways.

  15. Pania is keeping out of the drama on the farmy and will probably appear soon with a line of babies following her!

  16. Kupa in pursuit of the guineas is the funniest picture I’ve seen for a while (and you do have some funny ones). It’s crying out for a caption.

  17. Great collection of photos today, Celi. I hope by now you’ve found Pania and she’s got a full clutch that she’s been guarding. (Speaking of which, Lucy is sitting on two. I’ll be pulling them tomorrow morning.) Kupa is too funny and proof that for some peacocks, like men, it’s “any port in the storm.” I hope things go as planned for you with Queenie and Daisy. Fingers crossed.
    Have a great evening, Celi. I hope yours is as nice as ours is. 🙂

  18. Who feeds her when she sits on her eggs if he is out chasing the Wild Ones 🙂

  19. Boo’s name evolution reminds me of our old cat. He had about five names before he had one that was just him. The funny thing was he seemed to know it too. The final name was the one he would respond to. Good luck with the breeding!

  20. So we now have to remember to call ‘Blue’ ‘Boo’, help you search the farmy for Pania +/- [sugar hope everything fine there!], hope it does not rain ere the hay is in, feel ‘sorry’ for lonely Kupa and trust the piglets don’t feel too much of an ‘ouch’ when the needles go in . . . .we’re gpoing to be busy just watching . . . 😉 !

  21. Blue is studying those eggs intently. I hope you find Pania. Great shot of the chicken standing on the edge of the water trough. (Is that the right word?)

  22. The piglets are my favourites, I will miss them when they’re all sold off. Hope they will go to good homes where they will be much loved.

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