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The dark-en deepen-eth

The nights are coming so early and the clouds have been so thick and low lately that it seems to me I have to start evening chores straight after lunch or I won’t be done by dark. Sunset is at 4.24pm. Luckily Our John… Continue Reading “The dark-en deepen-eth”

Room in there for me?

I asked Sheila. Is there room in there for me. She said, yes but would not move over so I had to climb over her big body and scrunch myself into a corner of her house. It was warm and calm in there and… Continue Reading “Room in there for me?”

Mr Flowers comes out for a walk

And he is still out with his girls this morning  AND I slept in a bit.  Which is unusual but happens sometimes. I wake at 5AM but this morning I went straight back to sleep.  And now it is 6.27AM! So I am writing… Continue Reading “Mr Flowers comes out for a walk”

The season begins

And we are off – miss c is back in the saddle… (an English saddle,  those wild wild west cowboy saddles hurt my bony bum.) And me and my saddle (but no horse of course) are moving fast now. Thank you for your patience with… Continue Reading “The season begins”


As usual Mr Flowers likes to show off his tail right in front of the ugly garage door – sigh – no sense of background. Everything about this bird is spindly. A small bird really.  But colourful.  He is a piebald this is why he… Continue Reading “Spindly”

Feathers Unfurled

STOP! Go no further until you have guessed whose feathers are in the Header Shot. Yes. Well admittedly that was not hard. Mr Flowers is officially strutting his stuff. And here is something you seldom see in the mash of pretty peacock shots in… Continue Reading “Feathers Unfurled”

Sheila speaks. (audio)

Last night everything was quiet in the home barn, the wind had dropped, the birds were roosting  and the cows munched quietly in the background so while I put Sheila and the kune-kunes to bed under their respective covers, I recorded the discussion between Sheila (my… Continue Reading “Sheila speaks. (audio)”

The quiet feathers

After I dropped Hugo and his family at the railway station to begin their journey to Chicago, I drove all the way home to the farm again in an empty car. When I got home I stood in the drive and the silence was almost crushing.  I… Continue Reading “The quiet feathers”

Set Up To Succeed

When working with young people of all ages – yes that means you too, because after all we are all young in one way or another – it is important to set goals that are achievable. To set our young ones up to succeed. To set… Continue Reading “Set Up To Succeed”

Prone Cats and Sleeping Calves

John has so much work now that he is working six days a week, leaving at 4 in the morning and not getting home until after seven. Lady Astor and I wait for him. John has an habitual cough and when she hears him… Continue Reading “Prone Cats and Sleeping Calves”