24 seconds out my front door

And there is a sunrise this morning!

Can you see the subtle changes in the maple.?

Today I am working on bringing in Nelson the Rescue Rabbit. We have decided he can live in East Wing junk room (with the door shut against Boo) and have access to my room with the heated floor. And have his toilet in the glasshouse. This is a very mobile plan! And why we would choose to house a RABBIT toilet in the glasshouse is beyond me but I am very smell sensitive as you know so this seems the best idea and he has never shown any interest in the greens we bring him to eat. So who knows. Actually I think he is a she. But at least he will be warm.

And Nanny Boo can have supervised visits.

Have a lovely day!


24 Comments on “24 seconds out my front door

  1. Yay! You finally have the sun!!! And gosh, what a beautiful, peaceful view, with ducks swimming in the pond and everything! So nice!!! I’m thinking that if Nelson turns out to be a female, then Nelsina might be the perfect name! 🙂

  2. Your horizon videos have been stunning but they also make me homesick. For more than 50 years I enjoyed sunrises and sunsets on the horizons and took many photos. Now I enjoy your photos and videos – and occasionally can see “my” house! Thank you.

  3. Cecilia, you aren’t happy unless you are caring for, or rescuing someone. I love you for that. Please, give us the backstory on Nelson. How did you discover her? And when?

    • Good morning, c. I know how to embed an Instagram post into my freebie WordPress now. So next time I’ll not messy-up your post with my full-blown videos. Next time it should just be link. I hope.

  4. Even with trees and sunrises, change is moment to moment. Hooray for Nelson finding kind person to give her a home. Bunnies can be quite easy to have around. My dog and cat loved the one we found. They don’t do well outside once they have been domesticated is my thinking on the subject with such limited experience. I can’t imagine just leaving the rabbit behind.

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