Late harvest and a rabbit

Nelson the Rabbit is loving the glasshouse which is just as well as it got very cold this last week. She has chosen to spend her nights on a little blanket on the potting bench which I find an odd choice but there you are – I can think like a cow but I cannot think like a rabbit.

Having a rabbit in the house is a new experience for me. But we are all getting over it. Already the dogs have stopped guarding her door in case she escapes and ends up in their mouths by mistake, and though she has given the oregano a good trim ( she can reach it from her area) she has not shown any interest in the lettuce or the kale. And is yet to come down onto the glasshouse floor. Long may that last!

Here is a video I popped up on cecilia_thekitchensgarden – my Instagram. You can see the potting bench above her area.

The combine harvester harvested the corn in the sunset.

The organic white corn was in little islands surrounded in cover crop so the combine harvester left crop circles in the cover crop. You can see that the cold is hitting the cover crop now- soon it will lay down as a golden blanket to protect the soil fir the winter. We have been eating the Daikon radishes too – they are very tasty.

Now the corn has been harvested, Tima was released from her barn diet yesterday evening. As she raced away to check things out I could see that she has indeed lost some weight which is good. She was almost nimble!

It will be interesting to see where she decides to sleep now that it is colder. I wonder if she will go back in with Wai. It is certainly easier to cover them at night if they are together. But I think their divorce is final.

I will be spending a good part of this coming week in Chicago – talking about flour and bread and pastries. Pastries are not really my forte because I do not have the patience (and do not have a sweet tooth) but I know enough to be able to recommend a flour. And it is always fun for me to visit the bakeries and restaurants – I am escorted from bakery to bakery by the Sysco reps. I am literally handed from one rep to another across the course of two days. So it is fun – like a performance – I am on stage in the bakeries and the cars are the green room and I am given the script and meet my fellow actors five minutes before each performance. I love it!

Deep down though I am more of a bread baker. And my sons and I are thinking this could be my retirement job when I go home. Baking bread. So, I will be looking for locally grown and stone ground flour in New Zealand when I am ready to retire. Though I am not ready to retire quite yet!

I am still baking at the mill in between my other jobs. No kitchen – no posh oven. Just my bench top oven in the lunch room, a bowl, and flour, salt and yeast. Water from our water fountain. I maintain that we should not need anything fancy to make a decent loaf of bread – as long as the flour is good.

It is Saturday morning and I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can go out and get a shot of Tima for you. In the meantime I will set up this mornings dough then turn the oven on – it is cold in the house this morning.

Weekend chores. Number 12. Clean Slobbered-on Door

Here you are! I did not even have to go outside. That did not take long for her to be up here vandalising the porch again. Oh my gosh those dirty windows.

That’s better.

Good morning!

Time to get busy.


26 Comments on “Late harvest and a rabbit

  1. I love your description of bread as performance art! And it’s so lovely to see the beautiful (and more streamlined) Timatanga Moana in all her dappled glory.

    • It has been TWO years since I saw my home and the children and grandchildren there. Plus the Australian and Canadian branches of my family. The time will come when I get back on the road again.

      • I know that pull. It’s a constant niggle when family roots themselves across the globe. It’s two years for us also. One of my granddaughters became a teenager during this pandemic. And John?

  2. Katechiconi is right, Tima is actually looking quite svelte!!! The time in the diet barn has been a very good thing for her indeed! She looks just adorable peering in the window with Boo Dog! As does Nelson in the video. Next week in Chicago sounds like it will be great fun! For you and for the bakeries and restaurants fortunate enough to have you visit!

  3. Our mountains are getting snow this weekend, but none down here yet. Just the colder temps for us. My own retirement comes in just 2 weeks, but this is home for me so no major changes. Bread making seems a lovely way to retire though.

  4. Lovely post- would hug the bunny if allowed! Hahahah Bread is art – I love baking my bread- with good flour of course!

  5. What a cute rabbit! They can be shy but at the same time inquisitive when they get used o their surroundings.
    It’s good to see naughty Tima back on form and that’s beautiful bread!

  6. Thank you for all the creature photos. How I miss them. And Nelson is adorable! Chicago! So close and yet so far away!

  7. Darling rabbit, naughty, svelte and darling Tima and gorgeous bread! What fun to see these wondrous things…well, the animals are not things but you know what I mean. When you move back to New Zealand someday will John go with you or will you have a long distance marriage? 🙂

  8. Nelson looks perfectly happy in her glasshouse digs. I wonder if she gets lonely? Tima is looking positively radiant and ready to visit. I think I need a turn in the diet barn if you get those results. I love how your bread looks. I wish I lived closer so I could pick up a loaf from you. I will probably never bake bread again. Notice I didn’t say never. 😉 It looks so good, I might be forced to when I get a new place to live. I would hate to have my children or grandchildren on different continents Being torn in so many directions at once is just hard. Lets hope Covid ends soon.

    • Covid will not end – we will adapt to it -like we adapt to all changes! We ship the flour remember! And all my bread is no knead! All you actually need is a 3 quart Dutch Oven. The middle sized one. It is perfect for bread!

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