24 seconds out my front door

Actually 28 seconds but we needed to finish the movement.

Watching the seasons change one week at a time!

Have a lovely Sunday.

Oh and look at this!!!!

Nelson is also on the move! Who in their right mind would invite a rabbit into their glasshouse. We need to get the kale cages in!


24 Comments on “24 seconds out my front door

  1. This is just a few of the many deer that come for kitchen scraps. The one hiding off to the right is a buck that’s been tormenting the does, as is his job this time of year.

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  2. Eek! Nelson looks like she is already wrecking havoc with the plant right next to her! And just as you stated she was staying in one place she starts moving around! Looks like she is absolutely loving her new home! The 28 seconds video is wonderful!

  3. Delightful duck pond video today. I love the adventures of Nelson, handsome doe. All of your adopted animals are such characters!

  4. Lovely watching the ducks enjoy the pond. I have been searching back and forth through your blog posts trying to find posts that chronicled the installation of the pond. I seem to remember seeing a few stages? I have a small group of Rouen ducks and would love to know how you keep your pond going.

  5. Quite enjoy watching your pond. I have been searching back and forth in your posts … I seem to remember some being about installing the pond. I’d love to know how you keep it going.

  6. I quite enjoy watching your pond. I keep searching your posts to find the few you shared progress and planning for your pond. We have adopted a small group of Rouen ducks and I’d love to know what your system is. Ours love to dabble in mud and fill the bottoms of their kiddie pools pretty quickly. This time of year I am carrying water in ‘gas tanks’ using the tractor to bring them a fresh start each morning.

  7. That video is a quack up! 🤪
    I seriously love ducks 💕
    Nelson might be destructive to your edibles, but she sure is cute! We aren’t aloud rabbits as pets in Qld so I might be in the minority saying they are gorgeous 😆

  8. Oh these shots lift my spirit so! Hilarious how the ducks exit their pond waddling off. And that Nelson is beyond charming. Even looks like her cheeks are full!

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