But back in the fifties today!!

And look who turned up.

Went to buy bolts at the hardware store and came home with chicks!

Fourteen of them. Eight …. and six ….

They are merrily eating out-of-date corn grits from the mill and snuggling under their light.

The rest of us are in the muck. I work like crazy on Sunday mornings trying to get the Bloody Bollocksy Housework done so I can get outside but look at it. Muck.

The farm is going into a lull now. No more raising hogs for Chicago. I lost in John’s words a ‘shitload of money’ this financial year. And that’s no good.

So- now that Jake has his restaurant up and running I will pull everything back small – feed my own people. And help John use the farm to feed the farm – it is more work but saves a lot of money.

Life changes – that’s how life is. No need to worry. Sheila snd Poppy are not worried. And

Oh look!!

Chicks! 8 Olive Eggers and 6!Mystic Marans. I am cutting back!!

It is night time and I need to run out and check them before I make a cup of tea and go to bed.

I baked all day yesterday!

Good night!


23 Comments on “NOT QUITE SPRING

  1. Amazing – just amazing! Look at the eggs,the chicks, the chickens a laying, the pigs comfy sleeping and the BREAD! Ta Dah! Have a lovely sleep and a happy tomorrow !!

  2. Bugger. Farming, growing stuff and selling produce is not easy, cheap or time-friendly either. That’s why we have to appreciate & support our farmers and food. I hate to contemplate life without good eggs, dairy, meat, veges & fruit, honey, grain and all the wonderful things that can be made with them. It can never be said enough… you can’t eat money. But a little money does make life smoother…

  3. Everything looks so beautiful and in order! All is well and happy!

  4. There are only so many hours in a day and I hate to think of you running yourself ragged AND losing money to do so. Hope this year is better financially.

  5. Oh, that’s miserable. I wish I lived closer; I’d buy your meat and milk and eggs, and make my friends buy them, and their friends too. It’s good, it’s clean, it’s supporting a small local business. Australia just isn’t a sensible distance away… As for those darling little peepers, I just want to pet their little downy heads and warm them in my hands….

  6. I Just love the chicks❤
    and well done ma, you are doing a great job. Your hard work will surely pay

  7. It’s a shame there’s no animal that likes to do housework – no doubt they’d all enjoy living inside.
    Great bread, as always.

  8. Raising hogs was not really a profitable venture for us. Maybe we broke even, and we did have the most delicious pork ever. Friends still talk about it, but it was certainly not a money making venture. Now we just have two older pet pigs, Jethro and Ellie Mae. 🙂 Yesterday we planted some of our spring garden plants from the greenhouse into the garden beds. I am searching the branches of our trees daily for blooms bursting forth. Our plum and apricot trees are just starting to bloom. Hopefully no freeze will come! And our forsythia is blooming! So it’s not quite spring yet, but soon, soon, soon!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I made money for such a long time but I had a passion for the farm feeding the farm – now that John has taken over – well – they still get all their veges but grain as well!! – lots of very fat happy pigs this year !! Plus my distributor upped his fee. However now Jake is up and running so I am where I wanted to be in the first place.

  9. Seasons shift and changes are made in nature. We are of nature and in nature so it only follows. 💚

  10. Love the look of your breads. I am guessing you make those creative cuts for a proper bake and a stunning look. I am sure they taste as good as they look and we do eat with our eyes first.

  11. I’m happy for you that you are where you wanted to be in the first place. I’m confused though. I thought caring for the hogs was a lot MORE work for you, not less. Just goes to show how little I know!

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