This morning. The birds and the crickets make a morning chorus for the dawn. Dense with sound. When I see a dawn like this bright magenta through the fog, I hope my guests are awake to see it.

I mention the sunrise often in my description of the stay. I literally designed these windows for that moment of perfection. Dawns are always perfect. Everywhere.

But I seldom see it from the sunrise couch because this room is almost always occupied.

The little apartment is totally booked now until closing time in November. So I am more than happy with this little enterprise.

I found these cubbyhole shelves out the back of the Mill. We have been desperate for new laying boxes and these slope back and sharply downwards and are exactly the right shape for a chicken. I am hoping new black chickens, who are just beginning to lay, will take to them. And the eggs will gently roll out of harms way. We’ll see. In the end the chooks will do what they want.

And they like their ancient ones but we get too many broken eggs from multiple chooks piling in on top of each other. Does not matter how many open boxes there are they still cram themselves into their favorites. The new boxes are too small for multiple chooks. Perfect for one.

I did not start a loaf of bread last night and I feel strangely sad not to be baking this morning. There is something intensely, deeply satisfying about sending loaves of bread out to people. I could not possibly eat all that I bake – I would be big as a house!

These guys eat a LOT of bread!

In two months it will be me sitting on the sunrise couch with a hot cup of coffee. But until then it is full steam ahead!

I hope you have a lovely day.


Weather: High of 81f, low of 63f, winds light and variable. No problems there!


  1. We are counting the days till official spring but have decided to pretend it has arrived early, still no rain. Five Star accommodation for guests and chooks. Laura

  2. Our morning is much the same here, although the sun has not made an appearance quite yet. Already later, darker mornings here. I hope the chickens take to the new chicken condo, private space is lovely at times, as we humans understand.

  3. What a wonderful find, the chook boxes!!! New digs for the chooks, and hopefully more unbroken eggs for you! So crazy how they all like to lay in one box! The little apartment looks so fabulously cozy! 🙂

  4. Ooooh – that room is like a safe marshmallows! My room as a teen was the attic of a 4-storey very old house with dorm windows East and West, so had a window seat to watch the sun rise over Mt. Hood and the set over the West Hills in Portland, OR. The moonrises over the mountain were spectacular too. Super find for chook boxes! I love that, Deb, “chicken condo”!

  5. Lovely all around. Thanks for the pictures and updates. So happy about your place being occupied til November. I am always enamoured of the teal (?) walls behind the sofa.

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