But that was as close as I got before she saw me.

Darling girl.

Two of the Three. Happy as Larry in the long grass down the back.

The chicken below is very old and no longer a layer. Can you see her pale short comb and fat body. The ones who no longer lay get a bit overweight. I let all the layers die naturally. They work hard for us and earn their retirement.

WaiWai is a bit hobbly these last few days. So I have put Tima back in her pen in the barn so Wai can get a break from her rough ways. Plus I have banned my co-worker from feeding him at all. He has a soft spot for WaiWai and overfeeds him I think. Like Tima – Wai puts on fat fast! So I am rationing the little pet pigs. They have enough winter weight now.

Autumnal colors are showing up.

Look what I found in a friends back shed.

Seven of them.

I knew if I waited long enough some chairs would turn up for my dining table. They are old smoko/ break room chairs. I love them! And my friend could not wait to give them away.

I hope you have a lovely day


39 Comments on “SLEEPY SHEILA

  1. Great chairs, with wide, comfy seats! Seven of them is a great find. Funny how hens who no longer lay revert to the pale combs of their adolescence.

    • Lovely pics. Nice to see how some of those in your care are looking: well and content. I like your layers policy. Beautiful chairs – thrilling find!

  2. We never see Sheila sleeping. Or even resting. She’s always on all fours!
    Worried about WaiWai. And glad you have removed Tima from tormenting him.

  3. We let our hens die naturally as well. We lost one yesterday, in fact. She was the second one this year… they are getting to the age where their bodies give out.

  4. awesome chairs! Your policy on letting the hard working hens retire gracefully is so very kind. Pets to Sheila and Wai Wai!

  5. Lovely pics. Your animals and birds always look so nice and healthy and ‘happy’. Congratulations on the chair finds.

  6. Our chooks stay for life too, they’re still useful for eating insects and doing chooky things.
    Score on the chairs. We have have an old green laminex smko room table scored off a demolition site, you can see the grooves in the timber where work boots have rested over the years.

  7. Those stylish chairs were a lucky happenstance and will fit in well with any décor. Looking at Sheila and remembering her as a baby . . . would it be close to eight years now she has lived in heaven on earth . . . 🙂 ?

  8. Cool chairs. My barred rock, Gretchen is somewhere around 5 years old, hasn’t laid in a long time and is a tad chubby. In fact she positively waddles side to side as she marches about, makes me laugh every day.

  9. I love those chairs!!!!!!!! I am a hoarder of good wood OLD chairs! I have my grandmothers and mothers all in my front room I am calling a study area. It’s where the women of our church get together every few months and we sing, pray, cry and laugh. It is also where I take any friend or person who wants to just sit and talk. Nice beverage and surrounded by my family generations of stuff tends to give warmth and comfort. I love our new home and that I have this lovely front room that was supposed to be a “Formal Dining room” that because a room of comfort instead.

    • Oh the ‘Front ‘Room! We had a front room when we were kids too. It was kept separate for mums visitors. Like s parlor in the old house. What a lovely image – all your chairs in there!

  10. What beautiful pictures of everything and everyone! Looks like your weather has been tolerable. I’ve just finished reading your back posts – got behind because we were in Nova Scotia. Weather was cold, but tolerable, there too. So glad to be back on the farmy again with you all! Missed you bunches!

  11. Of my gosh! What beautiful photos of Shelia! Your photography, just like your writing, is stunning C.

  12. We let our old hens and roosters retire and go naturally too. I’ve lost a few lately to these horrible early winter temps. I always love your photos… feels like home. 🙂

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