( sorry for the spelling mistake! I fixed it). A lovely local town donated all their Halloween pumpkins to us! Twenty something of them.

And the pigs could not be happier!

I am going up to Chicago at Thanksgiving. I want to get home-made whole kernel bread into the hands of the homeless. I am not sure how yet. But I do know I want to be on the streets.

I like thanksgiving. And many decorators and stores jump straight from Halloween to the Christmas holiday. Giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day, which is one of the few really universal American holidays that everyone can join, ( no matter your religion, or immigration status) has become a poor cousin.

So The Little Red Hen is going to go against the flow and thank the homeless with bread. Homeless people teach us the power of generosity, humility, empathy…. so many things. How to put that into a sentence that would not insult a person who lives on a city street?

This is still an idea in development.

I am not sure exactly where I will take it.

But my need to feed the homeless people one at a time started with one man who I gave pizza to one Christmas, years ago. I have been giving out homemade cookies ever since – trying to find him again. I never found him. The Still Man.

This story. This story is from my early blogging days when all those awards were flying about – do you remember them? I don’t do chain awards anymore but the story at the end of this post is worth scrolling down for. If only so I can give thanks for him. For this man who showed me his eyes and gave me so much.

Many of you will remember his story.

Now to get on with my Saturday. Only a few hours work today – I hope, then back to do the weekend mucking out.

Love celi


  1. It must be happy pig day!
    That’s a lovely idea, to feed the homeless at Thanksgiving. I imagine there are a lot less working people out in Chicago on that day, so there’s less charity to go round.

      • That’s a good idea – black Friday is a day of consumer greed. I’d ask the homeless charities what they think.

        • Thanksgiving is one of the more popular volunteer days for soup kitchens and the like. Perhaps a random Tuesday would bridge a food gap best, but again, I’d ask them what matters most to them.
          I’ve always found the best way to convey my feelings is to simply ask their name, share mine, and otherwise honor their humanity by sharing mine.

    • How lovely that for once you, well your pigs, were on the receiving end. In the UK the waste from pumpkins is shocking. In the town nearby a local charity have equipped a bus that can sleep eight rough sleepers and their dogs comfortably and in a dignified manner. I know what my Christmas charity will be this year. Hope you are having a good weekend.

  2. I think Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Not only for the meal – which I adore, but because it’s a holiday without so much hype. I’m not inundated for months with Thanksgiving commercials and advertisements and aisles and aisles of decorations every time I enter a store.
    But mostly because it’s about being with people you love and focusing on what’s important. It reminds us to be our best selves in a way Christmas only pretends to anymore.
    I realize I come from a privileged place with it. I have a great family Thanksgiving that is always inclusive of stray friends and distantly connected relatives. I come from a place where there is enough money to feed the crowd that shows u p.
    And if you are homeless on Thanksgiving, your view of it is different. But as you so clearly note – it’s a time when busy insular people remember to share their gratitude with generosity. And that is also part of it’s joy.
    I hope you are able to find another moment of connection and bring some warmth and hope and food to someone this Thanksgiving.

  3. Thanksgiving is a wonderful American holiday and the homeless will appreciate your bread.
    There is a guy here in Santa Cruz that bakes bread and other goodies. You can order it through his website and pick it up on the weekend. If your are interested in doing something like that I can email you his link.

  4. I love that someone donated all their pumpkins to you! Our chickens LOVE to eat them so we stock up after Halloween when they are much cheaper!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures.

  5. I’m so happy about the pumpkins! I see pumpkins here everywhere and have no way to get them to you. It kills me.

  6. How nice your pigs get donations too. Baking bread for the homeless is a kind thing to do. So many do not want to be in homes but need somewhere they can be safe. I wish there was an answer. In the meantime, we all pitch in and do what can be done. I’m going back and read your story now.

  7. Hi Celi – I am here every day but without comment – read your “Still Man” story and it made me cry – thank you

  8. What a great gift from that little town for your pumpkin loving critters. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday- just being with ones you love and of course the wonderful food made with recipes handed down from generations. Love the idea of taking bread to the homeless. Reread the story of the Still Man again- touching as much now as the first time I read it. When I was a student nurse I did clinicals in Chicago- being from a small midwestern farm town had never seen homeless before, it affected my fellow classmates also so on our free time we would take the goodies we received from home and give them to the street people. The goodies were always appreciated but I remember feeling as you did- wish I could do more

  9. I remember reading that story. I love reading it again. I love it. You describe your own feelings so perfectly. That realization that what meant so much to him was so easy. We should always remember that. How easy it really is to help, at least a little. Thank you.

  10. oh my- I had not found your blog yet- thank you for the story of the Still Man. Oh my- what we all should be doing- giving.

  11. That candle is still lit, and in many more ways it touches and lights others with inspiration, I hadn’t joined The Farmy Fellowship back then… The Still Man is as relevant and poignant today, as is the reciprocity of awards which continue in nature via commenting, conversation, sharing… and some days just plain showing up 🤓

  12. I wish SA had adopted Thanksgiving instead of the other commercial Halmark holidays. I remember the Still Man story.

    Good news we had 75mm rain in huge storm last night, and today floods, ah well. Laura

  13. I think the fact you didn’t think about giving the Still Man the pizza says a lot about you and how your heart works. It works from a deeply compassionate place that offers good wherever it can…naturally…willingly. Those moments show us our humanity. xx

  14. What a wonderful ‘yes’ post in more than one way ! Yes, Celi, do take your bread to Chicago and do let everyone local able and willing to give you ideas and help you ! Fantastic – and I never use that word lightly. Just make sure that those who could cause hurt or damage do not get close to you or yours. Probably contacting some already existing orgs which help those who are not quite able to fend after themselves would be the most useful . . . best with that ! I do not care for Halloween and do not really celebrate Christmas but would so love to add Thanksgiving to our days to celebrate . . .that one methinks has worldwide meaning. Lovely reciprocity indeed that your piggies are having an extra celebration at this time of the year. I hope all their adoring looks are directed at you . . . 🙂 !

  15. I don’t know about Chicago but in Milwaukee many of the shelters are aware of homeless ‘camps’, often clusters of tents or other rough shelters. They may be able to direct you.

  16. For me, it’s always a matter of “there but for the grace of God go I”. I try to pay forward the good in my life. We don’t have a big homeless problem in my little town, but I do put dry goods and canned food into the Salvation Army collection boxes to feed families in need at Christmas. I think a good filling chunk of Celi’s bread with maybe a mug of soup would put heart and hope into me if I was homeless.

  17. This post is so full of goodness today! Pumpkins given to you so they would feed your pigs and not the landfill! YOU making wholesome bread to feed those in need. It is all just lovely! Don’t forget to share some with the poultry. They love them too! I grew a bumper crop of them this year (first time!). I set one out and the girls just started working on it till they made a hole… it took a few days, but they ate it all!

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