Looking West.

Then walking West and looking back to the East.

Watching the wheat grow.

It feels like our house is on an enormous emerging lawn.

As my plan to be the Little Red Hen takes root.

Autumn is here I think. For the next ten days our average highs are in the forties. Cold is coming too. I have found some really cheap straw – in inconvenient big bales but really cheap. Soon the pigs will have extra warm beds. Plus big round bales tucked up close for winter shelters.

It is windy out there – rain in forecast I think – let me look.

OH!!! Well – that was unexpected!


18 Comments on “TWO POINTS OF VIEW

  1. No! Is that snow predicted for Thursday? Had to ask, we don’t have symbols like that in our forecasts. Your lawn looks great, it is going to be fun watching that wheat growing. Much nicer all round than corn or beans. Laura

  2. If you could see my postage stamp place, you would really have a different point of view about your space. I love all that space to grow food and have animals. I can literally see my neighbor at his laptop and if my eyes were better, see what he was reading. I can watch TV on the other side. We are cold here too this week. Dry though which is rare for Halloween week. Kids will have fun out there.

  3. How fabulous that the wheat fields are growing like crazy!!! Just checked out our weather and it looks like we will have to put row covers on the garden crops we want to take into the winter on Thursday, as it will get down to 24 degrees!!! Yikes!!! No snow for us though, not yet, thank goodness!!! 🙂

  4. I love the path up to your front door, with all the bushes and trees.

  5. Just love the look of the side of the coop from the healthily growing wheat fields . . . . so remember when you built it . . . initially thought you had a cow in the wheat field – should have worn my glasses . . . Ton there also always checking, checking . . .

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