That’s because I put half a cup of sifted buckwheat in there.

Everything else was the same. All Glenn. It is a cow pat! Amazing how buckwheat affects the rise of a loaf. Tasty though!

For a cowpat! Not pretty.

Above is my kitchen last night. All about the flour. It rained and rained – perfect time for baking. After chores I was soaked to the skin and cold! I am not ready for the cold!

Making bread is my favorite relaxation nowadays.

Del the milk cow, is dropping production nicely. Though not impressed with her bad bale diet it is helping with the plan to have her dry by the end of November. I will milk her this morning and inspect her udder. (The co-worker milks her during the week.) But I think everything is going according to plan.

Other than that today is all about getting warm straw in with the pigs, the barn scooped out, the Sunday clean out of the duck house, then pulling everything out of the big pantry and cleaning it.

I found another egg fridge so Heidi and I are going to declutter the Pantry and remove one set of shelves so I can fit another fridge in there. There is a lot of stuff in there that can be thrown out. No point keeping stuff I never use. Jars of old out of date food stuff from the days when I used to regularly feed big numbers of people. Dishes that someone else can use. Lots and lots of empty bottling glass jars that I will haul down to the basement.

And containers of stuff I never used in the first place. I just liked the containers!! Out they go as well. A well stocked pantry does not mean lots of stuff just in case. It means enough of the stuff you use. My well stocked freezers are certainly well stocked with what we eat!!

And the eggs make regular money to keep this shop afloat. And I can’t keep them in outside fridge for much longer! So the pantry must be better utilized.

My coworker collected nineteen duck eggs the other day! I hope that becomes a regular occurrence!

Saturday ( yesterday) at the mill – Saturday is a lovely quiet time to work.

Well, I heard the oven ding. It is up to 500 degrees. It can stay there for 30 minutes to heat up the cast iron then I will begin to bake!

Have a great day!


25 Comments on “SEE THE LITTLE LOAF?

  1. Your buckwheat loaf sounds very tasty!
    I’m glad to see sunshine today – it has rained gatos y peros for days here. My flat roof has spring a leak around the skylight (from all the water sitting around it) and as I walked along the canal yesterday (umbrella in hand), there were small boats attached to barges, practically sinking from the collected rain.

  2. Once in my life I made bread. A loaf of what I remember being called Hoska. It had almonds and blond raisins in it and you twisted the dough. And it was delicious. Took a whole day to make with tons of hand-wringing and fretting.
    How is WaiWai? I worry about him.

  3. Wow, 19 duck eggs! That’s wonderful! We only have two or three young ducks laying now, and it’s not happening everyday. 😦 We just had two mama ducks sitting nests together and they hatched out 13 ducklings. It’s the third clutch of eggs that we have had this year. One clutch for each of them with 12 and 13 eggs, and then 13 laying and sitting them together. So we have lots of ducks right now!

  4. Your stories and pictures just make me feel warm and cozy!! I love working around the house on rainy days and, when the power goes out, imagination and innovation are our best friends. Everything runs on electricity here.. water well, heat, etc. Thank goodness for the generator and kerosene lamps! Have a fun day, Ceci!

  5. Your loaves all look fabulous and delicious. After a few years of baking adequate sourdough bread in clay panes and absorbing information from other bakers I decided to risk trying something new and baked straight out of overnight prove in the fridge into preheated enamelled dutch oven… after a few years of commenting that my other bread was good, the G.O. commented that the new style bread is the best ever, even going so far as to eat it voluntarily.

  6. I don’t think buckwheat has any gluten in it, so I guess adding it in just reduced your bread’s potential to hold air and rise. But buckwheat really is tasty, especially with savoury toppings. Or toasted and buttered on the side with a nice boiled duck egg…?

  7. I love the flavor of buckwheat. My family has old recipe for buckwheat crepes and they are delicious. Also, buckwheat is indeed gluten free which would cut down on the rise, but increase the flavor, I’m sure.

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