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I think Daylight Saving is Barbaric!

Do you take as long as I do to adjust?

Most of my adjustment period is trying to stop comparing the time today with what the time would have been if it was yesterday!

But why am I being forced to change my time? What earthly use is it to anyone?!

All day today you and I will be distrusting our time pieces. Asking: has this clock been changed back or forward or wherever it should be. Is this today’s time? What time is it really?

This is my day for advocating civil disobedience!

And on top of that the newly growing green green wheat surrounding the house looks spring green.

The animals don’t care that’s for sure.

BooBoo playing with his ball. The full video is on my Instagram account.

Over the last few days I have changed Del’s milking time from morning to late afternoon so we can take advantage of the warmest part of the day for turning the pump on. It would not start for John on Friday.

The cow’s production is dropping slowly. Too slowly. But with the change of time I will take over milking. I can milk after work. And no more treats. I just discovered yesterday that my co-worker was giving her corn at milking time. Which is against the rules. Especially the drying up rule. Only hay from now on and rubbish hay at that.

I hope you have a lovely day.


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  1. Our clocks went back last week. I do that too, this time yesterday it was ect. My daughters don’t like it with the babies.

  2. Oh yes, the time change thing is so bogus. Living in Maine, I am fully in agreement with us joining Eastern Canada for Atlantic time, all year, no forwarding or backing! And, the older I get the more difficult I find it to do the time alterations. I love all your photos, but the one of the Kune Kunes really gives me a chuckle! Pig tv! Love it.

  3. We (Washington state) finally passed a change rule through our legislature. Now we must simply wait until the federal government gets around to telling us it’s okay to leave our clocks, and time, alone. Our collective fingers are all crossed, hoping that will happen with next springs change forward 🙂

  4. I was so pleased I slept until 6 and then I looked at my phone and realized it was now actually 5. I think that here in Oregon, like Washington, we’ve decided to quit doing the time change–but we’re waiting for something. Reading Deb’s comment it might be the feds. Geez, people!

  5. I’m not comparing the time, but my body seems to have stuck with last weeks’ clock.
    Mainland Europe has voted to drop daylight saving by 2021. I’m not sure why it will take them a few years to stop though…

  6. Don’t have it therefore don’t understand it or the reason for it. Easiest just to ask Aunty Google for the time difference between me and overseas country I wish to contact. Laura

  7. We’re a month into DST and it’s only just feeling like the new normal; prior I was enjoying the light early mornings and eating dinner at a sensible time. Now dinner slides out to 8.30 pm sometimes while we enjoy the evening light. Me, ambivalent? Of course. It doesn’t mattet that much in much life, and I consult my phone for reliable time and date… and sometimes day 🤔

  8. Awww.. I know it’s for the best but poor Del. She will miss her old treat friend. 🙂
    I could not agree more on the time change thing and cannot find ANYONE who advocates for it. So why it continues is a mystery.

  9. We here in CA are in the same boat as WA and OR, just waiting for the bill to pass through the legislature. Regular time is wt I was born in many years ago, and my body just wants to stay put. Seems to me it had something to do with the war (which one, I don’t know, but that’s long past!

  10. Well, I absolutely adore Daylight Saving and cannot wait for it to come up every year ! Change all the clocks from room to room before I go to bed the night before . . . and presto 🙂 ! The computer and phone remind one anyway. Wonderful I am not being awaked by daylight at 5am but my dinner hour of 8 or 0 pm seems more civilized !! Getting used to if . . . may feel it slightly for 24 hours, never think of it after . . . .simply cannot see the problem and would be desolate if Australia did not have it . . .to each their own, I guess . . .

    • I also love daylight saving! Otherwise it would be light here in the morning by about 3am. I guess I am not a morning person, but I much prefer it to be light at the other end of the day, when I can enjoy the extra light hour! I also find that my body clock starts feeling mucked up a week or two before daylight saving starts, with the early light mornings putting my internal clock out of whack, then once DST happens, I don’t have any adjustment time at all! We’re all different 🙂

  11. I’m with you. I HATE DST! It takes forever to get in sync. Then we have to do it all over again in spring. Just leave the darn time to be what it is. Your green field looks wonderful as do the animals enjoying a Sunday siesta.

  12. Bob and I couldn’t agree more! We would like it if they would abolish the business. Bob leaves in the dark and comes home after dark. He only sees the sun on the weekends and then only if it doesn’t rain.

  13. Daylight savings time is a waste of time!! I really think it is only for the wealthy I’m the lower states with warmer weather that allows them to play golf longer!!😀 Del must be in love with your coworker- since she gets better treats!!

  14. I like the spring forward and more sun after work. I want to keep it that way. Modern working hours take up my working time at home with daylight.

  15. I hate the time change. Everything goes out of sync it seems. I think it is so funny that you caught the co-worker cheating.

  16. Happily, Queensland doesn’t mess about with the clocks, and we have the same time all year round. The other states do, so for half the year they’re on ‘proper’ time and half the year they’re not. I’ve never understood the appeal or logic of the change, and it interferes mightily with scheduling calls to northern Europe; part of the year they’re 10 hours ahead, part of the year it’s 9 hours and you have to remember which. Mind you, to be fair, north Queensland has much less rationale for changing. Being closer to the equator, our seasonal tilt is much less and the times of dawn and dusk are not as divergent. We don’t have the long dark mornings, but then we don’t have the long light evenings either…

  17. once upon atime it was a good idea….now it’s just irritating! Love all your photos video is hysterically cute!

  18. I find the whole time change ridiculous. This one is the most difficult for me to adjust to. Ut oh, corn is like candy… not a lot of nourishment. 🙂

  19. Oh dear! And sorry C, I can’t help but wonder: does feeding corn give a more yellow butterfat?
    In answer to your question of “how long?” WEEKS!:/ Have always hated how they blamed farmers for flipping the time back and forth. I mean, since when do animals give a rat’s hind-end for what a human clock says, for Pete’s sake? (Their’s has always been solar-powered, lol; )

  20. we in Arizona don’t do no stinking DST. It’s one of the few sensible things the state does.

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