I have reached the time of the year when I leave for work in the dark and come back to the farm in the dark. Horrors!

It really is not on!

That Cat!

My HACCP plan is finished and is out for peer review and I am getting really positive feedback. So, that is a relief. Of course it is an ongoing process so I look forward to working on it again as we add more flours ( the einkorn and red fife has arrived) and maybe even a few blends. What would be a good blend. Other than pancake?

I did not work yesterday because I had visitors. And I loved my day outside yesterday – I have a big group of city people here for a visit and we spent a good amount of time doling out fresh straw. I found old straw to buy at 10 dollars a big round bale. Each bale weighs about 700 pounds! So this was a great buy! And all the outside animals got one whole bale each.

Sheila dug right in!

Naturally the cows started eating theirs! They got a whole one for inside and one for outside in the sun too.

Today we have a cloudy but warm day then the temperatures begin to drift down into Very Cold. Down to 10F which is around minus 12C. A bit cold for November!! Hence the massive influx of bedding material.

Look at this. My visitors will spend the day on the farm ( there are six of them – all intelligent in conversation, they are vital and interested in life and lovers of good food and we had a feast last night!) I wish I could keep them! At some point today they will wander back up to the city.

Ok – I hear murmurings – time for coffee!

Talk soon


38 Comments on “IT’S THE DARK

  1. Wow your temperature have taken a step dive, did it snow last week? Fantastic bargain buy on that straw. Enjoy your visitors. Laura

  2. Yikes on the plummeting temperatures! We get it here starting tomorrow too, so today is the day to muck out both the goat and duck houses, as it will be in the 60s. And what a deal on the straw!!! It’s fabulous when deals like that come along!!! 🙂

  3. I’m glad you are getting some time to enjoy freezing. 😉 I’m not sure I’d like it that cold but you are a little dynamo with a big engine. Have a wonderful week. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. The ginger cat and the ginger man! Children’s story with pictures would be fun. Nice to have good company. The straw looks like a welcome addition to the decor. I’m sure it makes for a comfy bed. Have a great day Celi and crew!

  5. Great photos; and you may physically be in the dark, but your creativity and entrepreneurship is definitely light-filled. Glad you had such a great day yesterday! total best wishes

  6. We must carry our own light in the darkness of winter….. Shine on Miss C, Shine ON! Kiss Boo, we lost our Chloe beagle to cancer last week. It is strangely quite without her. The other 4 have never been talkers since she did all the talking for them. She had a good life and 4+ wonderful loving years with us.

    • You’ve had many losses over the years and I’m so sorry about your beagle. It’s just so hard to lose a pet.

  7. Hi, Miss C! Just adore Sheila’s happy, smiling little face of contentment with her new 700 lbs. of hay. Finally, something that outweighs her and snuggles her to boot, though I don’t think she was ever one to worry about weight! Don’t think you could find a happier piggy!! Fantastic photo of ginger kitty and red beard, who is obviously enjoying the purring going on in his ear! Soul mates! Have a wonderful week upcoming, Ceci.

  8. It’s the same for me: up in the dark and home in the dark. I agree, it really is not on! But only a month and a bit to go, and it will be the winter solstice and then we’ll have a little more light each day again.

  9. We have escaped the cold of Colorado in Belize. Wish we could spend the whole winter here. It’s been a tough year. I’m out of touch and will need to scroll back to learn about your job.

  10. Ginger kitty applying for job as ginger beard extension. “Oh go on, you’re going to need the extra warmth in the cold weather that’s coming…”

  11. I will gladly trade your “a bit chilly for November” you sitting at plus 12 Celsius as we woke in Alberta to -20 Celsius this morning. Damn cold for November! Unfortunately we have taken quite the plunge into snow and cold already! Enjoy your chilly weather!

  12. Sheila’s beds are the best! She knows! Everyone getting their own bale must be like kids getting their own bedroom. Such joy!

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