The second and last pig field has been opened up for the six little pigs. It is glorious but as usual they are still afraid to walk past where the electric fence was.

They will today though! Curiosity will get the better of them! My co-worker harvested a little collection of melons from there. They are perfect. A few days good eating!

The pigs have a good few weeks good eating in there!

In fact it is all about good eating! The meat chickens are in the restaurant scraps rotation, too!

Islands in the Sky. On the horizon.

The clouds looked more islandish without that beautiful vegetation to distract us!

The cool change is here and as you can see below, we will dry out a bit now too. Hopefully the farmers will be back in my fields by Monday, sowing Turkey Red wheat in our fields.

Have a great day!


12 Comments on “ISLANDS IN THE SKY

  1. The clouds look like faraway blue hills & mountains rising out of the lush prairie to me. And the lowest ones do also look like islands on the horizon of a calm sea. Your big wide skies are full of pictures like an enormous domed gallery above you. You must stop in wonder many times a day. We have not cooled off yet (yesterday, today & tomorrow 90 or near) & then rumors of a cool weekend. Everyone here in the Blue Ridge is ready, ready!

    • Lovely photos and gorgeous healthy pigs. Cooling down in the uk too, have had to put my shorts away, boo hoo.

  2. I love seeing what gorgeous food your meat animals get. And of course, they have a fantastic view of clean skies and lush greenery too. Contented creatures….

  3. I love looking at clouds everywhere. If I was a pig, I wouldn’t go across the electric fence area either. They are so pretty though. You can tell all of them are well fed and cared for. Weather is changing minute to minute here.

  4. Love the photo of the chickens. Nice patterns there; and also of those eager pigs. I can almost hear them munching and grunting.

  5. I just love the immense diversity of what grows in a square yard of field. Holy you-know-what. It’s quite amazing, isn’t it? and so so beautiful.

  6. My brother (who has chickens) says chickens eat nearly anything. I did not know this.
    The piggies look quite smooth and remarkable – almost huggable.

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