I am sorry about the “Moo” but you know the rules!

And yes, that was rain coming in. It did not last long and also did not affect my farmer who had, just that minute, finished planting The Swamp in wheat.

The creek that is really a ditch.

And here are the big guys – the plonkers- down the back. They were hard to get down to the back fence for this shot. The coyotes are out every night lately and I know that my pack walk the outside of the fences as it borders the creek that is really a ditch. So the hogs very sensibly keep themselves down close to the farm buildings.

So far we all have an understanding. The coyote pack, who have a very strong leader because they have always been well behaved, keep their distance and we keep ours. She runs a tight ship. Like wolves the alpha male is actually an alpha female. They have quite a large territory that they manage so I only hear them a few days a month. Boo is running himself ragged making sure everyone understands the concept of ‘distance’. (The fat chickens in a transparent pen outside my bedroom window are not helping). As we know Ton has designated himself as back-up dog. He stays way back – way, way back – on the porch – barking “You go BooBoo. No worries – I got your back!”

BooBoo patrolling from the prow of his ship.

Today is Sunday. Barn-work/Housework day. My last Airbnb guest arrives this afternoon – my second-to-last Airbnb guest left yesterday-so I will reset those rooms too. This last month of the Airbnb has paid for my travel to New Zealand this coming January ( we are going to the South Island this year; you and I). Both the last guest and today’s guest have been long term bookings 3 and 4 weeks consecutively. It is very easy for me when that happens.

No other weather apps are working this morning – but this one clearly shows the falling temperatures. Hopefully we get Uncle’s field ( the one that surrounds the house) planted in wheat on Monday.

Then we hope for not too much rain because this is organic seed – untreated and we don’t want it to rot in puddles. This soil is very dark, rich, and once it recovers its organic vitality, it will produce fantastic wheat for us to mill and me to make into delicious bread.

Have a great day!


Oh and the header shot is of last night’s dough see to proof – I will bake it this morning. Raisin, walnut bread! Perfect for Sunday breakfast!

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  1. Oooh, I could fancy some of that nut and raisin bread instead of my usual multigrain sourdough, toasted for breakfast with apricot jam…. Hope your plonkers make it to bacon, and your wheat to bread to sandwich it in!

  2. Bread looks delicious. Nothing warms my heart like seeing a working dog. I love that picture of Boo, such a handsome boy.

  3. Just had to laugh about Ton Ton being the ‘way back’ dog, having Boo’s back! Gosh, I’m thinking that he’s getting up there, in age, so to speak! So, that in itself is reason to let Boo take the lead and help out with the chorus of barking from the porch! Super news about the Airbnb long term guests and going to the South Island of New Zealand. So beautiful!!! I remember when car camping there for the first time we stopped in some kind of natural parks station to ask about camping and where we needed to register and camp and such. We were astounded when they said, “Anywhere you like.” And there was no charge. We could camp anywhere. So wonderful!

    • Unfortunately you would not be allowed to do this now, thanks to too many campers behaving badly and littering the countryside. The only way you can stay anywhere now, is to have a certified self containment motorhome. There are still plenty of registered campsites for those who don’t have/don’t want a motorhome, though some book out fast in peak season.

      • Good to know Miss K, i am going to visit my son who is actually traveling in a large motor home bus thingy with his little family. God knows where we will end up!

  4. In the dim early morning light a few weeks ago, I looked out to see a lone coyote trotting along the street. It stopped at times to look around. There are local cats that wander carelessly. It might have been looking for a quick breakfast of Cat-Mc-Fluffin.

  5. Glad your plans are going well. I like the pictures especially of the bread and Ton. I’m also glad you have a civil relationship with the coyotes. Everyone has to live but it’s nice when it’s not at your expense. I like the description of the soil, I’m sure it will feeL great to play in, in the spring. May you have a pleasant day down on the Farmy.

  6. Moo’s good, you live on a farm after all. Clever handsome plonkers, and clever handsome Boo and Ton. What a sky!
    Great that you have the cash to go travelling, especially as we are able to join you. Have a good Sunday.

    • I actually put travel before everything else. Being so far from home is pretty hard. So I always save for my trip and buy a ticket home before anything else.

  7. The rain seems never ending here, though it did stop for me to go to the market early this morning.

  8. Fat happy plonkers. Do you leave all the cleaning and housekeeping of the Coupe entirely to your guests during their stay? Laura

      • My sister has an air b&b in Cape Town and changes linen and towels out daily. It is an awful lot of hard work. Laura

        • Oh , I could not keep that up. But if the people come and go each day I would be doing that. Most people stay two or three days. No need for new sheets every day.

        • Now that I think further the guests have piles of towels in their bathroom. Plus access to the linen cupboard just in case they don’t want to wait a full week between bed changes. Your sister is a hard worker!

  9. I love raisin walnut bread. I love almost any bread. If I worked as hard as you do, I could eat more of it. Time for me to get off my buns and work some too. ;(

  10. OH, the bread sounds wonderful. The skies are changing – enjoyed your pictures of that.
    Hopefully the coyotes will move on before winter makes food scarce. A place for everything and everything in its’ place.
    Do you ever have a moment when you think back to where you started? How far you have come and how much accomplished; much grown and you’ve grown, too. Proud of you.

    • PMOTH, this is a wonderful comment such as I’d expect from you. Looking back from a positive perspective for the purpose of understanding how much has been accomplished is a valuable exercise towards future foward progress but importantly the satisfaction of appreciating the journey, and enjoyment of its fruits ♡

    • I do Mouse – I often think of all the layers of living I have moved through. Such a big life I have had. Then to go and build a farm from nothing- I sometimes feel like water/ I see a gap and flow down through it.

  11. Last AirB&B ever or for the season? Because I have been halfway entertaining the idea of a road trip eventually! Or at least sending my mother to stay. She is a travel fiend!

    • Just for the season. It is so hard to keep warm in the winter here – not to mention the snow and ice. Better ( and safer) to only open in the summer. So maybe I will still see you or your Mum one day!

  12. So Boo is running a lot? That is good news to hear he has recovered from his lameness a while back. 🙂

  13. Lovely post, Celi! Glad you are keeping the coyotes on their own side of the fence! Ours have not been so courteous here. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures, and glad also for any rain that we may receive. It has been a long dry summer.

  14. I guess you were Moo’ed to the posed today. Or were you Moo’dy? It is Moo’nday here for me. Were I to have cud, I would be chewing it pondering the tasks for the day. 😉 Cow’tch you later. (Puns work for me.)

  15. I picture myself standing tall right there with Boo . well, maybe a little behind. . . . Actually Ton’s porch position sounds pretty good.

    So you see I can understand the female alpha-male bit..

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