And do not need to be chilled every winter but here I am looking at another mid west winter and we all know how I feel about those.

It is 33f and frosting outside. The first frost of the season.


A bit like this time last year! But with snow. Though today is the 12th and the snow last year was on the 13th.

So much has changed since this time last year!

Once again I am re-configuring my mornings. The last of the big hogs are sold and leave Monday morning. The 47 chickens are in the freezer. As long as our electricity stays on we are in good shape for the winter. I just need to get in some straw – for some reason I forgot straw!

I work Saturday mornings at The Mill so after that I will be cleaning out the duck house and general tidying up around the property and the house. Preparing for winter.

And I will take some photographs for you.

Now that the chickens are finished I get up and work in the house then walk straight out the door for work. My co-worker is trained to milk and feed the pigs now. This gives me an extra hour for bread making and blog writing in the morning without having to change my clothes twice in the space of that hour.

So, stand by for a pictorial blog tomorrow morning!

I think we are back on an even keel now. There was just too much to do there – for a while.

Love celi

18 Comments on “I AM NOT AN APRICOT TREE

  1. I’m glad your winter preparations are well under way. A freezer full of home grown chooks and wonderful bread every day sounds like a diet I could happily live on. I must say, I miss a light chilling in winter. It never gets really cold here, and sometimes, I’d love the chance to rug up in wool and multiple layers. So, maybe I’m an apricot tree trying to grow in the wrong climate!

  2. “My co-worker is trained to milk and feed the pigs now.” I didn’t know you could do that! LOL
    It’s good things are slowing down a bit for you!

  3. That title had me curious! We’ve had our first frost here and snow already in the mountains. I sparingly turn my heaters on when my hands get too cold for the arthritis to tolerate but the wool has been out of the closet for 2 weeks now and multiple clothing layers are my best friends 🙂

    • Kate and Dale were talking about apricot trees needing to be chilled the other day!! And I said to myself well, I am not an apricot tree / I do not need to be chilled!

  4. you are definitely amazing! Brrrr freezing is ahead of us also. I’ve brought in summer outdoor plants in and that’s all I have to do
    Whew. Have a good weekend!
    Oh and who processes your 45 chickens? You or ? Just curious.

  5. You continue to inspire! Seems you are working incredibly hard at so many things, as always, just very different things. Looking forward to pics. I want to see the ducks winter home.

  6. Me too waiting for lots of pictures especially of the cast of characters—ducks and cows and dogs and pigs and fowl and anybody else I have missed.

  7. You have accomplished much this summer, and lastly 47 freezer chickens; a good yield. I must be some sort of mild overwintering specimen, I have enjoyed the winter courtesy of it not being a bad sort of season buffered by having a woodfire and being indoors when it suits me… hmmmm sounds like I’m a potted plant 😆

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