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A Lovely Life

Oh, of course it has its ups and downs but today was a lovely life, with my hard working friends and badly behaved piglets. At the table I asked what the favourite parts of their days were. Megan said it was feeding the baby… Continue Reading “A Lovely Life”

Minds Change`

” A picture becomes a painting when it is Framed. A story becomes a legend when it is Told. “ cecilia buys-wheeler gunther.  That is what I wrote on the blackboard yesterday. But what I should have written was “It’s OK to change your mind.” cecilia… Continue Reading “Minds Change`”

Out on the grass

You can’t grow pasture raised pork unless the Plonkers actually get out onto the pasture. Many people have trouble with the pigs rutting up the fields (which generally happens in the autumn when the fields lose the protein in the leaf) so I have devised a… Continue Reading “Out on the grass”

Are you the farmer?

We started very early yesterday morning. Hugo, our friend Bryce towing the trailer with his truck, me and Daisy’s Bobby on his final trip. I always say thank you to an animal when I raise it for food, even the chickens get a thank… Continue Reading “Are you the farmer?”

How to dry Parsley

Brown bag it. The best way to dry parsley is to pick it when it is at its best,   put it into a brown paper bag, tape the bag closed and leave in the back of your fridge for a few months. When it is dry,… Continue Reading “How to dry Parsley”

Three Girls and a Pig

I know there are a million things to tell you about yesterday. Piles of people and food and delights.  Girls and calves and little pigs. Food and more food!  Many hands. Lovely. But it is baling day and there are piles of things to… Continue Reading “Three Girls and a Pig”

Get a ha’y cut

That is probably the lamest title I have ever written but you will remember that the rule on titles is to write down the first thing that comes to my mind and there you are. We got the hay cut .. and then this… Continue Reading “Get a ha’y cut”

How to make Ricotta Salata

I love Ricotta Salata and had not have thought of making it until Amanda found a recipe and gave it a go. Now it is going to be a staple cheese around here. You can make this with pasteurised milk that you buy at the… Continue Reading “How to make Ricotta Salata”

Once more into the breach

Difficult the calf, who was always so hard to feed and who ironically never got the scours, has come down with pneumonia.  Her tall bony body is thumping with it. The man said calves never recover once they start to thump, that I should just… Continue Reading “Once more into the breach”

Piggie Loves

  Use your inside voice, Bubba. Ok Mama. Pig kisses. Got to love them. Yesterday I started another ricotta to be made into ricotta salata. I will make as many of these as I can for the winter (they take 90 days to cure)… Continue Reading “Piggie Loves”