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Scroll through quickly and you can come for a walk across to the West barn with Megan and I yesterday morning.

prairie path


prairie path

west farm

And then back we walk to the house for breakfast.

dogs on road


And what do we find going on arriving back at the house!?


Turkeys (and one little peacock of course) ON the verandah. In full riot.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love your Fellowship Friend


41 Comments on “Follow me

  1. It looks as if you had a lucky escape from Multiple Big Bird Poo all over the verandah… Cheeky buggers, that’ll teach you to take your eyes off them for one single minute. D’you reckon Geraldine was the instigator, or did she just come along for the ride when the others decided to be Bad Turkeys?

  2. Thank you for taking us to that nice walk to the Westbarn… and back. Nice to see the actual landscape.
    We say: When the cat is out the mice start dancing on the table…. I think the turkeys were just missing you.

  3. What a wonderful congregation of birds!!! Miss Peacock was holding a class I’m sure.

  4. Perhaps the flock was intending to prepare breakfast for you and just couldn’t quite come to terms with how to get themselves through the door and into the kitchen…

  5. Oh, to have a barn like that! Or even one half the size, would be wonderful! Does everyone leave their shoes outside? I’m just thinking, especially after seeing the birds frolicking on the porch, that if they didn’t there would be lots of animal poo coming into the house!

      • Interesting you say that it’s a NZ thing… I am from NZ, and our family never bothered, we all wear our shoes inside. About half our friends take them off and the other half don’t, it makes it terribly confusing wen visiting someone to know what the proper thing to do is! Mostly I forget (because we don’t do it), then realise that everyone else has taken their shoes off at the door. Rather awkward, especially when I remember my socks have holes in them…

        • No-one will mind about your socks – but if you enter a Maori household we always remove our shoes .. however maybe it is not so important now as it was when i was a child ..

  6. Thanks for the morning smile. How many acres are there on the farmy. We had 160 and right now I’d almost like that again. Just too old to take care of it all.

  7. Fun way to start the day. I think they were waiting for breakfast, not waiting to make you breakfast. Had to be someone’s bright idea. 😇

  8. I love the path, no wonder you enjoy the walks so much it’s beautiful. The turkeys are sweet they have kind of a buzzard head. Is the brown one a female or is it the other way around?

  9. That was lovely. Thank you! Wild Turkey, a distilled beverage or a whacky morn? Discuss….

    • Thank fully it has never flooded in living memory, Johns great grandfather dug a perfectly lovely little creek into this gargantuan drainage ditch when they drained the marsh that we now farm.. c

  10. Beautiful grassy walkway on a lovely day. What kind of boots do you wear so that you actually don’t worry about stepping into something “untoward”?

  11. I’m even more pleased we’re escaping the city for the long weekend coming up… your lovely walk and photos have whet my appetite for space, and paddocks with cows… alas there’ll be no turkey-pea welcoming committee on the verandah.

  12. The turkeys were probably disappointed they didn’t get to go along on that lovely walk and held a meeting to confront you about it. I’ll have to check the cast of characters–I’m having a hard time keeping straight who is who of the bovine persuasion.

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