Once again …

This is what happens when a cow (or heifer) comes into heat. Everyone wants to jump her and yes she wants to jump everyone else.  Aunty Del is silent when she is in heat. Unlike other cows who bellow for two days! Not naming any names. With Aunty the first indication of heat is this kind of behaviour. steer riding heifer

cow riding heifer

Interesting what you learn being one of the Fellowship of the Farmy, isn’t it.

So I called for help and yesterday evening she was bred.  (Good mucous though the nice man called it a good discharge – i don’t know what is worse) Fingers crossed again. If this does not work I will not breed her again until next year. I do not want to be milking into the deep winter. I did that one winter with Daisy and about got frost bite, – do you remember? Viv made me little heated pocket pillows for my blue fingers. I still have them. Anyway I hope this one takes.  It was a new man who bred her and a new straw of bull semen. So cross those fingers again.

Tahiti is the busiest little gilt – she is desperate to get in with the BIG pigs. But she and Molly must wait until Saturday.  We do not want any ‘incidents’.

big pigs

These really are Big Pigs. And Sheila gets pretty growly when other people-pigs mess up her bed.


mrs flowers and violet

Mrs Flowers has been talking to Violet about the dangers of too much mascara. This mirror in the garage is much used by the big birds. Who, as you know, are very liberal with the mascara- they are all into the Smudged Look.

I hope you have a lovely day



31 Comments on “Once again …

  1. The Farmy Fellowship is indeed a learning experience. Wonderful! Good Morning to all.

  2. Nice shot of you in the mirror 🙂 Deep squats are good for the buns. ( hope you read the word “mirror” with one syllable )

  3. Maybe Aunty Del considers herself too young for all this breeding nonsense. Bravo, Mrs Flowers is doing a great job raising her Violet. Hope Aunty Del takes this time. Laura

  4. its a good thing that humans do not need a straw anddo not buck everything in sight….having said that I can think of a few!
    thank you for the pictures which are , as usual, simply fantastic

  5. Good Morning, Celi.
    Nice pictures of beautiful Farmy life. Love the mother and child pic. You’ve got a funny interpretation – mascara! Wow! But there’s no way, the mirror says it all…. – Cute cat in a box…
    And yes, fingers crossed for Aunty Del…. I love learning all that farmy stuff, about hot cows and all that…. But still got difficulties with who’s who: Is that Lady Astor on Aunty Del??? She seems soooo big whereas the other day she looked so small.

  6. So much to learn on the farm! 🙂 I love the mirror picture and the description . As always you brought a smile to my face this morning.

  7. The goatie girls do that when they are in heat, with lots of tail-flagging and wailing. And they pick fights as well! Glad you think this is a good breeding. Great photos as always!

  8. Love the idea of the mirror in the barn! The birds just love to see themselves in the mirror as they strut and preen! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Tima is pregnant, as we all are!!! xo

  9. My Spanish family have been most impressed with me over the last few days with my broad farming knowledge gleaned from your blog. And they thought I was just some London Chick getting ready to join them at the livestock show with no idea of what it’s all about….huh!!!

  10. Is that Queenie in the first picture? I’m losing my grip on all the names, I’m afraid.

  11. I’m still laughing about the mascara, even though I’ve waded through the Fellowship comments before arriving here. And thank you for completing my education: I never did learn about the birds and the bees, let alone cows and pigs! I hope you don’t have to use the hand warmers this year!
    ViV xox

  12. That photograph of Mrs. Flowers and Violet is precious… and I laughed at the conversation. What a delight to have a mirror in the garage! I wonder if Mrs. Flowers would like my Stila Spice waterproof smudge stick eye liner that I bought by mistake. I tried it once but have decided it doesn’t work very good for farm girls in the South. It was hot outside the day I tried it and I looked like a raccoon after I came home from a little errand running. Dangerous indeed! Perhaps it might make a better smudge look in the north with the cooler temps?

  13. Heifers in heat reminds me of how I felt in nursing school. No date and hanging around the dorm window! I love the birds in the mirror photo. It’s a keeper. Hope all is fruitful at the right time, down on the farm.

  14. I love a mirror… or 3, especially old mirrors not for gazing but for hanging and capturing light and reflections, and in my day it wasn’t too much mascara but “you’re wearing too much eyeliner!” Well, it was the 80’s 🙂

  15. Oh, no, not the mascara talk. 😉 I love that teeny peahen. She’s such a good student. I don’t blame Sheila. The bed is only big enough for one.

  16. I love the the girl talk with you in the mirror. I have my fingers crossed for Aunty Del, and Tima who keeps teasing us. The photos are wonderful. Our indian summer seems to be coming to an end, it was truly wonderful and very welcome.

  17. Every time I’ve been away from the farm and return, I realise how much I’ve missed it, Celi. I shall hang on the tale of wayward Auntie Del (with whom I can, tragically, identify) and whether the latest one takes.

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