The Daily View

Do you remember the year I spent taking a picture of the Daily View?  Every day.

hereford pigs

tima and tane

Here it is again. A lot has changed since that year. I need to go back and see what year that was.  But it is getting late and I have already spent to much time making my To Do list this morning.  As you can imagine Lots to Do.

daily view

So much has grown since the year of the Daily View too. I am into the fifth year of blogging now.  (Four years in July) The Fellowship of the Farmy has grown to 4,812.  I have created 1,491 Posts in that time.  You have created 90,625 comments.  We have had 1,271,101 visits.  And (once again let me remind you) I have NEVER been Freshly Pressed. We did this all on our own you and I.

  • farm

Not bad for the wee Farmy and her Fellowship.

Blogging every day (except for the odd day off) has become part of my fabric. You have become part of my landscape.

Maybe I will reinstate the Daily View and the Daily Temperatures. At one time I even posted at dawn every day. Have I become lazy or just more organic. And delightfully things are slowing down enough that I can think about these things again.

The other thing I have more time for now is hanging out in the Lounge of Comments  with you all. I love the comments lounge.  I read every single comment and now I will have time to answer you all again. I almost always go visiting From the comments lounge, to see what you are doing too, so if you create a blog page you would like to share leave a short comment here or on my FaceBook page (see below). This summer was so busy I lost touch with much of what has been happening. We need to bring me up to date again!

GET TO WORK CECILIA! NO more sitting around chatting!

Love, love




83 Comments on “The Daily View

  1. I envy your to-do list. I seem to run on the fuck-it list. I cross off more line-items that way.

  2. The Daily View was such fun! It must have been at least two years ago…maybe three??? Until that awful storm did damage to the tree and treehouse! They both look at bit forlorn in the photo above. Perhaps some Tibetan prayer flags flying, or Ivy climbing up might perk up the tree a bit? Not sure if I have any prayer flags from my time in Asia. I will look!

  3. I always check your blog first before all my emails. My blog is not so regular but I can share it with our fellowship – I’m an organic gardener with 93 beds, a food forest orchard, an internship program and an interest in herbs (over 100 herbs growing here, mostly medicinal). I live in NE Georgia with a wonderful husband and 3 cats. I’m a 1700’s re-enactor, a homesteader, an herbalist, a fiber artist/spinner/quilter/knitter/crocheter/embroiderer, a writer, researcher, and volunteer minister. I love what you do Celi, and enjoy all the stories about critters and life on the farm. YOU GO GIRL!

      • Freshly Pressed is a WordPress award – if you write something really special they put your blog on their front page thereby advertising you to thousands of other bloggers. Some of the bloggers here have been Freshly Pressed it is a rather lovely way of highlighting Stand Out blogs. But I have always felt pleased that we all found each other with out the help of the powers that be. The old fashioned way. c

        • Had a day off yesterday – a computer free day. Thanks for explaining that “Freshly Pressed”. Didn’t know either. – Congrats to that achievement with your blogging, Celi.

  4. I loved the Daily View! I wish I had the commitment to do a little more blogging. I have fallen off that cart in a big way this year!

  5. You have the best views in the country which is why I stop by each day. I like the idea of blogging more organically. Letting the rhythm unfold rather than another “must do”. You have plenty of those. I too love the slower feel of autumn and winter. Now I think I’ll start the coffee and crawl back under the covers until it smells done. Funny how each day has it’s own rhythm and flow. Have a wonderful day on your farmy.

  6. I’ve been following you since 2013, and things have evolved even in that time. The nature of the Lounge has changed a little; we talk more to each other now, as well as to you, and it’s a lot of fun, as well as a source of comfort, support, ideas and endless amusement. Thank you for today’s lovely shots of the darling piggies, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’re going to do next! And you know where to find out what’s happening in Chiconia!

    • I love how everyone is relaxed enough to have real time exchanges in the Lounge.. I love it when i come in from puddling about outside and you are all talking to each other.. like a real group of friends around a cuppa! c

  7. I enjoy (love) what you serve up everyday and still look forward to the next days post too. I whole heartedly agree with katechiconi, but the community has developed and evolved due to your tireless effort and encouragement. Pat yourself on the back 🙂 Laura

  8. Things have been a bit…busy…here the last few days. The newest granddaughter has arrived and her name will be one that not only marks the unique individual I know she will be, but will also be a forever reminder of Miss C and this blog. Here is a link to her birth announcement on my own blog…just about 2 hours old at the time.

  9. I know life is hectic and sometimes we are dragged thru the mud (rather than putting our wellies on and charging into the mud ourselves), but you, and the farmy have been part of my daily life since probably somewhere close to the beginning. Can’t imagine mornings without you. I too read most of the comments, and should really take more time to comment myself. I’ll try to be better. 😀

  10. I have been hanging out in this lounge for several years. Celi, you are a gifted writer and your posts often blow me away. Meeting different bloggers and reading their comments has been fun and entertaining.
    I enjoy cooking and that’s what I blog about. Occasionally I write about my travels.
    It has been fun getting to know you all.

  11. Love your pictures and life there on the farm. Oh, and I can’t forget my first love – the beautiful Sheila. She was my first piggy crush and will *always* have a place in my heart. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Okay, am I seeing a plonker with an intact cajone (pronounced kauhonee)? Is that one that missed the knife? ha Time chugging along, Tane sniffing the air. They all look great. Have a good day on the Farmy.

    • Yes. It hid. So now he is going to be my experiment with Boar Taint. It is not as prevalent as one would imagine.. and not in all kinds of pigs so we will see.. c

  13. I remember the daily view as well, and as dianeandjack said that awful storm that hit you and changed your tree for ever. But as always things keep moving and changing.

  14. Isn’t it funny how we feel “left out” if there’s no time to read other blogs? A bit like being out sick and missing all the school chatter when little)
    We’re expecting a unusually cold wet winter which means plants will suffer. Looks like Mother Nature has decided to redecorate.
    Daily view is always fun. Enjoy the day!

  15. I am not a farmer in real life–but that is always a dream and you make that dream come true everyday for me–
    I started a quilting blog and one day a couple years or so ago found your blog and now I do read it first every day–
    so thanks for taking time from your wonderful farm to write a daily post and let us who are not able to be farmers–
    still do some farming every day!
    smiles di
    Ps I do more photography now than I do quilting I think- so I do share that with you–

  16. I do remember the Daily View! Yesterday I visited .”The Cast”. It would be wonderful if you would put the new arrivals ‘ portrait on there. I think it would be such a fun album of EVERYBODY who’s ever been on the farmy. Nostalgic too, of course. Like I wouldn’t mind seeing the goats again. Mr. and Mrs. Flowers, etc. I know it’s a lot to ask!

        • I”m so happy the goats are doing well! I think of them and you every day as I milk! Goats do need lots of attention though, and would prefer to be following you around and hanging out on your porch. But they do get into mischief if not watched carefully, as seen when ours broke out of their enclosure recently and ate our newly planted apple tree! 😦 But they bring such pleasure too! 🙂

      • Celi, could you tell me a bit about the calendars’s background? Do you sell them on your markets? Or give them to shops for advertising? Or do you make them just for fun and family and friends?

  17. Changes….I know that one! I came home from Phoenix to beautiful fall weather and woke up to winter?

  18. I love popping over each morning with a coffee to see what’s happening on the Farmy, with you and the Commenters Lounge. Things evolve… organic works 🙂

  19. I love the lounge of comments almost as much as the blog… I don’t often comment myself, I should do better, but I love reading through everyone else’s comments. So often someone will comment on something in one of the pictures that I have missed, and I go back and enjoy a second look at them 🙂

  20. I LOVED the ‘Daily View’ and being a meteorology ‘nut’ now have to look up the Illinois temps on my ‘favourites’ courtesy of the Chicago Weather Bureau! Sugar, one of the first posts I remember is the back of you in the yard with a very small Sheila and Charlotte being taken for ‘walkies’! Hmm, 2012 or ’13?

  21. I’ve been reading daily for at least three years and have made maybe three comments in all that time. But I look in daily and love reading about the farmy. It’s like a real life Charlotte’s Web. My favorite blog ever.

  22. I don’t often comment and I don’t have a blog of my own but your blog is the first thing I read when I get to my desk in the mornings. I love it.

  23. Like you, my spare time for reading blogs (and blogging itself) ebbs and flows with the seasons. Sometimes I just smile at your photos and don’t comment because if read everyone else’s comments and follow a few links I soon lose track of time. You’re not missing out by not being Freshly Pressed – your blog is like a friendly local shop where people drop in and stay to have a chat but featuring on FP is just like being an enormous store where people rush in, have a browse and never return.

  24. Your blog has become part of the fabric of my life. I don’t want to miss a thing–always so much happening with this great cast of characters. You’re a hard worker, and I respect your efforts to be self-sustaining. Seeing all you do encourages me to see what is possible when one does their research and makes their best decisions.

  25. Hi Celi…I always read your blog and even though I don’t respond you are always on my mind and in my heart. Berit and I would love to visit you in the near future. I know you have been very busy this past season. You are the best!! xo

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