A French Apartment

“There are wild turkeys out the front of your house,” said the FedEx man, his excitement palpable as he handed over  my new crepe pan that Hugo later deemed Too Small. turkeys4

“Not wild” I said. “And that is why I have  No Shooting signs up”.  “Beautiful.” he said as he threw sticks for the dogs.  No delivery man is safe around these dogs. Throwing the stick is mandatory before they are released.

Later Hugo and I were standing watching the the two wee Hereford gilts play in the barn (every time I let them out they get into a terrible fight with Sheila and Poppy, so we are staying on the safe side of the gate for the meantime. ) barn6

They have quite a large space to romp about in. ” If I had an apartment this big I would be a happy man.” Hugo said.


The pigs did not feel bad.  (Behind the pig above is where I stood to take the first shot – hence the different light. )

hereford pigs

I have decided to let the turkey girls run for the winter and if all goes well I will try to find a mature Male Turkey at the bantam swap in the spring.  It probably won’t be a Spanish Black but I need a Tom of their own size.  And it gives me an excuse to squeeze a few cages into the car before we go . Just in case. So we will see what happens.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Take care

Love celi

47 Comments on “A French Apartment

  1. Love the view of your barn. I have acute barn-envy. We frequently get calls from people telling us the turkeys are out on the road, luckily it isn’t a busy road – the turkeys are naughty but utterly adorable.

    • Yes, I must admit I have barn envy too! It’s a fabulous barn, isn’t it? So many places for animals to bed down, and to tuck them into warm spots in the winter! 🙂

  2. Your last photo is just hilarious… I love it — heh heh Beautiful piggies. From that photo I cannot even imagine they would be the source of terrible fights with their elders. They look, instead, to be a reservoir of fun antics twenty-four hours a day.
    Turkeys, do they, only occasionally, go into ‘heat’ before laying their eggs or do they lay year round, whether fertilized or not? Just wondering about how a turkey egg would taste on the breakfast table.
    And Hugo’s family, I keep expecting to hear about them but no word yet so am guessing they have not yet arrived. When are they due? I wonder what they’ll think about the Americanization of their son… lol
    I so enjoy your blog each morning, even when I don’t reply, and thank you so much for brightening my day — hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  3. Beautiful autumnal colours in first pic. These two little gilts are going to have huge personalities of their own 🙂 Laura

  4. I love the idea that you go shopping with cages “just in case” in the same way that the rest of us might throw a folding shopping bag into our handbags to accommodate impulse purchases! I reckon those gilts live in accommodation about the same size as the last flat I had in London before I emigrated to Oz. Lucky girls! WIth Miss C catering, they are surely in piggy heaven.

  5. I have always wanted a crepe pan to try out. Let me know how your “too small” one works out. Love crepes. Photos are priceless and the Fed-Ex man gave me a giggle. He must be a new one on your block. 🙂 The smiles on those pigs makes the morning a happy start. Apartments in many places are smaller than where some animals have to roam. I’ve had my share too. Fodder for stories. 🙂 Have a terrific Thursday.

  6. The laughing piggy photo is precious!!! It may just have to be in the running for the 2016 calendar!!! 🙂

  7. Those pigs never fail to make me laugh. French crèpe pans are usually about 14″ across – and lots of market stall holders simply make them on a cast iron hotplate without a pan, spreading the batter right to the edges with a plastic spatula gadget.
    Gotta go – Jock’s wants to try the shelves he’s making for some friends, in situ.
    ViV xox

    • I think if i got one of those really big ones i would want to get it IN france and not new.. thats what i think anyway.. this one is fine – he was joking around

  8. I don’t know how you manage to post such wonderful posts – with delightful photos – each and every day. They’re always such fun to read. I love that photo of the pigs where the one on the left seems to be smiling so much that I’m going to share it on Facebook, with a link to this page. ++ Seeing your chicken coop made me miss the chickens we used to have much. When I visited our old farm two months ago I saw they had demolished the chicken coop. Oh well…. life goes on! ; o )

  9. Funny looking piggies – as before – like comedy girls, hey! Why do they fight against Sheila and Poppy? Might it be out of jealousy? I love the two pics of the barn’s inside. – Have a great day, Celi!

      • Whew, what animosity! Poor gilts. I think they seek contact and are being attacked. What a pity. It’s the pecking order, isn’t it?

  10. Oh no, nothing worse than a toy when you wanted a tool! To tell you the truth, we used to make crepes on a cast iron pan at Cordon Bleu, and I’ve always done the same (despite having a “crepe” pan ot two around…which always end up getting donated to the local thrift shop). The proper amount of butter in the batter, the resting of the batter for an hour or so and the proper seasoning of the cast iron will make the crepe dry slightly at the edges and happily lift off the pan. 😀 Love those piggies.

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to go with Celi and get all kinds of wonderful animals to bring back to the farmy? The only thing is the Our John might not be so happy about what we chose! 🙂

  11. Those two piggies are hilarious. Hard to believe they are the same piggies that pick fights with Poppy and Sheila.

  12. I agree with Hugo… about the apartment… I have no idea about crepe pan sizes. I was just reminiscing via a blog post about hotel rooms vs hotel room size apartments. Those piggies have got it good 🙂

  13. That’s bigger than a chambre de bonne à Paris. I lived in one on the 7th floor (no lift) with the most amazing view of la Tour Eiffel – I was lucky in that the person who lent it to me had bought 3 of them and knocked them together. In the old days, they were servants quarters and quite tiny 😉

  14. I can’t believe Poppy doesn’t recognize her own offspring and has only ill will towards them now. I thought pigs were supposed to be smart! 🙂 Oh, I have to go back and find Hugo’s crepe recipe…I have a lovely cast iron skillet to make them in!

  15. What a lovely place to romp and play! The gilts look very happy in their protected space. I would have thought crepe pans to be a standard size. All this talk of crepes is making me hungry!

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