I had just made my coffee and fried meatloaf on a muffin for breakfast. You know I will fry up anything for my breakfast but a fried meatloaf sandwich is my latest favourite. And beep went my phone. The smallest of beeps – a txt message from the Post Mistress – TWO boxes of chicks had arrived – all alive and filling her Office with loud indignant peeping.

So I swallowed my breakfast, grabbed my jacket and hat, went to the barn, stole one of the piglets heat lamps, jogged back to the turkey house with it, set another receiving area up, turned the light on, filled up the water containers with water mixed with chick electrolyte, filled up the feeders, loaded up the dogs and raced off to the little country Post Office to collect the boxed flocks.

On arrival, every chick gets a drink before being set down into their warm container. The chicks huddled together and the ducklings were off running around their big space their big feet paddling at speed through their food and around their water chasing a fly that happened to be in there.

It takes a while to settle forty little birds. But they had a good day and a good night. Their (old cracked water trough) containers are covered in old windows – heat lights above so they weathered the nights cold very well.


Anyway on my drive back from the PO I saw that one of the electric cattle fences on the West side was broken so the moment I had finished the chicks I gathered my tools and loaded the dogs into the white truck and drove back, then down into the dell to fix the fence. Thankfully none of the cows had noticed!


Then I raced back home got cleaned up and went into the local school to donate blood. While I was lying on the gurney being bled my man with the pigs called. He had four for me and could he bring them this afternoon. No way was I saying no to that offer! So once I was done with the blood, (and agreed solemnly not to lift anything heavy and to take it easy for the rest of the day), though feeling nauseous and hungry, I drove back home and hauled in the last bales of straw and got feeders full and water in. Shifted panels and gates and awaited my new hogs.

They look good. Two Berkshires and two Herefords.  And this man who took so long to get them here raises them softly and gently so they are also quite tame and friendly. Though this is the first time in their lives that they have been outside so they were having a great time exploring.

What a great day. And all in sunlight – even better.

I have airbnb guests coming this afternoon so after chores I will be setting up the Coop. There will be sun today too so it will be lovely to work in there today. But first chicks and pigs and piglets and sows and cows and bringing the glasshouse plants out to begin hardening off.

And after all that I will go and buy the hay seeds and oat seeds – if all goes well John will sow the new hay field this weekend. And I will begin in the vegetable garden.

So all in all as one thing led to another I had a very good day and another full day today.

And the farm is fully stocked up again. The quiet time is over.

Now to work! I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


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Friday Night 04/20 0% / 0 in
Partly cloudy early followed by cloudy skies overnight. Low 36F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

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47 Comments on “THEN ONE THING LED …

  1. What breed of chicks and ducks did you get? They all look very healthy and spunky. Let’s hope we have all seen the back of the winter’s reach!

  2. And then…, and then…, and then…! And guests too! And oh yes, you donated blood! I am sitting here in awe, all worn out. The new little ones are all very cute & fine. Have a lovely Friday, and a great sunny weekend, planting & sowing.

  3. Goodness, you make my head spin with all of your activities! Doesn’t the sunshine make all the difference though in one’s energy level?
    Welcome to all the new chicks,ducks and piggies on your farm.

  4. The four new Plonkers are going to think they are in heaven soon. Ducks are cute, looking forward to watching them grow up. What are you going to do for milk this summer, do you have a farm nearby that you can buy raw milk from? Laura

  5. … and somewhere in there I hope you drew breath, had a cup of coffee and something to eat and maybe took the weight off your feet for a moment or two? Don’t you think ducklings look a bit like pretty Disneyfied versions of themselves, so very big-eyed and soft and fluffy? And those young hogs look lively and healthy, so it was worth the wait.

  6. So many new little ones! I feel like spring is finally on its way here. I slept in until nearly 6:00am(!) this morning and was woken up by a bird singing outside — and it was actually semi-light outside. Just a few more warm, sunny days, and we might finally get rid of this snow! Enjoy your mild weather today!

  7. How exciting – what a busy day! I love baby ducks – they are just like dinosaurs.That Berkshire, talking to you, looks cute – what a nice batch of pigs too!

  8. Yes! The quiet time is over! And you are off and running! Hello Springtime!!! xo

  9. Goodness, so many new farm inhabitants arriving plus the air bnb! Things always seem to cluster and lull in life, don’t they? But I always find it a very satisfying day when so much happens and it all gets done.

  10. So happy to read the chicks and ducklings are all safely there and healthy. Wishing you more sun and warmth! Sounds like a good day. Hope today is too.

  11. “Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry. When I take you out in the surrey,. When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top! ” -> Yup, that is stuck in my head now – and yours too!

    Farm Babies! And those pigs look terrific! Love the black spotted one.

  12. SO glad you “took it easy for the rest of the day”! (But everything’s easy in full sun daylight, isn’t it?; )
    Looks like those ducklings are going to be a real boon around the Farmy: )

  13. I see you “listen” very well to the blood takers instructions. 🙂 No time for any of that with all you have going on. Isn’t that where expressions like “when it rains, it pours” come from. chicks and pigs and broken fences all in a quick breath. Hang on tight. You are creating your own whirl wind. 🙂

  14. Love it that the dogs get to go along even to the PO to get the chicks! Amazed at what you got done AFTER you gave blood! I am a runner and could not even run a mile 4 days after giving blood a couple of months ago. Make me feel better and tell me that you felt even a little sluggish as you went through the rest of your day!! Love the sunshine, especially since I can feel even a little warmth from it.

  15. Giddy aunt! My head is spinning…after this and after that…no rest after giving blood to vampires…when donyou stop….l reckon even in your sleep you are counting sheep.

    Love the ducklings and the chicks…and look forward to many chicky stories.

    Have a great day..but slower

  16. Oh my word Celi!!! What a day!!! New chickies,new duckies,new piggies,new guests!!!! They’re all so cute ~~ don’t about the guests ~~ hope they’re nice and enjoy the farm!!! Hope you relaxed a bit and had a few glasses of wine last nite!!! Oh ~and glad you got the fence fixed!!!! Have a calmer day today!!

  17. Well, that was certainly a busy day! That Berkshire sure has an interesting face and the chicks and ducklings look so soft and fuzzy. Sun for the next several days and little bits warmer too, all to the good. I think I’m going to stick a few kernals of Indian corn in the big planter again this year. I sure would like being able to clean up the “alley” behind the store down the hill (it’s just dirt and weeds) and put in a nice flower and veggie patch and maybe even sneak in a couple chickens – I can dream.

  18. *smile* I feel envious of you, not sorry for you . . . it must have been such a satisfying feeling getting to bed! Yep, meatloaf on some form of bread is a happy breakfast here also: well, not getting as much exercise as you I do try to keep frying to a minimum . . . .cold atop cottage cheese and a good chutney will do . . . . the chickies look gorgeous . . .

  19. Racing around, spotting fix-it things and repairs, settling in and getting ready for this and that – such a good feeling at the end of the day to accomplish so much. Especially when it’s about doing good for others!

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