LET’S look at that picture again. I knew these birds would be photogenic but they are beautiful.


This image reminds me of an old vogue cover I once saw, all the models in a tableaux with soft light and perfect expressions of disdainful distance from the proceedings.

I have to be careful though, as they take fright at my appearance unless I move very carefully and slowly. But yesterday when I was taking to my guests on our farm tour, we were all standing  next to their tub, I noticed that after a while they began to respond when they heard my voice taking its turn in the conversation. Their black bird eyes would lift in unison, their heads would tip on the side to look up with one eye then they would all lean into the sounds of my voice. Like the bubble of a cockle as a small wave recedes across the beach. The intention of a surge. When I stopped making words they would tuck their heads back in again.

The Khaki Campbell ducks are not known to be over friendly, I think they are more of a working duck, but I found this recognition from these little birds really uplifting. This connection across species.


These pigs spent most of yesterday sleeping. Not being used to having so much space, they kept to their little house. They came out to eat though and have established a toilet on the other side of their field which must be a relief. Later in the evening I could hear them playing with one of their old barrel toys so that was a good sign.


Poppy started throwing her bowls around yesterday so I got her playground semi-baby-proof, blocked all the holes I could find and let her and the piglets out to play. (Now we get ready for escapees). Within minutes of the big gate opening they were all out there digging in the soil. Then she lay down and fed them in the sun. It is such good soil out there too but never gets long enough to grow a decent pig pasture. This year I will plant trees along the border.


I will get going early this morning. Yesterday I ran out of time in the afternoon. I blame egg deliveries and having to drive out to buy the seed. Anytime I leave the property I feel like I lose hours.

We will sow the new field this morning. Hay grasses and oats. Two acres.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Cloudy but warmer.

Saturday 04/21 0% / 0 in
Generally cloudy. High 57F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph.

Saturday Night 04/21 0% / 0 in
Cloudy skies. Low 39F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.

6:04 AM 7:39 PM


Waxing Crescent, 34% visible 10:44 AM 12:49 AM

54 Comments on “FOWL VOGUE

  1. I love ducks, they are really fun entertainment, their behaviors so cute to watch…but the foxes were too persistent so I had to give them up. I am sure with Boo & Ton you will have better luck.

    • Bad luck with the foxes. The only good thing about the cleared fields out here – these terrible open spaces is there are less predators – nowhere for them to hide.

  2. They are beautiful! And you’re right, they are as elegant and aloof as supermodels, and that splash of red on the tips of their beaks is like a tiny dab of lippy 🙂

  3. My parents’ ducklings were inquisitive and became quite tame with human contact. I could pick them up and they’d come to the bars to be fed lettuce and nibble my fingers.

  4. All of these photos are lovely. I laid on the front yard Bermuda grass the other day and just soaked up the sun while I had the dogs out to play. It was glorious.

  5. Damnit, you don’t have any snow on the ground. 🙂 What’s this about sowing seeds, will the pain never stop 😉

    • Hang in there Pete! Those drifts of damnable ice pellets are going down fast and by the looks of it we’ve – all of us from Lake Ontario right on up to Apsley have double-digit temps for the foreseeable future, AND full sun for four days in a row… Can you believe it?

  6. All the babies doing baby things. Great way to start my day. Glad you had a bit of sun. I’m with you on leaving the house. It’s like the whole day is shot to hell if I have to go out so I try to do everything in one go and not do it again until absolutely necessary. Exhausting too, more than the work at home. I’d bet those ducklings would bond with you like you were a mama duck. 😉

  7. I feel the same way whenever I have to leave the farm. Whole hours seems like they disappear. It’s so weird.

  8. Trees by the edge of the pig’s playpen-field sounds dreamy! Those ducklings sure are sweet looking. I do so love my daily visits to the farmy, Celi, so thank you again for blogging!

      • Knowing how much time you spend with all of your animals, I have no doubt. Heck, they’d already bonded to the sound of your voice in what, 24 hours? No worries, with you it’ll happen by osmosis; )

  9. My late father would have loved living on your farm … the ducklings would get snuggled, the piggies petted and the hens greeted with friendly comments on the weather, the shine on their feathers and queries on the location of newly laid eggs. My mother, would have done most of the actual work in egg gathering, feeding etc so she’d be more efficient in dealing with the animals while she had a ton of things to do in the house. Eventually my dad would have gotten around to the tree planting etc. 🙂

  10. “… Despite popular misconceptions of skittish or flightly behavior Campbells are a very gentle, passive and friendly breed when raised by hand until maturity… ”
    They’re like a brown variation of Mallards, Celi? I can barely wait to see them all grown up… (Meanwhile these sweet little fuzzies are SO darn cute!: )

  11. Beautiful pictures of the ducks. When you described the ducks reactions when you spoke I was reminded of the Bible verse from John 10: “My sheep know my voice, and I know them. They follow me” All your animals know your voice.

  12. My three KCs come when I call them. You will find the ducks identify strongly with you as their care giver. As you have discovered, they already recognize you. KCs actually love company but…no touching! They are very skittish and will dart away when approached, even by their caregiver. At the same time, they will follow you around the yard like puppies, especially if you are turning over rocks so they can look for bugs! KCs are a mixed breed, a combo of mallards, Indian runners and Rouen. I’ve always felt their stand-offishness was largely due to a remainder of wild protective instinct.
    Those soft browns are so lovely. I hadn’t remembered the orange beans, though. I think it will be fun if you get at least one male. It’s so interesting to see how they develop differently and change colors.
    I shared some duck eggs the other day with our Vietnamese neighbors. I wonder if they liked them.

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