Peahens on the Catwalk, Kitten in the Garden

Pania and Tui.


Posing for the paparrazi. Signatures later! Maybe.


Lots of flat-out farm work again yesterday. Working on the little hoop house, and bringing in as much produce as is left in the gardens, tonight it is meant to freeze down to 35F (1.6C)  so it a race against time.  Who knows if the tomatoes will survive that anyway. But I will put the tarp back on as well for an extra layer of insulation.something-016

And look who was following me. something-011

We had a proper vets appointment yesterday. Marmalade Cat weighs just under 9 oz, his heart is good, he is well hydrated and tried to eat the vets thumb right off when the man offered him a meaty treat, he is on antibiotics  for a bowel infection.  The noisy fella is looking good. The vet (who is not my lady vet -the Lady Vet handles the Big animals) said he looks between two and three weeks old. Even younger than we thought.


And doing exceptionally well for his age. He loves to be outside.


Which is good, because so do we.


Good morning. Already by this morning the Little Marmalade Cat’s medicine seems to be taking effect and he is not crying as much and doing better physically.  He chuffs around the floor without stopping,  only really happy when he can see Boo.  As I write he is climbing up onto Boo’s head.

Today will be more cleaning of the barn, and when my next sheet of plastic comes I will finish the greenhouse, though it is raining outside this morning so that will be a damp task. And I do have to move the pigs electric fence,  and shift Daisy and Queenie into Pats Paddock.  Which means I need to move the sheep that are already in there.  Thank goodness for my big Wet and Dry coat.

I hope you have a lovely day.

your friend, celi

71 Comments on “Peahens on the Catwalk, Kitten in the Garden

  1. I do love the relationship between Boo and cat… lovely… don’t you ever stop on that farmy and just put your feet up??

    • I have my feet up right now, with a cup of coffee, waiting for the sun to come up.. i am sure winter will give me lots of chances for rest.. c

      • Me too! Only I am having hot chocolate! With one of my frozen whipped cream rosettes on top! 😉

  2. Our Girl is sitting at my elbow, making all kinds of “Awwww!” sounds at Boo and HIS kitten…
    No, she cannot have one – granddad is anti-cat – so don’t even offer 😉
    Have to take both of the Rugrats to the farmer’s market this morning without the help of Favorite Uncle – wish me luck!

    • Everything is already soaked, which is a bit of a bore.. however, it is good for the trees to get a good rain before the freeze comes.. c

  3. What a splendid job you wonder that you are happy in your life

  4. Remember leave the electric stuff for DRY DAYS! My likes will have to wait till I plug in Laptop I HATE COMPUTERS 🙂

  5. Oh Celi: the Marmalade and Boo story, only just beginning. I feel like we are at the start of a novel. Hope you manage to stay dry 🙂

    • I would like to do another batch of postcards, most of all i would like to do a calender but that is a very different level of photography.. c

  6. Yay, for BooMa 🙂 Hot and drryyyy here – send the rain you don’t need/want down to us 🙂 Laura

  7. I am so happy that Marmalade is doing well! Won’t be long now and the little one will be fit as a fiddle! LOL Boo has a most satisfied parent look on his face!!! He has taken on the responsibility of the little reddish blonde sprite quite well!!!! He is an impressive amazing pup! I would give him a home (if needed) in a heartbeat! 😀
    If only human beings would treat each other as well…sigh…we still have a lot to learn about nurturing all life from nature. Not all of us…but many of us…our world is crying and for far too long has been ignored. There will come a time when the “haves” have nothing as well.
    You do a lot of moving things and animals around Ceci!!! No wonder you get frazzled…that’s a lot of extra work. Your methods are interesting to me! How about putting some wheels on those coops! We got some bigger ones at Menards or Fleet Farm to put on the auger. Now she moves with grace! LOL Easier on my back!!!! 🙂 Kevin also put on extra steps for me on the grain trucks so I can climb in more easily! One time I fell and broke my tail bone! Ouch! That was painful! I hate being 5’2″ eyes of blue!!!! I would so rather be at least 5’11”! 😀
    Ah Mother Nature! Hope your tomatoes are alive and well! Once it gets too cold they don’t comply and turn red like they use to…sigh…sliced green and red tomatoes make a tasty gratin!!! Yum!
    Hubby and I just keep going and all the work gets done! The trick of it (for me) is too get most of it done when you are high energy. For me…that is in the mornings and early aftenoon.
    I always eat breakfast. Protein, carbs, and hot chocolate for energy! You know…that old adage…Eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for dinner, and a pauper for supper! Something like that! LOL (Supper being wind down time for me, not Kevin, the energizer bunny!) 😉
    Take care! (((Ceci))) Feel the hugs! 😀

    • The chicken ark, which i am now turning into a hoop house for the winter does have wheels, it is easy to move .. though it will be stationery for a while now. I move the big animals frequently to fresh pasture, for two reasons, to ensure they do not crop the pasture too low, and also as they are organic as possible, I move them as part of their worm management program. The pigs go onto new grass every time so they do not get bored and dig holes. I am not frazzled. Most of my frustration comes from working alone for 14 hours 6 days a week. There are some things that are easier to do with two pairs of hands so I have to work out ways of doing them with only one pair. I got tired the other day from feeding kittens every two hours for three days or was it four?, now i have the marmalade kitten on every two hours with a big sleep of 6 hours at night and he is doing ok and i am feeling better. So not to worry Mere, i am doing just fine. And lets not forget that i like to be busy. I am not complaining merely documenting. All good.. c

      • Oh goodness! “I see now” says the blind man!!!! That is fascinating! I am most interested in all that you do!!! I am a new follower of your blog…so thanks for bringing me up to speed on your organic practices with the animals! 😀
        I understand completely about working alone for hours on end. When Kevin is out in the fields, I am on my own too. I don’t mind…as I like my alone time as well. Much of the time we are together, but there are stretches when we are each doing our own work. That’s farm life!
        If I do need help he usually makes time, which is great! Although…there are times when I just have to find a another way to get things done. A second pair of hands is a God Send! And two heads can be better than one! 😉
        It is okay to be frazzled when you are going without sleep and wearing many hats! I get frazzled when I don’t sleep well. Frazzled is not a bad word. We do get weary and worn out at times. Women are amazing…in that we are quite skilled in finding ways around doing things that stronger and more muscular men can do! Neccessity!
        I too know how it is to be up every hour or couple of hours and it isn’t easy! We have five kids! 😉 And I have been up with sick animals giving meds and comfort as well.. more often that I want to say. I know loss. I don’t mind saying that it was very stressful and lack of rest didn’t make it any easier! No criticism here! Just sharing with a new friend whom I find amusing, innovative and like very much. It is clear that you are handling your work load quite well! Hope the weather warms up for you and it dries up! Hoping for the same here!
        Sincerely, Mere

  8. I love odd relationships like Boo and Marmalade’s. It wasn’t so long ago that we took Daisy deer in as an orphan, and our tiniest Japanese Chin, Zoe, gave up her bed to this long-legged oddball. My 4 chin at the time, took Daisy as a sibling. To this day, Daisy deer clubs the neighbor dogs with her hooves should they get a little too close, But her dog siblings are accepted… and every so often Zoe gets a lick from her sister Daisy! Love and companionship come in all forms!

    • Your relationship with that deer is quite the most beautiful and extraordinary thing I have encountered in such a long time. fancy a deer licking a dog.. beautiful… c

  9. Glad your kitty is doing better. We’re also expecting some freezing weather so we’re going to pick and cover also. Especially my jalapenos which are still producing a lot! I didn’t realize the peahens were such show-offs. Quite lovely ladies. Give them some watercolors to walk in and some paper to walk on and you’ll make a mint! 😀 Have a great day, Celi!

  10. I have no experience with newborn kits but I thought they were very young not even two weeks. Lovely twosome, that Marmalade and Boo.
    How do you move Daisy. She seems to be a gal with a mind if her own.

    • You are right about Daisy, .. I just call her and she comes. Then she follows me to wherever she is going, often taking detours but when she sees the next open gate she is right through. Nosy cow!

  11. Our ‘freeze’ is tomorrow night, so have to pick the tomatoes that are still green and see if i can redden them off in the GH. Although my peppers are still going, I have so many stored now, I won’t mind if they don’t make it. To be honest I am glad it is going to get down in the digits it hopefully will kill off/prevent any more flippin caterpillars on my greens! My back is sore from stooping over and picking the darn things off and feeding them to the chickens!
    Question Celi, do you have a natural remedy for ear mites? Shelly is having trouble with one of her ears, which I am cleaning gunk out of every evening. Looked at the ear mite medication at Tractors Supply and it had all sorts of warnings on it about being a pesticide, worried the life out of me thinking of pouring it in her ear!!

    • Years ago we had a spaniel with mites and Pa poured olive oil in her ear, then cleared it all out later on, the mites cannot breathe when covered in oil and will die. I hate the smell of mites. I do the same when those nasty red mites that appear on the chickens feet sometimes, I dip their legs in oil every day .. but it works. I hope that helps.. c

  12. I agree with Celi! Now don’t laugh! I had a bug in my ear and we are 45 mins. away from the city and my doctor!!! So I put warm olive oil in my ear and kept my head in a sideways position and drowned the critter!!! He came out when I flushed it out with warm water in the shower! Oh what a fright for someone like me who hates anything crawly! How I pull ticks off is a matter of extreme fear for survival!!!! Ugh! Yeck! LOL

  13. Lyn…I also carry a small stool to sit on when picking and dead heading my flowers! It sure saves my back! Okay…shoot me now for my free advice! Ouch! I’m bad…I know… 😉

    • Mere I have raised beds and no room for stools LOL. Raised beds are great but unless built 4 foot high, still gives the back a work out!!

  14. C-I’m really not blogging much anymore but I will follow the farmy as long as you are posting. Your blog is a treat every single day. I can’t believe how tiny that kitten must be. Whenever I have had kittens they were so small and they weighed a pound! You are amazing and I’m so glad that Boo gets to keep one of his kitties. xo

    • Thank you for following, that is wonderful, he sure is a tiny wee thing but makes up for it with a big voice!.. c

  15. A strange and wonderful relationship between Boo and the Kitten. I’m so glad that you have chosen to share it with us, and even more glad that you are feeling better, Celi!

  16. The kitten puppy photo is adorable! It reminds me of those old Looney Toons cartoons with Marc Anthony the bulldog carrying around a kitten!

  17. First thing every morning now I check to see how Nanny Boo and kitten are doing. We have had freezing nights for almost a month now (20 degrees or less). Not much of a growing season up here, even with a greenhouse. Your tomatoes look beautiful. I am saving all the Boo and kitten pictures in a folder to look at again and again. Yep, amazing you are

  18. Even Boo looks like he’s relaxed enough show a little weariness.
    Until something crops up to shake our routine we often don’t realize how even if it’s busy day to day life has its own rhythms and familiarity which we work with efficiently.

  19. Thank you for my Sunday morning smile: methinks your kitten has been named and all and sundry will be looking forwards to the continuation of the Boo and Marmalade saga! So happy matters are steadying for you, but tho’ I hate the cold, would so love to be at the farmy at the moment. Woke up this morning to find ‘our’ bushfire here still uncontained and growing and affecting seven villages now [the least controlled in the state] ~ that is only about eight kilometres from me . . .a horror week weatherwise forecast . . . 100 firefighters here at the moment will find it hard to contain the flames . . . fingers crossed!

  20. We are expecting below freezing nights by the end of the week and rain mixed with SNOW during the day. Not looking forward to that. Lyn, I’ve had good results with coconut oil in the dogs’ ears. It has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. If it has solidified I just warm a spoon in hot water and scoop a bit out of the jar. Leave it in for a day or over night, then swab it out.

  21. I can feel you racing against time. Today we had a visit from Summer, so I guess the warmth that you are missing is definitely drifting our way. Hope you are protect the tomatoes for a bit longer yet.

  22. Your “voice” is returning to normal in this post and that’s wonderful to hear, Celi. Thanks to The Lake, our overnight low temps aren’t as cold as yours but we’re getting there. We’ll be flirting with frost most nights next week. The Lake can only do so much. Like how your re-purposed the ark and hope it works for you. If it will extend your tomato harvest for just a few weeks, it will be worthwhile. As you very well know, once our vines quit, it will be a long time before we’ll enjoy flavorful tomatoes again. Have a great night and morning, Celi!

    • I know, i am still stuffing them in my mouth when I am gardening and really appreciating that warm juiciness.. it seemed such a short season, I know it wasn’t but gosh this summer flew past.

  23. so happy little marmalade is doing well!
    and that patient boo….so wonderful….

    for some reason, we are getting the weather everyone “outside” should have, and “outside” has the cold snap.

    loving those juicy tomatoes. i never NEVER have tomato luck.

  24. It looks like little Marmalade will have a protector as he explores his new outdoors. At such a young age, it’s amazing that he survived – all thanks to you.

  25. Boo sure takes good care of Marmalade. That has to be one of the best animal stories ever. Pania and Tui are looking pretty as ever. Hope you didn’t melt in all that rain!

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