D Minor

Only that Lady Astor and  the cats and I were listening to Handel when I was waiting for her to get over herself and come in for the milking yesterday evening. TonTon was there but he was not listening. He is a reggae fella  – not so much into classical.

Lady Astor always waits to the absolute last minute. After the brushing, the toilet ceremony, the scratching of the chin, the sweet talking.

This cow.

So we waited.  Listening to Handel.

LuLu, TonTon and me. Waiting on the cow. You can’t hurry a cow you know. Not this one anyway.

When she does deign to grace us with her presence she milks nicely and her production is not too enormous. Her Bobby Blue and I are sharing nicely.

Poppy and her piglet are both doing OK but I will be weaning this weekend. This litter is rugged. Fat and wild.  Brawlers. Once weaned, I will bring the limpy one inside and see how she does. She will not win any fights for food with that lot. Already she is noticeably smaller. However she is still lined up with the rest, drinking as fast as she can from her mother so it is better for her all round to get the third week of perfect nutrition under her belt.

The last three of the older plonkers are now sold and leave the farm today so the back fields will be cleaned up, top sown and gotton ready for the 16/17 piglets I have going now.  They will be kept in the barn for a while yet though – still too small for the big bad world.

And I hope Jake opens that restaurant soon!!

And I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather Forecast: More rain again!

Wednesday 05/24 60% / 0.1 in
Cloudy with showers. High around 65F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Wednesday Night 05/24 20% / 0 in
Cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. Low 53F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.







37 Comments on “D Minor

  1. Handel is too sonorous to bring forth milk! And I love my classical: have something playing most of the day . . . . So, just for fun I googled ‘music for milking’ and there really and truly is such a list at some Australian Cultural thingamajig!! I had read about proof of this from a Swiss journal some time ago . . . too busy tonight but shall send info as soon as I can so you may put some other airs on trial . . . methinks Mozart comes into it quite heavily . . . in fun and back to my cooking show . . .

      • *smile* So do I – for me during a church concert! Had never thought in terms of music v animals/plants until I read/saw a documentary of some very serious Swiss vignerons who had put a music system throughout the orchards and had checked and valid proof the night-time soft playing of classical music definitely increased the yield, size and quality of the fruit! No joke, I promise – and you know how earnest the Swiss are !!

  2. Our cows listened to the local farm radio station – weather, market report, and country music – and of course Orion Samuelson

  3. I hope when Jake opens his restaurant you will show us pictures of his Grand openeing.. You always take such nice pictures of the farm.

  4. The Fireworks music really ought to stir her great self. Maybe Le Boeuf sur le Toit would be uplifting…..

  5. Today’s song of choice for me is It’s Such a Happy Day with Jackie Gleason. It’s a cheeky little jazz bit. If you saw the movie Return to Me – it is the music that played when the lead female is racing the boys on bicycles.

    As for Lady Astor – I have a beagle and a Yorkie that are very much like her. Everything must revolve on their time frame.

  6. Does she prefer orchestral or oratorio? I know cows traditionally prefer classical music, but perhaps something lively from the era of her namesake might get her backside in gear…

  7. Lady Astor has the same look that my dog does while she debates whether she will bring me the ball. Maybe she’s wanting to up the ante in the treats department?

  8. Ha! Our Maisy stands at the stall door and about runs me down to get into the stantion. Of course, she’s knows that the stantion is where good things happen to her: brushing, milk released from her pendulous udder and, most importantly, TREATS! Cows- gotta love’m.

  9. oh what a royal description of Lady Astor’s march to the barn: the “toilet ceremony”!!! fit for a lady!!! Hilarious!! I grew up on a dairy farm ~ I know exactly!!! I think our cows were always looking forward to coming in cause they wanted that special hay and feed!! Glad to hear Poppy is doing better ~ and her baby ~ good grief!! She needs Boo to babysit!!! Been concerned about the restaurant ~ just a few days ago a business person said he hadn’t even started on th restaurant remodeling ~ that he remodeled the apartment first(??) Have a good day!! Hugs to BooBoo.

  10. I would say that her brow is furrowed. Try Pink Floyd, perhaps. Dark side of the Moon. Ha. Seven days to go!

  11. I love how Lady’s black goes all blue in the light of the barn. She is a lovely cow. But, then again, I know nothing about cows, so I should probably keep my judgments to myself. Can’t help but think of Charlotte’s Web every time there’s a wee pig in the bunch. I read that book thinking Wilbur had been invented for the story, but I suppose it was all based on the experience that there is often one that needs to be raised in a baby buggy. Love to you and all the animals.

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