Pig as Goat

The tower of hay (which Lady is enjoying eating at her milking time along with her grain treats) has been taken over by a bunch of pigs who think they are goats.

My images do not do this justice but here you can see mountain-goat-pig at the top of the pile.

He is quite high for a pig.

Tomorrow I am taking a few days off for a family meeting in New York.  John has the day off so he and Alex are holding the fort.  I will be back by Sunday if all goes well.

Take care and feel free to talk amongst yourselves until I am back.

Love celi

32 Comments on “Pig as Goat

  1. No doubt they are a slightly more manageable breed of farm goat. I hope you have a good trip 🙂

    • Celi’s piglets are escape artists, just as goats are. Something there is that doesn’t love a wall (fence!). 🙂 However, I’m not sure that pigs are constantly on the look for mischief making like goats are.

  2. May everything happen the way you hope – happy landings . . .

  3. I still think I prefer piggies to goats. Safe travels. Laura

  4. Family meetings? I hope it is a good meeting for good memories! Goat Pigs! I will giggle about that one all day!

  5. The king of the hill for sure!! Who says pigs can’t climb. I once climbed a kitchen chair to get to some goodies on the table. It can be done…. especially with enough thrust. Snorts with piggy laughter. Have a safe trip my sweet friend. XOXO – Bacon

  6. A family meeting sounds more ominous than a family gathering. Hmmm. Enjoy your travels and glad you have someone to hold down the fort. Those are such cute and mischievous little piglets. Good luck with that bunch. 🙂

  7. Piggies ~ what a riot!! They are great entertainment ~ and “cheap” entertainment!!! Have a good NY getaway!!!

  8. Glad you’re going to NY before the REAL heat sets in! Mind your pocketbook and luggage! And WOW! Piggies everywhere! Hugs and happy travels! Sunny

  9. Love ‘feel free to talk among yourselves until I am back’. That is what our teachers used to say when they had to skip out to the washroom during class! 😉

  10. Safe travels!

    Watching the video of Tane walking, his back legs and his gait remind me of a German Shepherd I knew with back and hip troubles. His poor back toenails were worn on the top sides from dragging his feet as he couldn’t lift properly. Shepherds can have terrible trouble with that back end – all in the breeding to get that high front and low back. What humans won’t do to get a certain look, no matter whether it’s good for the animals.

    Perhaps it is not all bad that Tane and Tima did not have babies – if it is genetic (and very possibly it is), there would just be more trouble. Whatever you’re doing to enable him to get a decent walking gait happening, keep it up. And he’s happy, with a good appetite, so that’s great.

    Chris S in Canada

  11. Safe and fruitful travels. We’ll keep the home fires burning.

  12. Your little guys are adorable, and I love how curious they are. Hope you have good weather and a great time in the Big Apple.

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