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A Dot on the Horizon

Do you see that Little Dot on the Horizon?  It could be a box, or a bag or a bucket blown in the wind but no -That is Tima. Looking back to the house she is This far from home. Searching the fields for… Continue Reading “A Dot on the Horizon”

Set Up To Succeed

When working with young people of all ages – yes that means you too, because after all we are all young in one way or another – it is important to set goals that are achievable. To set our young ones up to succeed. To set… Continue Reading “Set Up To Succeed”

Not a Little

  Now which if those piglets worked out how to pull their fan down off the wall? Not clever in this hot weather. We lost Little yesterday. I mean literally lost him not the metaphorical lost that means a coffin. No. Hugo and I… Continue Reading “Not a Little”

Chicks and Calves

Today is going to be a busy one. Soon the girls and I will drive over and pick up fifty more chicks from Jake’s brooder house.  These are the last of the ones for the family freezers.  The Chicken  Caravan is in a new field… Continue Reading “Chicks and Calves”

Watermelon Cockails

After our usual nightly rain it came out hot and humid yesterday so by evening Amanda decided to make Watermelon Cocktails.  A girl after my own heart.  After consulting with her sister she made Equal parts: Gin and Tonic and Watermelon Juice with a… Continue Reading “Watermelon Cockails”

Two days to go!

Imagine a life where the mosquitoes were as big as mice. It could have happened you know. And right about now we are heaving with mosquitoes. So I am kind of grateful they are so small. They seldom actually bite me which is nice but… Continue Reading “Two days to go!”

Tane Mahuta

Yesterday Tane Mahuta was loaded into Kim’s car and off we went to the vet. Thank Goodness for Kim and her car.  After another 79 dollars we discovered that he has thrown his hip out a bit and developed a secondary infection. He  has a temperature… Continue Reading “Tane Mahuta”

The Diet Chain

When we were children growing up on the beach we had a dog, her name was Tessa, she was a Golden Labrador Cross (no-one was terribly sure what she was crossed with) – often she would run off up the beach road and up to… Continue Reading “The Diet Chain”

Kitchen Mama

Yesterday our two girls Molly and Whitney were the 1940’s Kitchen Mamas.  They are travelling together, have known each other since kindergarten, though they go to different colleges now and like all old and fast friends are a perfect team. And by the end of… Continue Reading “Kitchen Mama”

Pregnant or not?

I wish I knew. I am still not positive. The lady who knows about pigs thinks she is.  I have trolled the internet looking for ways to tell when a kunekune is pregnant and short of getting the vet out to do an ultrasound there… Continue Reading “Pregnant or not?”