We are the People with a Planet

How lucky we are to have a Planet. Its a big responsibility.

– A planet all of our own. I said.

– I write about how we can look after it. I said.

There was a pause.

– But, what should I do first? He said.

My optometrist gazed deeply into my eyes.

Optometrists do that you know;
Gaze deeply.
Into Eyes.

Almost an occupational hazard I would say.

– We do try. He says, with the slightest raise of his shoulder.

We had been talking about healthy living,
Being The People with a Planet to Care For.

My chemical free life intrigues him,

He has to get me special drops without preservatives

(The preservatives in liquid tears dry your eyeballs out after a while. Like the chapstick that leaves you wanting more chapstick. Eye drops that mean you need more eyedrops).

My optometrist and his wife have a young family,
Long commute.

– We just don’t know where to start.

His eyes are so dark the pupils look like night pools with lights.
I notice his black hair has begun to recede in recent years
I wonder if he dyes it.

But that is not what optometrists do;
Dye their hair,
Maybe dentists.

Dentist always have good hair,
It is a requirement.

-Great question. I say.
My favourite question actually.

My optometrist and I
Have been meeting behind closed doors for years now.
The dimness in his room creates a confidential atmosphere.
The assistants chatting outside the door feels comfortable.

– I will make a plan for you. I say.

That is what I do.
Help people make a plan,
That they can sustain.

Ahmed and his wife
Both work.
It needs to be a simple plan

I tell him:

Food waste is a major problem.

For the environment
He nods in agreement.
Let’s start there.

KuneKune Pig eating vegetables

On Saturday go to the farmers market and buy vegetables
(only the ones your family likes to eat)

Sunday: prep two fresh meals –
Monday and Tuesday’s meals.
Pack your lunches each night –
As you serve your dinner.

Make a Monster Mama Coleslaw with the rest of the vegetables.
Hold the dressing.

Left Overs,
With Coleslaw,
on Wednesday.

Three days of healthy food.
Nothing wasted.

It is a good start.

I will email you the Sustainable Food Plan.
I say.

Don’t forget my eggs next time, he says.
And maybe some of that pizza flour.

I will email you the link to the pizza recipe, I say.

He helps me on with my coat and opens the door.

See you in two weeks
Call me if anything changes.
4 times a day for the drops, this week,
Then 3 times a day next week.

We smile into each others eyes.

I miss eyes.

We don’t meet peoples eyes much in the online world.


Black cow beside barn with water tank.

Where did you begin?


36 Comments on “We are the People with a Planet

  1. I LOVE, love love your writing style!! I wish I had space for a pig to take care of leftovers. It’s a good thing you don’t write books, or I’d never get out of the house😁
    We finally have a sunny morning here on the West coast after weeks of gray, rain, and winds which brought trees down everywhere .

  2. I began the day we got married. Not having much money makes a person always take care of the needs of the planet and of our own families. Now it is just what I do. As you do. It is just what we do.

  3. One person/family with one small step at a time. I love this C! We have to not fear thinking we can never do enough to make a difference and just “do” instead. You have taught me to believe that and live with what I can do.

  4. I’ll be cycling 4 1/2 miles and back, to the farmer this Saturday as usual. No ready meals in my house! I will even be growing some vegetables shortly and still working on the pig…

  5. Good evening, c. Such a lovely narrative voice. Yes, do write that book, darling.

  6. The thought of a book written by your good self, how exciting but don’t you go over stretching yourself. I don’t know how you pack so much into your life.

  7. I began the day I bought my first house at the age of 25. Paying the mortgage didn’t leave any wiggle room for excess or waste. My Ma had taught me well to be frugal, my Pa had taught me well to be as skilled as my brothers with tools. Start with good teachers. Like Miss C. Start with the small things, and you’re right, start with food. Learn to stretch your food, make it do the maximum amount of work for the money you have spent or labour you have expended. Mend and re-use things. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

  8. I don’t think I every really began, I just carried on from how my family did things… did them my own sometimes, other times circumstances got in the way a bit and I had to regroup. All I ever wanted what was to me an “ordinary life” but really is actually quite extraordinary. This you know.

  9. Just love your writing style Celi! Makes me feel like I’m there with you experiencing it! I’ve been away from the farm for a bit and my computer wouldn’t allow me to respond. Hopefully all will work now. I came back to six baby goats! So precious! Three more days of cold weather and then it looks like Spring will be here. We’ll cover our cold weather brassicas that are planted and should be golden after that! Sending you a big hug! XO

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