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Sunday from Monday

And today being Monday  we look back on Sunday which was a gloriously sunny gardening day until the clouds rolled in and it rained buckets again.  So far this summer we have had torrential downpours every week.  Sometimes two or three a week.  … Continue Reading “Sunday from Monday”

Lazy Saturday

Kind of.  I gave myself a wee sleep in this morning – until 6.30 – which meant I slept through my writing time but I knew you would not mind. Here is yesterday. And this morning as Boo and Ton and I drove along… Continue Reading “Lazy Saturday”

Down the road

and after work came a 25 foot oak tree. Trundling down the road laid out in the back of Our Johns truck.  An hours drive with a big beautiful tree trailing out behind him. It was in the way of the new pipes pathway… Continue Reading “Down the road”


Today my new farm worker arrives.  If all goes well she will stay a few months which will be nice.  She has been working on a goat farm so I look forward to hearing her story. We all have a story.   Many of… Continue Reading “Eclectic”

And rained …

… and rained.  The storms came in with fierce determination, one after the other, rushing through like runaway trains. High winds and a LOT of rain. I still have not bought a new rain gauge but every shower was a deluge. I was inside… Continue Reading “And rained …”

Eight and Nine

Catching up. Poppy’s nine are weaned. The fat little savages. The little piglet with the ripped hoof has become un-findable – she is running just as fast as all the rest and doing fine so I have stopped worrying about her. They are all… Continue Reading “Eight and Nine”

D Minor

Only that Lady Astor and  the cats and I were listening to Handel when I was waiting for her to get over herself and come in for the milking yesterday evening. TonTon was there but he was not listening. He is a reggae fella… Continue Reading “D Minor”


Must have been very wicked in a past life. Because there is no rest for the wicked and that cow bellowed half the night. I have no idea why.  Her calf was with her. But still she mooed. Disturbing everyone’s rest. Though she is… Continue Reading “Wicked”


Yesterday – right out of nowhere – the day relaxed.  The air warmed up. The wind dropped. The grass seemed longer as the cows rested. The piglets dozed in their rubbish bin.  Lady Astor took her baby into the field, stowing him in a… Continue Reading “Diffusion”

So Tired Now

Every few hours for the last few nights I have been up to check Poppy’s Sty TV but nothing. She is way past her due date now and there is milk in that udder but still no babies.  Poppy does not have a perfect udder.… Continue Reading “So Tired Now”