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A more aptly named bull I have never met. Evidently this guy never misses a meal, makes lovely strong babies and is very gentle.


POPPY’S Six are growing like weeds. They were three weeks old yesterday and I am in no hurry to wean them so they will continue to grow like weeds. 


LET’S look at that picture again. I knew these birds would be photogenic but they are beautiful.


  SOMETIMES there are little Instagram videos that you just can’t miss. This is a milestone moment. I gave the ducklings a dish of water and they took to it – Like Ducks to Water!


WEANING is one of the most poignant days on the farm. The babies are healthy and growing up, they are old enough to live on their own without their mother, things are going according to plan,  but OH the MISERY  – there is no… Continue Reading “BAWLING”


Fifteen minutes of extra day light may not seem like a lot but at the end of yesterday it was just enough to finish everything up in daylight with time left over for the dogs and I to walk around the perimeter.


The wind is howling outside. It howled all yesterday too by the afternoon it was gale force and is holding. 


INKY really is the most beautiful calf.  She is just so beefy. Lovely straight back, nice legs and a very sweet temperament to boot. 

Full of Bliss Quiet

      Yesterday I took two loads of cattle across to the other side. (Five in all) Tucked in with the two black cousins was the little black bobby. The grass has been allowed to grow over there and should keep them busy… Continue Reading “Full of Bliss Quiet”

What happened?

I am sitting here in the early morning, listening to the dawn (though it is not quite dawn) chorus of the chickens in their hen house. They do this every morning. Noisy calesthenics. They screech and bob and call out for up to a… Continue Reading “What happened?”