One of those quiet days?

I am having one of those days when I feel almost horizontal with quiet. Or at least I begin by being quiet / but you know how that goes.

Do you remember these, Diane?

It is all about the chooks and their chicks and half grown chickens everywhere.

Eating very well from the restaurant bucket.

Even Tima On A Diet ( she was discovered ravaging the corn fields and got very fat – fatter – very fast and is now in Supervised Quarantine in the barn ) – even she has a tiny flock of her own.

She has settled to living in the diet barn on a diet of freshly baled hay, apples and vegetables. I simply cannot say often enough that unless you want to fatten pigs they are fine eating only vegetation. Especially kunekune.

Here is a video which, though poorly executed, shows the madness.

The fields are beautiful.

See how Mr Flowers tail is already growing back in? He is eating well too.

I had a lovely wee bread making class with two delightful bakers this morning and after the JM store is closed I am off to do my monthly grocery shopping before I settle in for the weekend.

That is all for this morning I think.

What’s on your list today?


PS remember – if you want to see what is happening on a more day to day basis – join me at cecilia_thekitchensgarden on Instagram.

26 Comments on “One of those quiet days?

  1. Poor Tima…I imagine her diet plan will pretty much be a full time one from now on. Our pigs were also herbivores. Dolly, our Blue Healer has been on a diet for the past 3 years, much to her dismay. She, like Tima, loves to eat! And of course I remember the Prayer Flags! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ They look fabulous there! Mine are strung out over the old barn happily flapping in the wind. So thrilled you are having a horizontally happy day! xoxo

  2. awww good ol’ Tima! And the little video is very fun- the fields are beautiful and the cows are sublime- very good looking! Have a lovely day!

  3. …and a guinea fowl!
    I’ve been looking at some fantastic Galician beef – don’t tell the cows πŸ˜‰

  4. I’ve taken my prayer flags down for the winter. I do miss them though. Loved the video!! So much fun to watch. I’m with Tima. Need to be on a diet and the only way it will happen is if someone locks me in a barn too. πŸ™‚ Today, I’m selling another bookcase, helping my daughter trim back a rowdy tree and continue packing in case this place actually sells. It’s an exhausting process. Enjoy the bread class and sorry about the grocery shopping. Not my favorite thing to do. Cookies and chips always sneak into my basket and follow me home. ;(

    • I just sold my place…it is exhausting…and I’ve only packed some of it. Now the fun begins…moving my things across the river to Kentucky.

  5. I loved the video too. My chickens don’t have as much freedom now so I enjoyed seeing yours roaming freely, doing what chickens love to do. But the ducks were funny because they do tend to be a bit crazy when there’s food. πŸ™‚ I don’t do instagram…maybe one day.

  6. Today, I am making the sign for the chook house (my new flock of Girls is coming at the end of the month!). I’m burning the name Chookonia into a rough old plank I found in the back yard. I’m also making the Husband a bunch of handkerchiefs from leftover bamboo sheeting (left over from making fitted sheets for our caravan bunks), making a shopping bag from scraps of fabric, and starting a coconut chicken curry for tonight’s dinner. A nice quiet day!
    Your grass is beautiful, and your cattle are looking wonderful. Love your happy, healthy poultry, too.

    • I am have always wanted to sew. Even seeing handkerchiefs ( what a delightful word) would be such an achievement for me! I am hoping that most of the problem is time. And one day I hope to have more time to teach myself to sew. But I am so impatient and certainly not particular enough – but I love found fabrics and the idea or remaking old garments into new ones.

  7. We kept the pensioner flock going through covid by buying 4 new layers last year but now were down to getting an egg a day if we’re lucky, so after giving it much thought we’ve decided to take a break from chooks… the neighbour whose yard their coop is in will says she will either caretake them or find them new homes. So I will once again enjoy chooks vicariously and be on the scrounge for the best eggs I can find. We’re expecting a deluge over the coming days so today I’ll be digging up potatoes (I hope), throwing some slow release fertiliser around the garden, and maybe taking Diesel-Dog for a swim to celebrate his 6th birthday. Enjoy as much quiet day as you can manage.

    • That sounds like a very sensible idea. I am not entirely sure how to manage this enormous flock we suddenly find ourselves with – somehow that will all have to be caught or next summer will be madness – and I am not planning on living here forever as you know.

  8. I have been moving from a little downstairs room to a larger second floor room with a view. My to-do list is mostly carting armloads of books up the stairs and putting them in my bookshelves. I get plenty of exercise, get to look at all of my books and decide how to arrange them this time. This is punctuated by making coffee and meals (pizza for lunch) going to the store for bread and milk and looking for my missing cat Apache, who turned up when I broke open a capsule of fish oil. Usually, I can see him at a glance because he is mostly white, but he was sleeping underneath a bank of ivy.

  9. I had a lovely day with my granddaughters and all but 1 of my kids. The son/wife have moved back closer to us just after the youngest has ventured on to Colorado. We gain and we lose, but I guess that’s how life goes. They say we are in for a blustery and wet evening so it’s a movie and then my current book will be my companions for the night. Saw your bread on IG Celi- lovely.

  10. It’s nice to have quiet days, just doing what you want. Not that that happens very often! Feel for you having to do a food shop. My least favourite activity.

    • Same. The real problem is that the big supermarkets feel so wrong to me that I always cut the shopping short and leave with only a few of the things I need. At least I got as far as wine this time!

  11. Lovely! I always enjoy seeing your photos. πŸ™‚ I rarely use Instagram but I do have an account, so I’ll see if I can remember the password. I don’t use social media much these days, although I keep in touch with a few blogging pals on Twitter. But, for some unknown reason, Twitter suspended my account last week and I’ve lost access to all my followers. The only reason I can think of is that I kept forgetting to add my phone number to the account to verify it. It’s a shame, as my tweets were mostly about academia, linguistics and blogging. Nothing offensive!

    I hope you’re having a quiet, relaxing weekend too. We all need quiet days sometimes πŸ™‚

    • How odd that they locked you out. Adding the phone number would have helped you recover it. But these SM giants and their algorithms are beyond me really. But when used well they are a lovely simple way to keep in touch. I shudder to think what was happening when FB went down the other day – leaving that particular door unguarded for 6 hours could have ramifications.

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