One image a week on a Sunday

Do you remember how – years ago- we had a thing running where we all took a shot from our back door and shared it and linked it and other people joined in!

We had a lot of fun with that!

I think I took a shot from the same spot for a number of days too – or weeks – I can’t remember. I fell down a rabbit hole when I tried to look back over the years of blog posts to find that period – then I realized that this blog has been running since July 2011!!! so there is no chance of me ever finding those shots anyway – I cannot even remember what year that was – I am not one of those people who remembers numbers. However- it was a fun idea.

So, I thought I would post a shot every Sunday taken from my FRONT DOOR. Taken in the sunrise filled morning light across the pond to the maple tree. It might be fun to see the autumnal changes that are now in the wind.

And it is windy this morning.

Now that I think about it – I wonder if I should make a 20 second video then you could hear what I hear on a Sunday morning. And if you join me we could hear what you hear from your front door or front window on a Sunday morning. I am hoping for traffic and maybe people chatting in the background. Different countries with different accents and languages. The sky above the rooftops. Birds. Or your garden or a big tree. Some of you even have fields or beaches outside your front door. Is that too scary? Would you feel too exposed? Would you like to help me create this little micro-travel-doco with your Sunday morning view?

It would be a gift actually, to those of us who are not able to travel.

As lock downs still coming and going this might be a fun way to think OUTwards. And help those of us struggling with that trapped feeling. Intellectually we know we are not trapped but …

What do you think?

If you do – don’t forget to link thekitchensgarden so I can come and look, and also leave a note in the comments so The Fellowship can come and visit you and see your little Sunday morning video or picture and watch the progression of the Sunday Seasons for as long as you can be bothered.

Here is my first video. I need to make a little platform to eliminate that camera wobble.




PS – if you don’t have a blog of your own you can send me your picture or video and I will post it here next Sunday. Let me know in the comments and I will send you an email address.

41 Comments on “One image a week on a Sunday

  1. I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to join in! Your view is so peaceful!

  2. I don’t have a blog, but I’d love to join in! Your view is so peaceful.

  3. Celia, the sound of water, the calm and the sky are a picture perfect Sunday morning. I like the idea of sharing our own Sunday views. Alas, I don’t have a blog and I’m not very savvy with technology but I can take a picture on my phone.
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. What a nice idea. I’d love to have the opportunity to watch your maple tree (and all the other pond things you’ve planted) grow. That’s one of the things about gardening that is so rewarding seeing the changes that you make materialize right before your eyes.

    I can send pictures but from now till spring (and flowers and bushes beginning to come along) there won’t be much to see, just the houses caty-corner across the street and the noisy traffic passing by although early Sunday morning is a slow time—–fewer student cars passing after a very late Saturday night.

  5. I didn’t know you had running water in your pond…no wonder it’s so lovely.

  6. Lovely lovely scene! I am not getting any sound though. I love sound. I remember the fun sounds of the pigs snorting up a storm. And the goats too!

  7. Oops! I had my headphones on. No wonder! I heard the water this time.Just beautiful!

  8. Okay. Just now I saw your yesterday’s post with the chaos of the chickens and ducks zipping about eating lettuce and whatnot. AND I heard their sounds. Thank you. Thank you. You’re going to be sick of hearing from me.

  9. Serene Sunday sounds and view ♡ As I commented on Insta I think it’s a wonderful idea, and look forward to joining in… and Insta for me is easiest… a good thing about social media is there’s a platform for everyone!

  10. Sadly I don’t do Instagram or Facebook… I am almost tempted to join, just to see everyone’s photos! Any chance of collating them on your blog here? At least I can look forward to seeing yours!

  11. Sounds like fun – I am up for it- do I just post on my blog each Sunday and send you the link? How will that work?

  12. That’s a beautiful view!

    This reminded me… During the first lockdowns last year, someone started a website called WindowSwap:

    It’s full of clips that people have taken from their windows around the world. I find it quite relaxing to see someone else’s view, hear the sounds surrounding them and, for a minute, imagine what life might be like in their reality. Covid has made my world so small and it helps to look outwards, as you say.

  13. My view from my front door is not nearly so nice as yours and I’m not going to have it much longer anyway. But I will enjoy seeing what everyone else comes up with on their own.

  14. A wonderful idea!
    I don’t love Facebook, but have kept it around for a couple of very special pages – one being “View from my window” which started at the beginning of Covid last year. It’s a beautiful way to travel the world while we can’t … not that I could anyway. Money is my long-term restriction haha
    I look forward to joining in 💞💞💞

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