Unpacking the Groceries

I am being watched by BooBoo and TonTon as I write because we can smell a skunk toddling off to bed (it is still morning-dark) and they are convinced that they should be allowed outside to give the skunk the ‘hurry up’. Not Happening!

I was reading this great book last weekend called The Perishing by Natasha Deòn and she talked about deep sleep as being the time you unpack the metaphorical groceries you brought home all day. While you sleep you unpack these impressions and sort them out and get them put away in their proper place so your pretend bench does not end up covered in rotting junk.

An alarm going off on the middle of this process is the equivalent of leaving the ice cream to melt on the bench as you step out, leaving the job half done.

As you know I have always been fascinated by sleep so this sentence caught me eye. Though I only grocery shop about once a month and never ever buy ice cream. I only buy food I recognize as food and store-bought ice cream has no recognizable components and ingredients that are certainly not food and I cannot even pronounce. So the ice cream metaphor was lost on me.

But allowing my brain the time to get on with its job of organizing stuff sounds perfectly feasible.

One of my co-workers said to me during the week that she had a bad Second Sleep. I asked her to tell me more and she said her First Sleep was from 9pm to about 2am when she got up to go to the bathroom (loo) and have a drink of water then back to bed for her Second Sleep until 5am.

I found this interesting, too. It seemed like a lovely way to accept sleep as being in two parts. It worked for her. Her sleep was not broken – it just has two episodes.

My new challenge is to go without Amazon or indeed any internet shopping for a month. I have deleted the Amazon app ( which is so useful when one only shops once a month and lives a 40 minute drive from a store and works 12 hour days plus Saturday morning). But there you are! I have gone a week without Amazon. The hardest part is giving up my free Kindle Books. I am re-reading my own library. So I am fine.

I also deleted my weather app for good measure. How often have you seen it start to rain then reached for the weather app on the phone to check if it is indeed raining.

The sun is coming up so I will too. The dogs have given up on the skunk and are sprawled all over the floor fast asleep – unpacking my groceries for me in their dreams.

Don’t forget to join me with a tiny video from your front door tomorrow. Maximum of 25 seconds. Just point and shoot out your front door, into traffic, out to sea, across the rooftops, suburban, inner city or rural. Don’t set anything up – just point and shoot. If you have someone else’s door outside your door shoot up the road. We will see changes as the weeks go by!

You can post on Your blog and link to the kitchens garden – even leave your link in the comments as well OR cecilia_thekitchensgarden on Instagram (and tell us in the comments) don’t forget to link to me or even on FB – make sure to link then tell me in the comments ( if you like) so we can all come and see. Maybe other people would like to join in as we watch the seasons pass on a Sunday Morning.

Don’t set anything up! Just allow the ordinary to become extraordinary all by itself.

See you SUNDAY MORNING. And even if you think your view is not interesting remember that this is for those of us who cannot travel to see your view. We want to hear and see what is out your window. We have all been trapped in one place for a long, long time. Seeing a tiny 25 second of slice of life Somewhere Else will mean the world to us.

For me the shot is across the tiny pond to the maple tree shooting North/East. We will watch winter descend one Sunday at a time from this point of view.

Here is last week in Illinois. https://thekitchensgarden.com/2021/10/10/one-image-a-week-on-a-sunday/

Good morning!

See you tomorrow


32 Comments on “Unpacking the Groceries

  1. Hello Cecilia,

    I need an email so I can send a pic tomorrow to you here for posting. I don’t have a blog and so can’t send the link to instagram.


    This is such a good idea.


  2. I truly like that viewpoint- 2 sleeps versus the bodies need interrupting a full night. I know I have my deepest/dream-filled sleep in that 2nd time so all my unpacking has been done early on. It is hard to give up convenience such as Amazon. I don’t do Kindle, but I do read e-books from the county library system. I would be rather lost without those.

  3. I know that Second Sleep feeling well. When the Husband is on day shift, we go to bed at 8.30pm and get up at 2am. I prepare his food, his flasks of coffee, his home made soup and fruit and granola and cheese. He goes to work at 3am, and has several good snoozes during his statutory breaks (he’s a truck driver). I go back to bed and try for a Second Sleep until 6am, which is when the fur child (Mouse the greyhound) wakes up and demands to be let out and then fed and then walked. This is 4 mornings out of 12. The other 8 are more normal, in that I can go to bed at night and sleep through, unless the Husband wakes me coming home from night shift at 3.30am… I have learned not to wake up! My diabetes educator is not happy about this broken sleep as it’s apparently very bad for blood sugar control, but what can you do? You grab the sleep you can with both hands and dive in gratefully.
    I will not be at my own front door on Sunday. Not sure where I will be, because we are supposed to be on holiday in FNQ, but the ute has broken down so we are stuck in a small country town a long way for anywhere, waiting to see if we can get it fixed. O joy….

  4. I will be playing for sure! Only thing is that we will be traveling on two of future Mondays- so it will mix up a bit with different locations! Thanks for thinking of this!! And I like your going without Amazon for awhile- we live within walking distance of stores so I do not need amazon very often! Cheers and have a lovely day!

  5. I vaguely remember something about sleep being divided into periods like first sleep and second sleep from the anthropological literature, but can’t recall where.The fate of a mind is overpacked with near-useless information I guess.

  6. Buongiorno C. I e-mailed you a photo looking out from my front porch a few days ago…I’m not sure if you got it or not as I did not hear back. Did it get through? I don’t have a blog or Instagram which is why I e-mailed it. I also didn’t realize it was supposed to be a video. Shall I re-send it in video form or will the still be ok?

  7. Oh dear, they’d just love to be skunked again!
    I love dreaming. I saw an interesting Salvador Dali interview years ago, in it he explained where is melting clocks came from. He’d had dinner with his wife and a friend in his Paris studio. Afterwards he stayed in while they went out for a drink. Dali fell asleep and dreamed about the leftover cheese melting off the table and on waking, incorporated it into what he was painting…

    • What a great story! I love dreaming too and am fascinated by the number of people I know who do not remember their dreams -at all ever. They say they Do Not Dream. I am so grateful to be gifted dreams every night in colour with tons of details. Such a joy.

  8. I like the 2 sleeps approach.I tend to fall quickly asleep and quickly wake up. After a break I fall asleep again but I never feel as rested as when I am able to just stay asleep

  9. I’ll have to check out the book. My sleep is very bad and not the least restful. There isn’t a lot to unpack anymore so maybe that’s why there is little sleep. They say you don’t need much when you get older. I must have reached that mark.

  10. How curious the comparison of sleep and unpacking groceries (metaphor or analogy?… I get confused)… One of the few household tasks I detest is unpacking groceries! I often remark that my second sleep… once I get back to sleep… often leaves me feeling more rested than the first.
    My #seasonsofsundaymorning pic is up on Insta and the video on Stories @daleleelife101 🌞

  11. Only a couple of years ago I read about first and second sleeps. It doesn’t help me feel any better when I get up after still only 5.5 or 6 hours of sleep with a two hour break in the middle but being in bed for 8hrs. I’m so tired this morning I wanted to go back to bed at 8.30am. And I don’t tend to remember my dreams as well during these broken nights. A couple of months ago I had four nights in a row of 8hrs at a stretch and I felt like a new person!!

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