I often find things when I examine images in the morning as I prepare them for publication. I think that is a jacket? On the post behind the peacock. I know exactly where my one work jacket is so it must be the woodcutters!

He will be splitting wood today! Maybe he will see it and collect it. I don’t pick up after him – not being his mother and all. But I will show him this photograph!

The six chubby chops went out for a run yesterday. And the moment they are out the gate they hurl themselves around their race track.

Pigs are not fond of strange open spaces so they are really fast galloping around the field ending up back on their own turf, much happier.

But these 6 are getting a bit fat a bit fast so they need a good run each day.

I was in a gorgeous little bakery in a nearby town yesterday having a cup of tea and this was on the bathroom wall. It was put out by the society for the prevention of tuberculosis. I am going to research this and see if I can find myself one to hang. I love the Recess advice: “Play Hard but nothing dirty in your mouth”!

Actually some of it is pretty good advice.

So I am thinking this must be from the early 50’s. My mother had TB about that time. She was told she would never have children. But my mother was never very good at doing what she was told! So she had six.

I hope you have a good day. We have had a string of days in the 50’s but I think we drop back closer to winter temperatures today then back up again to rainy spring temps tomorrow. Then back down again. But still above freezing in the daytimes which Piglet will be grateful for.

November was the coldest and snowiest on record in Illinois, and December was almost 5 degrees warmer on average than usual with a record breaking number of tornadoes in Illinois. Not here thankfully. It will be interesting to see how January shapes up. Also interesting to note that the chickens have not slowed down their laying much at all. Only the elders are taking a laying break.

The last few days of full sun have been wonderful.

Much love


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  1. Great advice. We should all do these things. We’d be a lot healthier I’d think. Lots of water drinking 😊

  2. That little sign touched my heart and caused me to remember a friend who took in a nine year old niece whose parents were on drugs. It made me sad to hear that this young girl had never been taught to use the toilet first thing in the morning, and as a result had trouble with a lot of bladder infections. Her teeth were in bad shape, and she smelled because she had not been taught good hygiene practices. It was then that I was thankful for a mother who nagged us about keeping clean hands and brushing our teeth and encouraging eating good foods. The one we seemed to get the most was standing up straight and not slumping!

    “Sleep out of doors when you can” was of course, my favorite bit of advice at the bottom of the sign. A night under the stars is life changing I think!

  3. Mr Flowers ťail feathers seem to have come in much thicker and fuller this year too. Long may the warmer sunny days last. Laura

  4. Seeing your pigs run around with their ears aloft and their eyes wide with excitement makes me feel pain for all the animals that are raised jammed into small spaces only to be then be butchered and eaten. i am so grateful for the life these lead! The happy time they have with you. Thank you for that! I too love that poster.

  5. The Daily Health Guide is too wonderful!!! Let me know if you find you can get copies of it! I’m thinking it must be an antique!

  6. My chickens are laying too! I was shocked but very grateful for the eggs, I detest the ones at the grocery. 🙂
    We had 90 degree weather up until October which prevented me from doing so many things, like applying finish to my deck.

    I hope you can find a copy of the wall poster. That’s a real bit of history. My mom was also in a TB hospital while I was waiting to be born.

  7. The illustrations date it farther back for me, Celi. I’d say early 20th c. up till the 30s. TB was not stamped out over any of that time. I had an older girl cousin who got it & stayed home from school & in bed for 2 yrs. in the late 30s. I thought that sounded wonderful, propped up in “the land of counterpane” – (Robert Louis Stevenson contracted
    TB in childhood & was confined to bed.) – reading & drawing & no school. In college I thought a mono diagnosis & a prescription to go to Florida & sit on the beach for a month would be great news. Many people at my university did get mono & dropped out for the winter months, but it never happened to me. I might have just been a lazy girl, but I always wanted more time to read & paint & being healthy, gave no thought to the illness part. I never slept outside in childhood, but I loved getting up in the middle of the night & watching the moon & stars out the window.

  8. The “white plague”, as TB was called, was at it’s worst here in the US during the 30’s and 40’s. Relief came after WWII with the introduction of effective antibiotics. I would guess the clothing style in the poster ages it to somewhere around the 30’s. Absolutlely love it….and such good advice!

  9. What dear little pigs.
    I love the poster, though aside from not spitting and sneezing, none of the advice would prevent TB.

  10. Celi, if you find out where to get copies of that poster will you please let us know? I would love to get one and I have spent way too much time looking for it this morning! Lots of “rabbit holes” to explore while searching–so interesting!!

  11. I love when I read that you have sun and warmer temps. Your weather is about 2 days behind us in Waterloo Ontario Canada so you always prepare me ahead of time. (Better than our meteorologists). I love the advice board. Just as pertinent today as back then. Maybe more so since playing out of doors is not a prevelant today.

  12. How funny the pigs are running like they are in a race. I never think of pigs running, they always strike me as a big wallowing and lazy. Even when I think back on my great uncle teaching me how dangerous they were, I mostly thought of them knocking me over because they are so big and then just eating me. He always had big stories about pigs eating misbehaving children.

  13. It’s been unusually warm for winter here in Portland, Oregon. Just don’t know what to expect anymore. My mother was a shoe box incubator baby that only weighed in at 2 pounds. They told her she would never have children either because she was so tiny and fragile. I was 13 pounds, my sister 10, brother #1 was at least that and brother # 2 a bit smaller but only a year later. She always said she wanted to line the 4 of us up in front of the doctor who told her no kids for her. 🙂 We come from strong stock. 😉 I had to reload the page to see the poster. Kept trying to figure out what everyone was talking about. We need those back in our schools. Some children learn nothing at home. So sad and you take better care of your animals than some do of their children. Sigh. Of course those chubby chops are just cute flying through the meadow. I haven’t written a post in a month but I have to come here everyday for my farm fix. 😉 Happy day.

  14. I think the little chubbies have had a glance at that poster… They take lots of exercise in the fresh air, eat a good diet, take lovely mud baths and play hard. Your mum sounds a bit like mine, who had polio at age 11 and was told she’d never walk again. Yeah, right. Married twice, lots of travel and 7 children…

  15. Just saw your Daily Health Guide on google images, leading back to Pinterest, so seems it’s still available. Good luck getting hold of one.
    I am simply loving this mild weather as much as your ChubbyChops with at least a few more days of it in the forecast. May it last and last and last. Hope you have a great day! ~ Mame 🙃

  16. Hi, C! (sounds like you could be in an opera!) I never noticed Mr. Feather’s pure white strands? stems? ??? before. Beautiful! Will there be more as he ages? Love the ‘Chubby Chops’ for today’s title! And, OH! that poster! WOW! What a find!!

    • Those white feathers are because he is a cross between a white peacock and an Indian one. Not from aging. Though they can live for about twenty years!

  17. Someone in my family was just diagnosed with TB and I was surprised to read the stats that it’s currently one of the top 10 causes of death worldwide. I was so ignorant about it. I’m glad your mum defied the doctors!

  18. Keep cheerful… what a great poster, all good points for adults as well except for the no tea with meals. During the day tea is my go to, as well as the kitchen tap for glasses of water… the resulting bathroom visits also add to my daily steps.

  19. That poster reminds me of something much worse back when I was in college. My roommate wanted a ride to a hospital in town because he was too embarrassed to go to the clinic on campus. I will not bother to explain why, but will say that he was popular with the ladies. While he went in to see the doctor, I waited in the waiting room. This was in about 1987, when we were all terrified of HIV. On the wall, across from where I was sitting, there was a poster that listed safe sex practices on one side, and on the other side, listed practices that were not so safe. I had no comprehension of what that terminology meant, and if I could see it now, I doubt I would know any more. I do remember that some of it sounded really . . . . disturbing.

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