The day before yesterday I was in Chicago consulting with a young woman about a play she is producing for February.

Any talk about theatre sets me on fire as this is my passion. How did I forget that? I thought you might like to see my scribble picture as we brainstormed ideas. The joke is that this mad piece of work makes perfect sense to me. This is the order and prop placement for Nine scenes of the Little Prince.

Four ladders will be used. As planets and other components of the play. I changed so much so fast the young woman was spinning with excitement as she saw the play open up and begin to breathe. My drawing makes me laugh. I thought it might give you a chuckle. A tiny slice of brain on paper. ( What an horrible image but you know what I mean), and it makes perfect sense to me. This piece of paper encapsulates a whole play. When I have finished today’s assignment I will transcribe this into words.

The garden where I shower.

The sprouts have grown out of their big containers into big yoghurt pots. You can see one of the bigger containers in the top of this image. I only use them on phase two of the six day process now. I find the little pots more convenient ( though don’t use cut off water jugs – those are too malleable and we have to cut the container off the sprouts). Big yoghurt pots work fine and I have people saving them for me. And the pot holds two servings exactly.

The sprouts are such an important component of the hogs winter feed and smell delicious.

Heidi is visiting from the city and worked on cleaning out the little glass house yesterday. She had company. Today she will sow a bed of winter greens.

The cats are usually never allowed in the glasshouse so they were terribly well behaved.

After chores I will finish another component of my assignment. With your help from yesterday I will teach to the English necessary for giving and receiving directions. I created a map of my pretend school and its surroundings and if it were a real school with real students I would really be looking forward to teaching this unit. Today I will write a simple treasure hunt!

Good morning. After doing my assignment then driving through the countryside to collect a couple of months worth of feed I will keep working on manure removal. ( charming!) The weather is amazing at the moment. Sunny and clear and warm. It is easy to get a lot done in weather like this.

Have a great day.



24 Comments on “SCRIBBLE

  1. Your doodle is amazingly doodle. I love the sheer energetic chaos of it! You are, as we say, cooking with grease! And that clear, crisp weather helps it all along doesn’t it? Lovely cat eyes. Wide and wise.

  2. I like today’s photos especially, a graphic brainstorm, good health sprouting in a shower, & cats in wide-eyed wonder of an exotic jungle.

  3. I saw a scribble not too dissimilar (complete with wine stains), by David Pritchard and Rick Stein, as a proposal for a BBC show on cooking and traveling across France by barge.

  4. The scribbles must make sense to you. I am sure they do. Our brain slices are complex with a lot going on at once. I see it in the scribbles. 🙂

  5. I loved the Little Prince and I would love a couple barrow loads of farmy manure right now. Laura

  6. Love your set design map! Reminds me of brain mapping. and the sprouts look so good, inspires me to start some for my own salads, etc.

  7. Loved the cats in these pics! I sent them on to my 90 year old mom as she will love them too! Thanks for your blog Celi!

  8. In your glass house are many small plants. I saw one that looks like Osage Orange, or hedge apple. Do you plant them also?

  9. I’ll have to refresh my remembrance of The Little Prince” as it’s been a long long time.

  10. There’s so much embodied energy in that scribble – I can visualise you talking at a hundred miles an hour and waving your arms around purposefully and largely. It has been good for you; some of that energy is crackling off the screen at us and is clearly still working as you go through your day and chores 🙂

  11. C. What do you heat your glass house with? We built a greenhouse this summer (unheated shed with loads of windows) and now I’m thinking of adding a little heat but don’t want to break the bank or use up unnecessary resources to do so! Those kitties must love the warmth in there! That little brown stripy one is so pretty! Love the photos of them! 🙂

  12. I think it’s called a tiny slice of paper with a big brain!!! As long as you understand your own “scribble” ~ that’s fine!! Love the Kitties enjoying the warm sun!! Plants look great!! Have a good day!!!

  13. Lovely photo of the kitties and the sun hitting them and shadows, beautiful. Are you helping the woman with the play or consulting or just having fun?

  14. I am so, so, so happy for you – that you are rediscovering the you which was, is and will be again in spades . . . trust it to be ‘The Little Prince . . .bestest . . .

  15. Your colors are breathtaking – after so many gorgeous winter ‘drabs’ – though they were beautiful in their own right! Did I, perchance, see a figure sleeping in a hammock front center? I see your ‘1’ and ‘2’, and your ‘box’, also. What great fun! Thanks!

  16. Lots in this post! I would’ve liked to watch as your drawing progressed (it’s a little difficult to decipher after the fact; )
    SO nice to have a greenhouse, your begonia are absolutely beautiful and the kitties obviously loved being in there (‘specially with it so lovely and sunny : )
    And I’ve got a ‘new’ farm mantra for you: “Muck out while the sun shines!”

  17. I almost felt that toasty warmth in the glass house. Your drawing reminds me of those comical, complex drawings of a woman’s brain – there is a lot going on in that sketch but it makes perfect sense to us! Ha ha! Your passion for the theatre shines in your writing. Indulging in small projects like this is what charges our inner spiritual senses.

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