On the road again. Soon.

As you might know by now, a couple of days after I wrote my open Dear Jacinda letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, the travel discussion went to chambers. And lo and behold the dates, for New Zealand citizens to be allowed to come home, with a 10 day self isolation period, have been announced.

March 13th we will be released into the race and as I have long been hoarding a ticket to New Zealand, booked for March 27th, fortune has smiled upon me.

I can now go to New Zealand – vaccinated, boosted, masked for travel, with my isolation booked in a tiny cottage in the middle of a field 20 minutes from Auckland airport and my two suitcases.

In response to my letter to the NZ PM I received two lovely letters from the PM’s office, written by one of her people. The second letter came after the changes were announced, thanking me again for my letter which she had obviously read. She included the updated links to all the pertinent information I need to know to bring me safely home and signed it with a welcome home.

For a Prime Minister to be influenced by one letter from one stranger is a foolish notion. But one more letter in a deluge of letters from New Zealand citizens stranded overseas? Maybe. Possibly. Especially when it behooves The Powers that Be to be magnanimous.

I think all I am saying is don’t let anyone tell you that you are wasting your time. Don’t let anyone tell you that your words are not important. Cast out anyone who laughs at your efforts. Research. Deliberate. Be objective in your consideration. Choose your moment. Speak from your subjective heart.

We are all snowflakes. All different. All special. All fleeting. Be brave.

Every one of those voices raised in unison is one voice. A multitude is a collection of individuals. I was one of those individuals. You are one of those individuals.

And I am proud that my voice was counted. And I am grateful for your support.

I feel a soft woman-strong unfurling in my belly. Even though it is still viciously cold I am coming up out of my huddle, straightening out, unbending – taller somehow. As the road rises up to meet me.

Have a lovely day!


43 Comments on “On the road again. Soon.

  1. You immediately came to mind when I heard of New Zealand opening up. I am so happy and proud for you.
    Preparing for this trip will be joyful in itself.
    Queensland is open though their numbers are currently very high. However, I doubt Ill be going since my husband is ailing. Next month my little will be a year old. Sorry I’m feeling sorry for myself but I’m so happy for you. Of course we will be expecting lots of pictures even in your little hut in the middle of a field.

    • We are thinking of you Diana a sending collective positive thoughts. Feeling sorry for yourself is perfectly ok!! We get that!! I will take you all with me every step as usual!

  2. So happy for you! You have dates and places locked in, and a happy reunion to look forward to! I’m betting there’s joyful anticipation by those at the end of your journey.

  3. I also thought of you when I read the good news and wondered if your letter had made it to your PM. She must have liked being addressed as Jacinda. Well done, even if you were just one of many pleading your cases. Such good news and I also look forward to your pictures and reading your thoughts from the little cottage in the middle of a field…

  4. Congratulations!! I always think that anticipation of an upcoming event is half the pleasure and you have more than a month of anticipation 😁😁😁

    • Sleep. Eat. Read. Write. Retreat. Work on my photography and recipe development. Plus I will have my work/ – I will still be working remotely. Customer care, etc

  5. I am over the moon THRILLED for you!!! I feel your emotion in my body as happy tears roll down my cheeks reading this. We only needed a rapid covid test the day before our flight with the results sent to the airline prior to boarding and so many checks of vaccine certification. We wore our masks everywhere as well as the long flight. No sleep. The 10 days will help you recover from jet lag but waste precious time with those you love. How are you getting food and books for that 10 days? You see my priorities here. Giant squishy hugs, C. Stay well and happy.

  6. Wave across the water when you get there! My head is very much somewhere else right now, but I can spare focus to rejoice for this bird flying home to her nest. Given the weather you’re having do *Everything* to make sure you get where you need to be to catch that flight on time. The Universe is a trickster…

  7. Celi ~ So happy and excited for you going home!! Ms Jacinda is a good PM when she takes the time to read her letters!!!! Keep my Doggies warm! and the Piggies too!! 12″ snow here and lots of big drifts!! had to get snowplowed out!!! take care!!

  8. As soon as the PM announced the news I thought of you! Jumping up and down. Lots of people put supportive ‘likes’ on Facebook where I posted your letter. There is always someone who knows someone who knows the PM in my circle. Congratulations and what excellent planning to have everything in place. I think of your cottage in the field as a safe cocoon, waiting to receive and hold you through the transition.

  9. Oh I’m so so happy for you! I didn’t hear the news, but she’s quite a good PM, isn’t she. Amazing she actually read those letters with all she has to do. As everyone above said, half the fun is looking forward to the trip! And being in California will be wonderful too. Go easy on a cleanse! There’s always wine, you know!

  10. Now this is just plain marvelous! Yippee skippee for you and all the other folks wanting to get back to NZ! So thrilled for you! xoxoxox

  11. You stem from a very fair and sensible land, Celi . . . am not surprised at what has and is happening . . . Be well, be content, be patient and the days will pass and you will be home . . . blessings . . .

  12. I’ve been following the NZ news, and hoped the recent developments would progress your situation. I’m so very happy you are able to go home… there are days when either I wish Australia was blessed with NZ’s PM or that I was living in NZ… I use the term FFS way too much these days…

  13. I’m new here…and I live in New Zealand. The cottage sounds idyllic to self isolate in. I use online food delivery from a variety of places, all contactless delivery. Make sure your internet is all up with you…
    Safe journey

  14. Yay! Like others here, when I heard this news I thought of you and how relieved you must be. I am excited to see what your little AirBnB is like, and look forward to following you on your homeward travels.

  15. So happy for you!
    What will happen to all of the creatures at the Farmy? Surely John will not be caring for all your beloved livestock, bunny, cats and dogs?
    Wishing you a sweet reunion with all your family of origin and the land of your beginning.

    • Yes! John has Ben retired for two years now and took over the farming. They are mostly just the pets now. I sold all my breeding stock. He will do fine. But my children must come first.

  16. Hello, Celi….I’m very happy for you …that you will get to go home to New Zealand and reunite with your children…but I do feel sorry for John.

  17. Can you please give an update on all the creatures and yourself? We are invested in the story and it lacks closure at the moment.

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