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Trouble in The Gardens.

Don’t you hate it when the internet is broke? Sorry about yesterday. We are right on the very steep edges of a black hole of nefarious internet coverage. Evidently there was a man up the only tower that can reach us. I guess he… Continue Reading “Trouble in The Gardens.”

A New Zealand Garden

On the way to my friends house, and our last stop in this New Zealand journey, I saw this sign.  Cool! And here is a New Zealand garden. A little paradise right in  town.  Auckland has a wonderful climate for plants.  She even has… Continue Reading “A New Zealand Garden”

Someone left the Calf out in the Rain

Early, early morning just after the milking and Queenie and I were slogging through the mud to get to the gate to open it for Daisy.  The rain is very welcome. The muck and mud; not so welcome. Mia was not feeling photogenic when… Continue Reading “Someone left the Calf out in the Rain”

Big/Old Dog took the Lead

Big Dog has always preceded me on the walks. He is the alpha male.  The oldest resident. The Boss Guy. But lately I have realised that he has been walking at my heel, trudging along, not because he wants to but because he is… Continue Reading “Big/Old Dog took the Lead”

And I want to see your garden too…

I will show you my garden and I hope that you will show me yours, even if it is a gorgeous solitary pot on the balcony of your condo… or a grand allotment by the sea or a corner by the shed,  a patch… Continue Reading “And I want to see your garden too…”

Walkabout the Farmy on May Day.

Ton and I had a busy productive day yesterday. I called the Swine Herd Man and apparently Sheila the Babe is only a week old, evidently pigs will also make you wait, even though you think you know when they are due, so she… Continue Reading “Walkabout the Farmy on May Day.”

Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?

Put your hands in the soil every day. This was my grandmothers advice. She was discussing with me how I should behave when I became a wife.  I was being brought up to be a good wife. There was no discussion from the women… Continue Reading “Is it against the law to plant vegetables on the median strip?”