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The Power, Your Power

I am often amazed by the power of a small word or gesture.  The tiniest pat and smallest gentle correction can literally make a world of difference to a persons future. A small word as you open the door, a smile as you close… Continue Reading “The Power, Your Power”

Chick Therapy

It was hot yesterday. Breathtakingly hot. But more rain is on the way so we are not complaining. The Cadet needed a little extra loving yesterday so she came over to the farm for some chick therapy. (Above is a little peachick they are… Continue Reading “Chick Therapy”

Black Tulips

A steady pace kept us going all day.  The Cadet and The Architect  worked solidly on their projects. The gardens are clearing. Plants are being planted in anticipation of more rain. Many bedding plants were transplanted into the gaps discovered in the flower garden, herbs… Continue Reading “Black Tulips”

Back to Busy – ness

I am off again. By the time you read this I will be in the air on the first of my three flights home.  When I get home I will cut off my nails,  pack away my good boots. Shoo the spiders out of… Continue Reading “Back to Busy – ness”

A garden in the city

Up the back of a lovely old house, on a hill in Mirimar, in Wellington, New Zealand – is a wild garden. Wild. You could get lost in this garden. So I did. (You can tell I am talking to my middle sister on the… Continue Reading “A garden in the city”

The Omnivore’s Farm

Things are starting to wind down on the farmy in some ways. And wind up in others. The bulk of the apples and tomatoes and vegetables are in jars and in the cellar. The pears and apples are next in the crusher, not quite… Continue Reading “The Omnivore’s Farm”

Burrs on my Boots

Well not really boots but like as not I am out in the fields wearing these little slippers, the slip on nature of slippers suits my lazy nature.  Though I end up with multiple muddy  pig-kisses to scrub off my legs before bed. The… Continue Reading “Burrs on my Boots”

The Home Grown September Challenge is a Bliss-full Challenge.

I began the September Home Grown Challenge  almost two weeks ago and with only one 24 hour break,  when I went to Chicago, I have been dining in on home grown fresh food.  We are streaming along. The food is glorious.   I do… Continue Reading “The Home Grown September Challenge is a Bliss-full Challenge.”

You would think Sheila could have washed her face

Before she introduced herself to the piglets. But, oh no. She has to go out of her way to terrify them! I let her into the pen next door because it has a delicious muddy wallow. So she rolled and wriggled deep into the mud… Continue Reading “You would think Sheila could have washed her face”

What I See From my Back Porch – A challenge

I have a challenge for you. What do you see from your Back Porch or Back Doorstep? This is what I can see from my back porch. Sitting on the step. I can see: The unDaily View (it looks a little different because I… Continue Reading “What I See From my Back Porch – A challenge”