Baby Crying

Holding back milk is something I never thought Lady Astor would do. But over the last week she has been letting less and less down for me on our once a day milking. And as you can imagine this has resulted in an udder with a wee problem.

I increased her milkings to twice then three times a day but no go and of course mastitis began to raise its ugly head. So now baby is locked away for the night – with one of the steers for company and cried all night. This enabled me to treat the mastitis though and I hope that soon she will be better.

But the Bobby needs to get used to the new regime because this is it now. No more running wild 24 hours a day.

Wai’s skin is going through another shed. Not the hard stuff but luckily the soft thin skin that has been holding some of these continents together. It is a very gross job keeping up with this sloughing skin but there you are. 

The skin underneath is either non-existent or bright pink and raw so he has to be covered from flies as much as possible. It is hot and muggy. He responds fast to my voice now and late in the evening as I was doing the watering I found him pottering about the driveway trying to find me in the dark.  So I called him and he followed me all the way back through the open gate and into his bed.  Time to close his gates now that he is more  active.

The moon was out last night – giving Wai and I lots of light.

Soon it will be full.

I hope you have a lovely day. Time to go out and milk Lady – hoping she lets down properly this morning.

Have a lovely day


Weather: warm and windy and wet.

Friday 07/07 60% / 0.11 in
Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 86F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Friday Night 07/07 10% / 0 in
Mainly clear. Low near 60F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph.

34 Comments on “Baby Crying

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  2. Those islands of armour do look as though they’re receding, and I do believe I see a pair of eyes emerging. Also, that patch on his cheek seems to be coming away a bit. He really is waimārie, that boy, to have found you, and I’m so glad to hear he’s taking an interest in his surroundings and attaching to you.

  3. if he did not have  a friend like you to take care and do all the nasty jobs Wai would be in a bad place…somebody somewhere let him get like this and I think they should be well and truly drawn and quartered for animal cruelty.

    Fortunately Wai does have a caring friend and in time he might be a near normal pig…might….but if not it will not be for the lack of trying.

    Best of luck with Lady Astor…naughty mommy…love to all


    Sent: Friday, July 07, 2017 at 1:34 PM

    • Those are Celi’s lovely tomato cages made of cattle fencing (that I’m so enamoured of; ). Imagine that would you, cages that’re not only tall enough, but strong enough to go right to the end of the gardening season?! *sigh*

        • Although we do need to cheat a bit here in Southern Ontario and it takes a head start inside for at least 2 months under lights before they can eventually go outdoors (in any normal year) by Victoria Day Weekend. Unfortunately with the wet, cold Spring we’ve had this year everything is 2-3 weeks behind ): but, having said that, the first fruit will seem just that much more incredible for having waited; )

          • D > Even under glass (2 14ft x 9ft greenhouses), the earliest we get our tomatoes is late June ; but this year it’s been cool and not so sunny, and we’re still waiting …

  4. Perhaps it’s my imagination but Wai’s tectonic plates look a wee bit softer, like an old motorcycle jacket. Poor thing. Must be itchy and hot in their. I wouldn’t wear my motorcycle jacket in this heat! The garden looks so much in the gloaming. True…but I also just wanted to use that word gloaming. Forgive me.

  5. So sweet that Wai is responding to your extraordinary kindness to him.
    You’ve got a real pal there and deservedly so.
    I’m wondering why Lady is holding back her milk. Hope this is a fluke.

  6. More mullings and had a thought C. What if ArmoWai were allowed a mud bath… D’you think it might help dry things out in the hinterlayer beneath the rind? Or probably too soon at this point and only make things worse? What’s up with Lady now, I’ve not been here long enough to know if he’s her first calf or not and whether she’d ever had troubles before? (Also wasn’t old enough to “know things” about the dairy cattle when they were around, so please excuse the “rookie” babble ):
    Best of luck with bringing round that mastitis. xo

  7. Was supposed to say garden looks lush. Darn spellcheck. And their should have been there. Where’s that editor when I need her?

  8. He is looking ever so much better. You are working miracles. And I do believe he knows it…and is starting to bond with you!

  9. You are always shifting gears. I get such a happy and hopeful feeling when I see images of Wai and see that he’s improving.

  10. Oh and I got to watch Instagram–Wai munching up a storm…and Boo watching. Like someone said there, she loves to hear the farm sounds. Me too. I made a comment but can’t make it “take”.

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