Crackling along

Because Wai The Armadillo Pig is not allowed outside in the sunshine during the day, I have opened up the barn corridors so he can roam about in there. Generally he does not want to go anywhere and I have to get out a big board and herd him out for a walk. Exercise is a very important part of his recovery.

He has becomes accustomed to the noisy wild children screeching and loudly playing next door…

… and just stands listening to them for the longest time.

But he does not engage.

A little of the hard cover on his body loosened yesterday after three sprayings with the veterycin and three rubbings down with Bag Balm. (Pawpaw ointment on the way thanks to Kate). But we really need this hard stuff around his rear to start cracking – he has trouble walking and crouching,  as you can imagine. He also ate some fruit and a half cup of oats. Great strides ahead. 

He actually stood quite still for me for the longest time as I carved at him with my sewing scissors (sorry Allison) yesterday afternoon and removed the curled up skin from his back. I was pretty impressed actually, I don’t know of any other pig who would stand still for that treatment – mind you he does feel pretty rotton and is still weak. I was even able to remove some of the casing around his eyes  and ears, which terrified me in case he moved and I stabbed him in the eye or something,  which would be just his luck but he was good and it must have been a pleasant feeling to feel the dead skin that sits like a medieval helmet releasing around his face.

Last night when I went to check him he was sleeping in a corner of the field – I quietly called the dogs and retreated so as not to disturb him – much better for him to sleep out there in the night  with that soothing cool dew, after being cooped up inside all day.

Rosy and I worked in the gardens and made bread and made labneh and made butter in and around all this other business.  Lots of busyness.

I hope you have a lovely day.


Weather Report: A scattering of the usual afternoon thunderstorms  – downpours likely the moment we go out to do chores.

Thursday 06/22 40% / 0.04 in
Partly cloudy early. Scattered thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. High around 90F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Thursday Night 06/22 80% / 0.07 in
Partly cloudy during the evening with thunderstorms becoming likely overnight. Low 72F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 80%


48 Comments on “Crackling along

  1. He looks considerably better again. I’m sure he must be feeling relief if he’s letting you work on him 🙂

  2. Thanks also to the generosity of the manufacturers, Lucas’ Papaw Remedies, who are mailing Celi nearly a *kilo* of pawpaw ointment after seeing the posts about Wai’s dreadful state. I’m so pleased to hear he’s started to move around and eat something. It’s a hopeful sign 🙂

    • How fabulous that you were able to arrange that Kate!!! Very well done!!! xo

      • As a big fan of the product myself, it seemed an obvious choice. After that, it was just a question of asking, and relying on the generosity of the manufacterr.

        • The kindness and generosity of you and –get this–manufacturers–stings the eyes.

      • It certainly does, in Wai’s case. He’s rescued, treated, taken on by Celi, and now the ointment people are weighing in to help. I’d say that was a better balance of goodness than badness.

    • Great Kate: that cream fixes everything! Amazing they were willing to donate this amount – wonderful advertising tho’ and hope Celi can put a little aside for herself and Big John 🙂 !

      • I hope it performs a miracle for poor old Wai, the Pig In Armour. As you say, it’s wonderful stuff, so fingers crossed 🙂

        • Kate – the least I could do was to send a letter to ‘Pawpaw’ et al at this late stage and tell them what your imagination and action had done!!

  3. Sweet piggy. It sounds like he’s starting to come ’round to you, even if it’s slow progress. And how great that he’s eating more. I wonder what Wai thinks of those young pigs — presumably, he hasn’t spent much time around others of his kind? I sure hope he makes a full recovery and can kick his heels up some day!

  4. Bless his little piggy heart. I am sure he is happy to be with you and all of your sweet animals . I am sure that he loved being outside at night.

  5. Reflecting on Wai’s luck, which has been terrible, fortune’s wheel has spun again for this poor pig. Of all the barns in all the world, he’s found himself in Your’s, Celie.

  6. Poor not so little Arm-Wei! He has probably never in his life been on a farm since he was probably raised to be a pet. Has Tima or Tane taken notice of him? How about the baby piglets? Just looked up Pawpaw ointment – I’m going to have to get me some for our next trip as I sunburn so very easily!

  7. A little bit of heaven for such a neglected pig. I think your kindness is a balm also. I hope he continues to make progress.

  8. Has he been castrated yet? I can’t remember if you’ve said.

    Imagine going from a life where the people who were in charge wanted you dead to a life where someone is gentle and careful. He hit the lottery, that pig!

  9. Yay, progress indeed 🙂 His face already looks a lot less puffy. Laura

  10. Good job on the face trimming Celi! No doubt it was very difficult!!! We can now see his facial features slowly emerging!

  11. He is indeed looking better. Sweet little guy. We still continue to pray and know that he is in good hands with you sweet friend. I’m sending him bunches of hogs and snout kisses from afar as to not hurt him. XOXO – Bacon

  12. Glad to have an update…I get teary-eyed reading about him with hope for his future.

  13. It does sound like he is recovering, slowly but surely. I’m sure he is still in shock that people can be so kind to him. My dad used to fall asleep on the couch in the middle of the day and it drove my Mom nuts, she wanted him to lie down in bed, but he said he loved listening to the family life all around him, it made him happy to hear us playing; I’m sure Wai feels the same way about the children next door.

  14. I bet the sounds of happy pigs is music to his ears and a balm to his mental state. He must say to himself–they sound happy!!! maybe I can be happy too!!!

  15. This is good news!! It seems like fast progress considering he’s been there just a few days! Looking forward to more progress.

  16. This is such an inspiring story– all of it — you with the shears and the herding board, Kate and the pawpaw people, Boo watching over, and Wei standing still through it all, gaining strength from the freedom and caring family atmosphere, then disappearing into the moist night field. Blessings all round–even for us watching at the Farm gate. So good to be here.

  17. THANK YOU, KATE! You are being such a good pig momma, what an amazing improvement he is showing. Soon he may start to enjoy the other pigs. Maybe.

  18. I am fascinated by this pig. I look forward to seeing all his progress and his recovery.

  19. Do you think some of his behaviour maybe down to him not seeing very well, the backing himself into a corner, the walking the perimeter fence, the standing and listening all point to him constantly trying to orientate himself. Must be very scary for him if he can’t see. It is good that he gets some pleasure or at least relief from being outside.

  20. Just had a though while watching Percy loll in his kiddy pool. I wonder if a Wai would go into a small pool, if he would you could dump some oatmeal in the water, it might be very soothing for him.

  21. Your gardens look beautiful. I do hope Waitlist thrives on all the attention–and maybe gets to know some of his brethren later.

  22. Is it just my imagination, or does the newly uncovered skin look like it’s much more normal?? Here’s hoping that his newly natural diet (of whatever he actually wants to eat!) is doing the trick and he’s really on the mend… Best of luck to all of you. xox

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