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The Two-headed Monster

When we were kids the seats in the cars were bench seats- you could sit four skinny people comfortably across the front seat. (Bucket seats are such a kill-joy). Lovey-dovey couples would sit close together – usually the fella driving and the girl jammed as close as she… Continue Reading “The Two-headed Monster”

Gardening Chooks

You have not seen much of Mr Flowers lately, but I have – him and all his wives up on the veranda. This year I decided to employ the meat chickens as gardeners. With this endless rain, combined  with the terrible heat earlier in… Continue Reading “Gardening Chooks”

The Essence of Languid

Though every description of the word languid  that I read does not say what I think Languid means. This cat is languid but is by no means LISTLESS.  List Less. Less List – now what does that mean. To list less. Like a ship?… Continue Reading “The Essence of Languid”

A Day Off Pigs

Finally, yesterday, the heat broke and we had a lovely ordinary busy day. The pigs and piglets napped in the sun.  We made sweetcorn relish, and bread and croqueta.  And Summer Sauce (basically I chuck everything we picked on that day into the slow cooker… Continue Reading “A Day Off Pigs”

Shots of tiny piglets

Because of the humidity and Molly’s (and my) distress at her slow recovery from the birth of eleven healthy piglets,  I opened the big barn door on the side of her farrowing pen and held my breath.  Usually I don’t let them all out… Continue Reading “Shots of tiny piglets”

Farm Sex

I don’t mean to be provocative with that heading but really poor Carlos the Tiny was a busy boy yesterday.  Lady Astor came into heat (I was advised by the vet not to give her a break as she would put on too much… Continue Reading “Farm Sex”

Off we Go

After chores I have to drive up to the airport and I have exactly one hour less than I need to complete everything even though I got perfectly up to date yesterday evening and am awake early.  So I am running. Things are in order… Continue Reading “Off we Go”

Once a week

Once a week we are looking at this patch of ground – top sown with my special pasture cocktail.  Watching the grass grow. I am excited. The pasture not so much. In case you cannot see the whole of the picture in your header,… Continue Reading “Once a week”

I don’t know the title today

The thing with disappointment is that you just have to swallow and deal with it. I think the actual swallow is pretty important to this process. Like a pause. A stand on the one foot.  The stillness. The re-evaluation- once again- after all this… Continue Reading “I don’t know the title today”

My pasture cocktail and fire

I am using a new formula for my pasture recovery and beef fattening. One third grasses, one third legumes and one third brassicas. Plus sunflowers and pinto beans and turnips,   I think that cows and pigs (like humans) need a more diverse range… Continue Reading “My pasture cocktail and fire”