Where do you write?

Tima begged to come in from the field yesterday so last night she had the barn corridors to sleep in. It rained all day yesterday.  And was cold and blowey. (Is that a word?)  And by dinner time she had had quite enough of  her little tin shed which is very dry but probably quite noisy in the rain. I need to check the diary and see when she is allowed  back in with Tane (the kunekune boar) but for last night they slept on either side of his gate in the barn.

The cows do not care about the rain. They are the essence of stoic. But for me I felt hemmed back in especially after that tease of a sunny day yesterday. cow

So I thought we might have a photographic event.  A challenge. Another ‘getting to know you’ The Fellowship Event. To cheer ourselves up until it gets warm.  It will be called Where I write.  Do you remember a few years ago when we all showed each other where we wrote or sewed or worked. Corners of lounges.  Desks in home offices. The kitchen table. Your favourite chair.  The train.  Your desk at work. All kinds of lovely shots of where you work – it is fun to be able to see where a person is when they are writing to you.

(And of course you do Not HAVE to do this. It is just a wee bit of fun. No pressure at all.  We are The Fellowship. We are gentle with each other always.)

So,  if you want to join in and show us your work space, I propose that if you have a Blog or a Facebook page or even Twitter or Instagram; POST a shot of where you work with a link to my blog so we can come along and look. Even leave the link in my comments if you like just to be sure we get a chance to visit.  You may even want to challenge your own readers to do the same. Just for fun.

If you do not have a platform and would like to join in send me an email and I can post your image on my blog.

And here is the kicker. NO TIDYING UP your writing area! Just as it is.  And just to prove that this can be done here is where I write. larder

My desk moves around the house, especially in Spring and this year it has migrated into the Store Room.  My favourite chair has been abandoned to the winter and this is where I will write and have deep and meaningful discussions with my people for the summer. I have only just begun to fill this room.( This is a new area – I have taken over an under-used bedroom right next to the kitchen and put up shelves, next I am going to knock a hole through the wall of the existing teensy tiny pantry in my teensy tiny kitchen, so we have a butler style doorway joining the kitchen to the storeroom. Now I can see what I have and what I need and buy in bulk when there are sales. It is always cooler and all the produce from the gardens can be stored here.  Much more suited to country living and the numbers we feed in the summer.  It is filing up fast. And perfect for a cooks desk.)


I know you are thinking why not use the basement to store produce but I hate the basement it floods at the drop of a hat and anything stored down there goes mouldy. Best to keep goods up here in the dry.

So, what do you think? Do you want to show us where you write?

I am looking forward to this!

Much love


67 Comments on “Where do you write?

  1. ok, I will do it but I am a wee bit hmm, on the no tidy it up lol.. I will be back later with my space and links. ps, another three inches of snow overnight, is true spring really going to come soon..

  2. Looove your room and your furniture!!! Perfect view for writing – you must get a better chair though. Nothing better than windows to your world when you write. Absolutely love your desk! Then again I am a vintage nut! Would much rather have older things and fix or repurpose them than buy new, cold stuff. Something warm and inviting in old furniture – like you are enjoying what you are doing with someone else that may have been there in the past. Just my silly rambling for an early Monday – lol.

  3. Good morning. I’m off to brave a rainy and windy walk across London Bridge today for a dental appoint. The joy of it. Here’s my photo.

  4. I’m in! My end of the sofa, where the arm is all stuck with needles and thread, there’s an embroidery pattern pinned up, my work light, my camera, and the cushion my laptop sits on when I’m writing. No table, no desk. I’ll post later today, and link back to this post.

  5. Love your new storage area and writing space! And it seems like it will be perfect for a new pantry area to spread into! But I also loved it when you were writing and posting in the loft, and the plans for your book were spread across your desk in one of your posts to us. But, change is good, as ‘they’ say, and now the workers on the farmy have the wonderful loft with the marvelous view! Still on piglet watch!!! She is 3 days overdue now!!!

  6. Well – I hope this works, but this is my desk at work. A place I have not been in a while! Note the calendar on the wall. 🙂

    My workspace

    Your welcome to go look at any other photos I have out there too…..

    Mom is doing well at home. It’s been a big roller coaster – but for now she is stable and where I can be in the office some. Thank you for your love and prayers.

  7. Hi I’ve sent an email with my space to you Celi. Mind you mine looks really empty compared to the ones I have seen so far.
    But I just use my I pad. Great idea 😀

  8. Ooo, I remember doing this, shew, was it years ago already! I will get cracking and take an updated photo, although not much has changed at all.
    Have a fabulous day C. Our autumn has thrown a berg wind 40 deg C at us today!
    🙂 Mandy xo

  9. This is my blog link http://cabincrafted.fangorn.space/ and a picture of my space, a reclining loveseat where I sit to blog, garden plan, spin, knit, and mend. My “desk” is a beautiful handmade walnut table in another room where I sew and write with paper and pen.

  10. What an interesting idea. I’ll have to take a photo and post it a bit later in the day. It’s dark in here right now. This is my time that I read blogs and I’ve stayed in bed to late today. Our constantly changing weather has me feeling a bit off the last few days. I wouldn’t want to be in a tin house in the rain either. Everyone looks like they are waiting for the sun again.

  11. I was sitting up in bed when I read your post this morning, but wanted to be part of the fun, So here is my entry as you requested: http://grannymar.com/2016/04/11/an-answer-for-celi/

    Another grey and wet day here and I am grounded by a streaming head cold – first in years, so I was glad of the distraction. Now back to the throw, only fourteen rows to the finish line and then I will decide on a border.

  12. well we are in Mexico this week- so I will show all of you where I usually write and then where I am writing this week! very fun idea! I will have posted this on my blog within the next few days…cheers! ( I’ll let you know the link via your email?)

  13. I love your butlers pantry – writers nook. I turned our hallway linen cupboard into a useful pantry. I like to be in the middle of the show rather than tucked away so where I write is either in our backroom which although at the back of the house is a throughway, or on the verandah. This is the post I did just after we moved https://elladeewords.wordpress.com/2016/01/17/in-my-studio-aka-the-backroom/ and an Instagram pic of the verandah https://www.instagram.com/p/BBtJW4FRHFQ/.
    I love having a peek into people’s spaces – this is a lovely idea to bring us all together 🙂

  14. Celi, could you pls have a look for my earlier comment in your spam folder… I included 2 links; to a recent post and an Instagram pic. Thnx ☺

  15. You guys have really nice, tidy and well thought out workplaces! Considered what I graduated as a long time ago, mine is pretty shameful, but I love to sit there. Be prepared, this is reality. Not the dreamspace.

  16. Wonderful idea . . .don’t have a camera and have not yet worked out how to work the one on my new smartphone but we’ll try in a day or two when I hope to have time to ‘wipe my nose’ so to speak! I have turned the so-called ‘second bedroom’ in my cottage into a library and have a large computer desk for my desktop . . . . books and files on every surface but I do know where each item is 😀 !! Fulltime work, fulltime studies, pretty fulltime panel and committee work . . . all takes room!

  17. I have had a lovely time poking around everyone’s writing spaces today. Alas, I will not be able to post one because I don’t have a cell phone and my digital camera gave up the ghost about a year ago. Suffice it to say that I have a table set up in an over-sized walk-in closet that I use for my computer and, aside from the usually neatly hung clothes, I am somewhat messy. But it leaves my tiny sitting room tidy and my even tinier bedroom neat… so my one messy place I live with until I can no longer stand it and go through a clean-out now and then.
    Your storeroom looks perfect and I am greatly admiring your big bright window. ~ Mame 🙂

    • Just looked at “publicpollen”‘s photo… and it could be mistaken for mine… I love it! … lol

  18. I made it! At least it’s still Monday in Montana!
    Here’s link to our writing spot. We share

  19. Oh my god, I just want to thank everyone who posted! I’ve just been in and out of private work spaces all over the world, and they felt so authentic and familiar! What a privilege!

  20. My writing place these days would be a selfie. I currently write from my phone with a baby at the breast. Such a fun post this has been!

  21. Hello, I’ve been visiting your site for a long time now and enjoy the stories so much. I love your animals and pictures, we live in the country too, not on a farm but most of my friends do, and it’s always fun to visit them.
    It’s been great to see everyone’s pictures of their work spaces! Thanks so much for sharing
    I thought I’d share my work spaces too… http://doveswingsart.blogspot.com/

  22. You know me…if I were to share my writing space(es) with you, it’d be a tour of the entire house, since I write at my desk, the dining table, the couch (now), bed, the bathroom (you do NOT want to see a demonstration of that), and occasionally, the balconette, which is only possible for minutes at a time before TX fries more than just my writer’s brain cells, and of course, in the car. So I’ll simply watch and enjoy *others’* writing-spot documentation.

  23. Celi thank you for a wonderful day (and more!!) of exploring other blogs and putting spaces to names. I feel like you’ve hosted a party and we’ve all been mixing and chatting. Lovely!

  24. I hope this works – I just took a photo and pasted it from my iPad. Oh how I long for the days when I used to have time to do a proper quick blog post.


    If the photo didn’t work, then perhaps I’ll try posting from my website tomorrow. What a fun idea this was!

  25. A post full of smiles. (Cows. Yes, When I think of stoic, it’s a cow in the field. Perfect observation)
    What a great idea about the workspaces. (Your new one and soon to be the butler’s pantry is delightful. Houses should always be works in progress…but right now I’m standing at the end of the kitchen counter and wishing for a corner of the front bedroom back – life events /health issues interrupted the “quick” wood floor project – which is done except for the quarter round trim…so the furniture is still topsy and out of places – but not complaining as standing at a desk is supposed to be beneficial…and I do have lovely windows to look out of here.)

  26. Love this Celie – I have a bit of a work desk fettish. My brother bought me a book a few years ago about ‘where creative people work’ or similar. I thought the most amazing one was Dick Bruna’s pristine all white space we he meticulously draws his Miffy pics.
    This is my painting room when it had a tidy up to start the year (painting is sort of writing in an a way – am I cheating?) https://chasspain.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/heres-to-an-inspirational-2016/
    Your space looks perfectly set for the woman in charge of so many unruly livestock who has to be on watch and have the dreaded purple spray ready to hand..
    I’m going to enjoy looking at everyone else’s writing places from here too. (I hope you had a lovely time in Melbourne!! – I read all about it via Anne’s blog….there’s no having a quiet visit anywhere now :>>)

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