make sure …

.. this life you have arranged for yourself is how you want your life to be. Because if what you are doing is not what you want to do -there will be troubles. Though to be fair there is tons of stuff we don’t want to do that we HAVE to do, dishes, and dusting for instance.  But these are a means to an end. zip line

Lucky for me – I am doing what I want to do. Of course I always wanted to fly over the creek that is really a ditch to test the tension again and again and again – so I am good!  The tension of the wire is a work in progress so John attached a piece of clothesline string to me so he could pull me back if necessary. (And it was)  The work in progress continues.  But to tell you the truth, I could have flown black and forth over that long drop all day long. pig snout

This is what I see when I walk into the West barn to feed the pigs.


Then seconds later I see this.  Manu the Wonderful. He is such a lovely boar. Even when he is hungry.


TonTon and BooBoo. I spent some time yesterday, between trips flying across the creek on the zipline then waiting for “adjustments”  to be made, waiting – so I threw the ball for the dogs – as you do.  I was the guinea pig you see. No-one else was brave enough to test the line. aunty del

Apparently Aunty Del did it. Whatever it was.  Lady Astor has around three weeks to go before she is due.  Her udder is also filling though not as fast as Alex the Conundrum. (I have sent a message to Alex’s breeder to see if he can shine any light on the heifer with a full udder who has more than two months to go before calving according to dates).

Good morning. The picture in the header is a piece of art I made with peacock feathers. I call it “Ode to the Duke.”  It is quite large and one of my favourite pieces.

Yesterday the snow was melted by lunchtime and though it was cold the sun with all its glorious rich promise was out.  It has been so long since we had a sunny day that I had to work very hard not to take any notice of the dust and cobwebs  that it was highlighting in the house. Outside was a better place to be!

I hope you have a lovely day.


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  1. You can fly! Every day! Now that’s what I call a well-arranged life. I do like where I am. Not so much what life and nature and my genes have inflicted on me, but the parts the Husband and I have built together, the life that lets us fall asleep laughing, have enough to eat, a roof over our heads, and time and money for occupations we enjoy. I think you also have great happiness, great pleasure, great satisfaction in your life despite the physical demands, the sad bits, the repetitive bits. Thank you for being here and enriching us all.

  2. Wheeee … what fun. Dust and cobwebs will wait, enjoy yourself 🙂 Laura

  3. “make sure this life you have arranged for yourself is how you want your life to be” — truth indeed.

    Flying sounds like such good fun. If I could choose to be any animal, I’d be a bird. Or perhaps a cat…snoozing and dreaming, curled up in the sun.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I could not agree more. We should all strive to do what we love. I am living my dream and loving life every single day.

  5. Whoa! Talk about cheap thrills! The ditch that used to be a creek is way wider and deeper than I had imagined it! No doubt you’ll be zipping back and forth daily soon! I think you said the dogs scale the step banks and swim across, right? Our John is quite the Master Creator of wonderful inventions!!! xo

  6. Your philosophy brings contentment, which is deeper and more lasting than those delerious highspots. Thank you for that picture of Celie zipping, and for the joy you bring us every day.

    Lots of love,
    ViV xox

    • I can’t agree more VIv, I’ve always thought that what you want for the people you love is contentment. Happiness is wonderful but nobody is happy all the time. Contentment, on the other hand lasts. I spent a good many years dragging myself up in the morning to face a day I didn’t want to. I think it’s given me even more appreciation for where I am and what I have right now, even with the not so great early winter my John had. Finding your joy in where you are is a wonderful thing.

  7. Perspective… an amazing thing. I have seen so many pictures of that ditch and it never looked even close to being that large until I see the distance you are flying over. Here’s to lots of practice and lots of ‘real flying’ very soon. Manu is lovely, if one can say that about a male and be politically correct I suppose. He has the best eyes.

  8. I like the progress on the zip line. There is a useful physics problem in that situation regarding angle of the cable, weight hanging, and tension in the cable. I’ve taught that one many times.

    • Ah. Lucky then that John has a Masters in Physics. (Almost a Doctorate but he prefers to keep that under his hat – he is such a boffin) .. do you have the problem to hand? Is it an equation or discussion? He would enjoy that. Only if you have time of course.. c

  9. That’s a lovely lot of photos this morning. Manu looks quite comical. I will be seeing you in my minds eye all day zipping half way across the creek and being pulled back by the rope. 🙂 Love the peacock feather wreath.

  10. WOW – that’s one hell of a deep ditch – nothing like I pictured it. And you have guts to have been the guinea pig!! I love the piece of art you created with the peacock feathers – is there nothing you can’t do my friend? On another note, I totally agree that we should be living the life we’re supposed to live — if at all possible. And it takes courage to make changes but to never take risks makes our lives so much less exciting. I’m sure you were feeling very excited and happy as your sailed across that deep emptiness !! ; o )

  11. Your photos are all stunning today… but then everything is so much better on a sunny day, isn’t it. Manu is looking to me like he would appreciate some company. And zip-lining would be a blast!
    No sun for us today… snow in the forecast, turning to rain overnight, it seems. We are expecting up to 10 cm of the stuff … but it won’t last long. The temperature is scheduled to rise steadily all next week… this may be the last blast we get. At least, here’s hoping.
    Hope your day is a lovely one too. ~ Mame 🙂

  12. First, the tribute to The Duke is just beautiful. Here in my suburb, people hang wreaths on their front door and many of them are lovely, but this wreath of yours is quite spectacular–and touching too. How do you display it?
    Second, I love Manu, his snout and his eyes, like knowing eyes, a detective’s eyes.
    Third, the zip line looks like a combination of danger and fun.
    Fourth I hope Alex’s breeder has some insight into her behavior as well as her breeding schedule.
    Last but certainly not least, I am happy to see Ton and Boo in a portrait of happiness!

    Well, really really last, it has been and always will be other people who destroy my happiness and learning to deal with them is a lifelong challenge. For example, how not to obsess over cruel words–not let them eat you alive.

  13. If I could just figure out how to make what I want to do pay my mortgage, all would be well! I’m working on it, though. Your zipline looks like fun and your creek/ditch is much more like a chasm than I imagined.

  14. That looks like Some Fun! I would want to go back and forth. And back and forth.
    Will you need two wires, so there is a downward angle in both directions? I’ve never ridden a zipline, so don’t know anything about them. But flying? That’s my kind of fun!

  15. The zip line looks fun. I have no problem with the height – distance but the G. O.s cooment other than “clever” re the zip line was ” you need balance”… which as my eyesight deteriorates with age, isn’t great.
    We call that stuff, the means to the end, an “investment”… we’ve invested much and continue to do so somewhat but have hit the payoff. Fortunately it us indeed all we thought it would be ☺

  16. Oh I bet Ton and Boo will look at that flying fox with jaundiced eyes when they actually realize what a wonderful ‘toy’ it is 😀 !!

      • And I am thrilled for them! But, oops, those muddy paws Mom . . . . and you leave them out for the night and the skunk may pay a visit . . . 🙂 !!

  17. One of life’s more motivational experiences is to see someone who has not lived the life they wanted to–makes me so glad I have. Love, love Manu’s face peeking around the corner! 💕

  18. You are a brave soul. And so am I. I drove my 34 foot Winnibego by myself back to town. In Mexico. A half hour venture, but I did it! Love the idea of a string to pull you back. Have fun!

  19. I cannot wait to show Zia the shot of you zipping over the creek. I could tell her about it when we talk next but I so want to see her expression when she realizes what it is I’m showing her. 🙂

  20. This looks so much fun. Can’t wait to see the pictures of you zipping across laden with supplies. We’ve been a few times to “Go Ape” where you climb into the tree tops and traverse high wires, interspersed with zipwires and the zipping was definitely the best bit, especially as I don’t have a head for heights. In the early days I took three 10 year old boys, which was a bit hair raising as they were all responsible for making sure their safety harness was properly clipped on each time.

  21. Manu looks to be quite the charmer. Wonder what the neighbors will say about the flying fox. “What is that Celi up to now?”

  22. I would love to see more pictures of how he made the zip line and what you are sitting on. We have a creek that get’s really bad after the rain and there are times when the hubby needs to get across.

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