I love this word. snow

I use it when I think of yesterdays weather.  And it fits  yesterday. This much snow in April is anathema  to me and  just Not Appropriate. I mean – HONESTLY. I have summer  people coming and they need feeding and the deal is that I can invite as many people as I like as long as I feed them from my own farm so at this point in time I hope none of them are vegetarians because the glass house greens are almost gone.  We will be living on bread and eggs and meat until the milking starts. There has been so little sun. And usually by now I am cutting kale from the outside garden.  I can see why the pioneers ate so many beans. dexter

Alex was acting peculiar yesterday so  from now on she can sleep inside. I will train her to come into the Black Hole of Calcutta pen each evening. This is a favourite pen for calving as it is warm, dark and private. She will not be calving for a while yet but her udder was even tighter today, her tail was up and she was not righ for a heifer with two and a half months to go- it would surprise me if she went to her Late June date,  so she will be brought in at night from now on so she does not calve at night down the back with coyotes patrolling the boundaries. I need her well trained in case there are complications. I do not want her to be traumatised if I have to catch her. Lady will come in with no encouragement but I need to train Alex to get used to being in a pen by herself and quietly moving in without coersion.


Anyway there we were minding our own business, cold, wet but OK DSC_0854

then this rolled in.


and followed me home


and before I knew it the dogs and I were racing for the house to outrun this.


cat in hay

This cat above is in the best place to wait out this wild, cold, windy weather.

They are predicting sun for next week. Not warm but sunny at least.  Fingers crossed.

Love celi





52 Comments on “anathema

  1. What on earth is the matter with the weather, worldwide? Snow like that, in April. Not unheard of, but not commonplace, no. I like Anathema as well, it’s one of those words you can play with: A Nathema, Two Nathemas, Several Nathemas. I have my fingers crossed for lots of enthusiastic greening up in your vegie garden.

      • I suppose that depends on how classical you want to be! Strictly speaking, if the singular ends in A, it should be nathemae 🙂 Kate

    • Snow in April in the N.H. and literally endless summer in the S.H. !! {assuming it is still hot too, down the road where you are lol}

    • Certainly not unheard of – in fact out last frost date is not for another two weeks so more frozen mornings are on the cards. Which makes rain turn to snow. Lets hope that is the last ‘nathema!

      • Our cyclone season was supposed to end in March, but they’ve extended it because of the long heat; big lows are still building up in the Coral Sea, which is where the ones that hit us come from…

  2. Your skies and storm clouds always appear so low and oppressive to me. Hope your weekend clears up. Laura

  3. Crazy weather! You and Iñaki need to get going on those croquetas you were talking about with Mad Dog to warm you up (and don’t forget the alioli) ☺

    • YES! Just as soon as we have his mothers tips and he gets back from his weekend in Chicago.. I am really looking forward to them as i have never eaten croquetas before..

  4. So THAT’S where yesterday’s blizzard came from! I think we can blame Colorado. They keep sending wicked weather up this way. 😉

  5. Those were some impressive looking clouds. Good idea to keep all possible moms inside at night and close by during the day. Weather patterns are not as predictable as we’d like. I remember snow in the Arizona mountains on Memorial Day. We had our garden canopy up and ready to have a BBQ. So much snow it ripped the canopy down and we had to buy a new one. Couldn’t save it. We had 87 degrees on Thurs, 83 on Friday and this week, back to the 60’s. It’s just playing with us this weather thing. I hope you get the veggies growing soon. A green house may be in order. 😦

  6. Goodness me, what a variety of weather conditions! I hope things settle down for you. >

  7. Brrr. Poor Farmy covered with inappropriate snow. I love the way your animal training is all desiged for their wellbeing. No more nathemae please. It might be a nice word, but the effect is ‘orrible.
    ViV xox

  8. It’s cold and rainy here. But I’m thinking our 84* weather of yesterday should be heading toward the middle country from here even as I write. Still it’s spring and I’ll take the moisture (we need it). We started water today…so we are irrigating in rain. Sigh!


      • We are soggy too, in, I think, our fourth mud season so far. The river down the hill is running super high and we woke to snow cover this morning (again). Really now, enough is enough! I’ve had my fill of chill wind, mucky ground and cranky critters! Also the smell of wet dogs and paw prints on my floor.

  9. Oh my goodness! I just had to laugh when I saw the heading picture! Are you sure you don’t live in Montana? You are SO having our weather right now! I know it’s not kind to smile at others frustrations. We live with the winter spring/ winter/ spring cycle every year and can’ t reliably plant the garden until Memorial Day so I know your pain. Sorry. It just makes me chuckle.

  10. So I suppose you really don’t want to hear that we had temperatures in the 80s this past week? These are the warmest April days ever here. It is lovely, but a bit disconcerting. Hope you get some warmer temps soon.

  11. There’s only one word for weather like that at this time of year – YUCK!! It seemed so very strange to have had snow melting on the lovely green grass. It’s all gone today but we may get more. I know my son in the Philadelphia area has already had snow today. As they say in New York City – ENOUGH ALREADY! ; O )

  12. Nature reminding us we do not control it!! Hope Sheila is feeling better these days.

  13. We had snow squalls all day Friday here in Minnesota. It would be sunny and the next minute spitting snow as thick as a blizzard. I’ve never seen a day quite like it. Today’s weather was sunny, but cold with a brisk, biting wind.

  14. By now you’d think we’d be used to the mess we call April. Yet, every year it delivers some seemingly new wrinkle just to let us know who’s really in charge. (Hint: It’s not us.) Much more of this and I’ll be on the rooftop waving a white flag.

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