Growling Sheila

Sheila tried to take her barn door off its hinges yeterday. She has another door out into her field but decided that she wanted to get into the field – maybe to visit Tane?

She literally put her nose through the pales in the gate and lifted the old wooden gate off the hinges. I heard her grunting and went over and said:  No Sheila. That is very naughty. Put the gate down.

So she did, and gave me this look.

Then she stuck her snout through and rattled at the gate until it came loose again.  Then pushed the gate so it was just hanging on its chain like a row boat tethered to the top of the wharf  at a very low tide.

Bad pig, I said, coming back to her. That is a very bad piggie. She left the gate and took a step back and looked at me  with such fury then she opened her mouth growled then WHINED like a miserable dog. I have never heard her make this sound before. It was a high pitched frustrated sound. She cried out at me. Then she stormed outside and bit Tima,  Tima screamed and then Sheila stormed back in.

Not me. I am not a BAD piggie, she cried.

I put the gate back on its hinges then took poor Tima to a new field with a nice warm house and locked her in there for her own safety (much to Tima’s relief).  Then returned to Sheila. She had lost interest in the gate and was sleeping on her high pile of straw. Her back to me.

I have no idea what that was all about.  But the barn is locked up tight in case she decides to break out again.

Here is Poppy – looking just the same as she did a week ago.

Tane the kunekune boar went so far out into the field yesterday that I had to ask  Inaki to drive me down the road and drop me off so I could cut across the field and walk the pig home. It was very cold. The rain was blowing in little sharp shards of ice. And it took me and two dogs and one tired piggie a long time to trudge through the muddy field, our paws, trotters and boots fast becoming heavy muddy dinner plates,  all the way back to the barn. Tane had a long drink then lay down and slept for the rest of the afternoon.

Of course the cows watched all the goings on with feigned interest. Mostly they were thinking about why they were not allowed out into the fields on that cold soggy day.

cowsalex dexter

Alex is such a loner. Always a little apart.  I will be watching her closely. Her udder is growing steadily. I still do not think she is due in June but we will see.

Not long now if all goes well we should be seeing some babies on the farm. The waiting is always the hardest especially with heifers.  First time Mums and all that.

Have a lovely day.


61 Comments on “Growling Sheila

  1. Maybe is just tired of winter and wishing spring and summer would get a move on. Laura

  2. You have so many ‘adventures’ with all those children. As with any large family, some are always well-behaved. Some are always in mischief. They keep you on your toes.

    • I agree, all animals will take advantage if I am strict with bad behaviour, she drew blood from Tima too – just as soon as it is dry and the grass is longer we will set up the summer homes.. c.

  3. Poor Sheila. She’s normally a lady of decided but mostly peaceful temperament. If she were a human person, I’d say she was menopausal… She must have been feeling terrible to repeat naughtiness, bite poor old Tima and then give voice to her misery and frustration. I’d like to give her a nice juicy apple and a good tummy scratch.

  4. Sheila looks so very sad in that first picture. I wonder what was so important about going out that gate.

  5. Yes, baby watch can be something else! We are still waiting for our big pig, Ellie Mae, to farrow! We keep thinking any hour now, and yet this morning, still no piglets! But, our goat had two precious baby boys and they are doing great! So I’ll be milking soon! Sadly we didn’t keep the billy on the farm long enough in November, and it seems the other two goats we were hoping were pregnant are not! 😦 But, our goat lady will loan us a milker for the summer, thank goodness! 🙂

    • Dammit – having to wait another cycle for those goats must be annoying.. Let us know when your piglets come.. if all goes well – maybe a pic for me to show the fellowship.. c

      • Will do! We thought for sure the piglets would come yesterday, but we continue to be on piglet watch today! She is taking her good ole time, that’s for sure!!!

        • I was thinking about her this morning – as I checked Poppy – still no change – she may go another month yet – looking forward to your brood! c

  6. Goodness! What in the world got into her? Hope this is the one and only piggie freakout. 😦

  7. Ohh I hope Sheila is ok. Maybe piggy menopause? Thinking about it she’s like a child that gets told off by their mum and passes the tell off to the nearest thing that can’t hit or bite back, this being poor little Tima. Tane looks knackered! 😂

  8. And you wonder why Tane took off on a walkies adventure? If you were a teeny-tiny male piggie, relatively speaking of course, with a bum hip and you had a Sheila in your barn, would you stick around the day she decides to come looking for you? I think not. Love the expressive look on her face as she peers back at you through the fence.
    It’s really sad that Alex doesn’t mix in with her herd-mates, poor thing. Seems to me life would be so much more comfortable if she would. Perhaps after having a calf she will feel more like “one of the girls”.
    Hope you have a great dayt! ~ Mame 🙂

  9. Oh naughty Sheila. Maybe its a menapausal thing…and she is one big pig to confront

  10. Maybe Sheila is bored. Needs some thing to push around. My dog gets like that when I thwart her efforts to get off lead if we aren’t in a safe area. They communicate very well.

  11. Love that Sheila looks you right in the eye. She so clearly wants to communicate to you her displeasure! Our Darby, donkey, will head out and nip another of the herd to show me she is unhappy with something I’ve done. She knows it makes me cross when she does that. I wonder what they’d write about us if they had blogs. Ha!

  12. I’m sorry to hear Sheila was so unhappy. Sorrier still she bit Tima. And sorry Alex is such a loner.

  13. Oh dear . . . we all have our moments, I guess, so Sheila had hers. I was so miserable just getting out of the car at the grocers – I can only imagine trudging through a muddy field. I’ll be happy when this weather front passes. Snow, rain, sleet and sun – all in the same moments.

  14. Sorry I have been missing so long, a little lack lustre and under he weather, even trying to read a blog post was tiring. I wish I had half Sheila’s energy… but it is slowly coming back. Poor Tima. Our weather is very mixed at the moment with some very sharp hail showers, I long for a little heat to warm my bones.

  15. Sheila and Charlotte were sisters, were they not? Gorgeous picture of her for certain but just hope this is not the first of more showings of ‘hormonal imbalances’ she’s too big to be allowed her own way if so . . . keeping fingers crossed!

  16. Perhaps it is this infernal damp, gray, chilly weather? The two mares, Sally & Ember have been constantly making ugly over the top of the hay feeder, they’ve been getting regular scoldings. Ember scraped the hide off Winston the donkey’s crest with her teeth, normally biting at that area is a form of play but it seems to have gone a little too far. Most everybody is kind of cranky, Fanny the goat is non stop bleating at me the whole time I’m out there. As if I can do anything about the weather! We have had snow showers almost daily and it really is just about enough now. I think everybody would be much happier and more pleasant with a little sun and warmth!

  17. You may have covered this in an earlier post, but is there are reason you don’t put Sheila with Manu? It would be great to see Sheila with a bunch of little piglets! But maybe not practical for you?

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