Through Dirty Windows

As opposed to dirty pillows of course.  All the cows have clean pillows now.

Yesterday I changed your Point Of View so you could see what we see from the Loft windows. The attic of this small house has been changed into a loft with two sleeping spaces. This is where many of my workers sleep so this is a favourite Point of View.

The main image is to the East.  You can see the hay field. prairie

We are in the midst of a cold and rainy spell and in the shot below you can see the storm rolling back out to the North.  The weather is grim. It is hard not to be affected by this lack of sun. north

Out to the South are a couple of the vegetable gardens.  Altogether there are five. My objective is to show that I can feed my family plus all my visitors from these small plots. You don’t need enormous gardens to grow enough food to keep between four and six people (plus the pigs and milking cows) in vegetables all summer long with some left over to put into jars for the winter.  It is seasonal eating of course – luckily I like Kale which grows all season!

vegetable gardens

The trick is this. Dig a little garden in a sunny spot and put a plant in it. Water. Weed. Eat. Compost is good. Fertiliser is good. Nice sturdy tools are great.  But mostly you need water.  When I was younger with too many glorious children and not much money at all,  I was a solo mother living in a rented house in the city, I used to literally garden with a fork. Not a garden fork, a fork from the kitchen. I dug the holes, tilled the ground and weeded with my little fork.  Collecting grass clippings and kitchen waste for the compost. Putting cabbages in amongst the flowers. Watering with a child’s sandpit watering can. My fork in my back pocket. My garden was tiny, but tasty.


Now look at me. My gardens are huge in comparison! And only two people living here full time.  But this summer I have more helpers than ever coming. All the corners will be filled.  Beds tucked into store rooms and even some boys in tents.  The table will be heaving. I am SO looking forward to some warmth and some growth in the gardens for all my guest workers.   I feel like we are still marking time a little – waiting for spring to really SPRING.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

24 Comments on “Through Dirty Windows

  1. I love the idea of you having a fork in your back pocket. I use kitchen spoons to garden with as well. But I’ve never tried my fork. Will do that soon. I’m pot-gardening right now. Pretty things, mostly. But must stick some veg in there too. Love your life.

  2. I just love the concept of growing your own food. The most I have managed is a few tomato plants and lots of herbs. Rabbits are a big problem here and all the insects and bugs seem to get to eat it before me but I am going to try it again.

  3. I was threatening to plant some garlic, but I think I’m too late now. Winter has arrived dropping us to an icy 10C, which still seems to be warmer than you! Hopefully winter will move here and allow your summer to begin – you deserve it. Laura

  4. I hope YOU have a lovely day as well since you started mine off with such a lovely glimpse into yours. 🙂

  5. I like the new elevated view. I grew up on a farm flat like your land. Whenever I could, I climbed up on things to see farther. Few things were off limits.

    As to the weather, it looks like there will be several more days of ‘not quite spring’. Wind, rain showers, clouds…those will rule.

  6. I love your veggi plots, your soil looks lovely, rich and dark. It’s horrid here today too cold and showery. have a fab day 😀

  7. It’s coming up for the time when I can start planting the cool weather stuff, the beans, the spinach, that sort of thing. They don’t survive the summer heat and humidity, which is when I grow the Asian vegetables and herbs: Vietnamese mint, Ceylon spinach, lemongrass, ginger and turmeric. I must dig over the bean plot and put in the canes and strings they grow up, and once the heat drops below 75F, I can start planting. Beautiful snake beans! Silverbeet, spinach, bok choy and Chinese cabbage (if the insects leave me anything…).

  8. Don’t kill me when I tell you we’re expecting temperatures over 80 here today. But we need it, because we had a soggy winter with many a day that had no glimpses of sun. I’m reveling in springtime this year and I know it will come to you soon!

  9. Looking forward to all the stories to be told with so many helpers this summer.

  10. If those windows are dirty, I am Attila the Hun. Glad you’re having lots of workers coming. I’m sure they all will have a wonderful time.
    A kitchen fork is excellet for weeding in pots and around small plants. I’ve used one often.
    We’re having odd weather here: bright sunshine one minute then out of nowhere rattling hailstorms batter us,only to disappear as quickly as they arrived.

  11. Despite having gardening tools on hand I often grab something from the cutlery drawer when planting… I like a butter knife for seed holes. Farms, gardens and kitchens and the people they feed via their own efforts heartens me as Big Food works to convince us otherwise. You not only feed your visitors bodily but their souls as well, I think.

  12. What views! I think it’s flat where we live, but your landscape makes ours positively rolling. I wish everyone could be encouraged to grow something to eat, even if just means putting the end of a bought lettuce plant into a glass of water instead of throwing it away and then eating the tiny leaves that will sprout.

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