Boar Tusks – Up Close

Yesterday Inaki and I dug out the cows winter pen. This is a big spring job as I always have a deep bed of straw in the winter which is warm for the cows but a lot of heavy work in the spring. Thank God I have Inaki this year.

We will have piles of compost next year.
DSC_0773  boar tusks

Tane gave me his happy smile yesterday so I could show you his  youthful tusks.

Cats and Cows love The Cadet.  Lady Astor walked straight across to her and presented her head for a scratch with Aunty Del right behind her.  Both good solid confident cows trusting my farm girl. If all goes well they will be great to milk this year.  Alex, who is developing quite the udder, is still our shy girl.  The Dexters are both a little quieter than the two big cows.

My muscles are tired from all the digging of manure.  You can tell I am getting busy, my words in the blog are getting less. You will always have pictures though!

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi


23 Comments on “Boar Tusks – Up Close

  1. Tane’s Tiny Teeth and Tusks! Adorable 🙂 The Cadet is growing up too, she looks much taller than last year. If she’s still interested in the Farmy when she’s older, she’ll be a big help to you.

  2. Looks sunny and a bit warmer! So happy for that!!! 🙂

  3. Tane looks dentally challenged, poor dear. A smile only a mother, and about a zillion fellowship members, could love! He’s too cute.

  4. Cats, Cows, Cadet … perfect cadence 🙂 I have confidence The Cadet will win the Dexters around in no time, she has been wonderful with all the animals on the farmy. Love the tusks Tane. Laura

  5. Please tell Tane thank you for such a wonderful smile. Some serious tusks growing there for sure 🙂

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  7. Following up on what The Daily Cure said, above: I wondered that too, if Tane might have dental problems. From what I know, which is absolute zero, his teeth appear more like what I think of as a rabbit’s teeth not a piggy’s teeth… rabbit or guinea pig, or something like that. Are his teeth pretty normal, Ms C, just a couple of pointy top ones and only a few bottom ones? Seems odd for an animal that eats 24/7… lol
    Lovely to see The Cadet fitting right in with the cows and kitties like she’d never been away and so nice that the obviously like being near her.
    Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  8. Dear Cadet,

    You have a way with animals. That is your gift. Continue to pursue that passion.

    P.S. Thank you, Miss C, for encouraging and embracing our dear Cadet.

  9. How beautiful those tusks are. I’m slightly jealous. I never got any. Mom says it’s a good thing since I’m in the house. XOXO – Bacon

  10. Winsome Tane! What an adorable twinkle he’s got there. 😉 I envy the Cadet…someday, perhaps, I’ll get to spend some quality time among farmy animals, too. So much to learn. Happy Spring, my darling C!

  11. Tane is showing off his healthy gums. They are so pink! Love seeing photos of The Cadet again.

  12. Love that Tane smiles vecause he makes me laugh, looking like a crazy cartoon character as he does. If a cat likes someone (and vice versa) then they’re good with me, when a cow likes someone it’s a real character reference.

  13. Yes, best wishes from far away Australia to The Cadet also – and thank you for making Miss C’s life a wee bit easier!! There is a saying in the country in which I was born: watch the animals – they are instinctively wise: if they like someone that person will be lovely to know . . .

  14. So glad you have help for this big job. The Cadet must be very special. Nice shots of the tusks, and Tane seems rather compliant!

  15. I love Tane’s tusks! What a cheesy smile he has!! ha ha! While you find less words, at least you post every day. I am so busy I seem to have disappeared from the blogging world. I have great photos but no time to share lately. 😦

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