Free as a Bird

Have you ever looked at the birds as they fly and wished to be a bird. This is probably my oldest wish. To be able to fly like a bird. So effortless. So far above every wish or cognitive thought. Soaring.

Actually my most recurring dream (and God knows you do not want to be bored out of your mind by my dreams because I remember every one of them and they are in DETail)  – the dream that I lived in the most, during my nights as a teenager, was when I was a horse that flew. No wings – just flight.   My favourite one of this series  was when I was flying over mountains made of orange and lemon peels.  The scent was divine. But let’s not go there.

These two Canadian Geese have been hanging about lately. This has never happened before, that a pair should think about setting up housekeeping close by. Though I am sure the dogs will change their minds fairly quickly.  They are huge birds, and like all the birds that visit here – common. I love the common birds. geese 1

geese 2

geese 3
geese 4

geese 5

geese 6

geese 7

geese 8

geese 9

geese 10

I love flight.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Sheila will.


love celi


31 Comments on “Free as a Bird

  1. I dream of flying often. And it’s absurd. I sort of getting running start then leap. But it works! My favorite dream of all, flying. Your dreams don’t sound boring, they found FANTASTIC! Orange and lemon peels—I love it. Scratch and sniff dreams. The geese are beautiful. Such graceful creatures.

  2. I always feel honoured when wild waterfowl decide they’d like to do a bit of housekeeping in my surroundings. They have such arduous and far-ranging lives that if I can give them a haven and a short time of peace it feels as if I’ve been handed a gift. Our magpie geese aren’t quite as vocal as Canada geese, but they do look very similar.

  3. Perhaps the geese are waiting for you to stock the swimming pool with fish. Sheila looks very happy indeed 🙂

  4. Those must have been the smartest ones of the flock, they landed in a good spot! I often have dreams that I am flying too, I am myself, no wings but I can float up and just soar and glide and in the dream I am afraid to land. Weird.

  5. I wonder if something is wrong with me. I seldom remember dreams. Seems like I’m missing out on some cool stuff.

  6. We have loads of Egyptian geese here and I remember flying in my dreams too, very clearly, although never as exciting as yours.
    Have a wonderful day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. I think all of us with gypsy souls love flight. I am so seldom blessed with flying dreams that it gives me a touch of sadness.

  8. Although about a kite – the song fro Mary Poppins ‘up to the highest height’ is now coursing through my brain!

  9. I wonder if Sheila is dreaming of flying. 🙂 We get masses of them in the green spaces of the highway. It can bring traffic to a complete stop if one wants to wander the road. Yes, we all stop for them no matter where they are. I don’t think I’ve seen just 2 alone without a flock of other birds. Great way to start a day.

  10. My fellow countrymen! Yay, go Canada. 😀 Actually, the Canadian geese at home in Oxfordshire there on the reservoir are more British than Robert…lol. But I can’t help and think of them as my fellows and feel a bit more “at home” when I see them. 😀

  11. I have two Canada Geese who have adopted our yard this spring feasting under my bird feeders. I have named them George and Gertie because they need names . I suspect they have a nest on the little island across from our dock because I am only seeing one at a time now. I hope to see some babies soon!

  12. The geese are beautiful. We’ve had a couple here that has been visiting. So majestic they are. Have a great day Sheila style my friend. XOXO – Bacon

  13. we have lots of Canada Geese around -and there was once a pair that thought our garage roof was a lovely lookout! Eventually they flew back to a local pond tohave their nest and babies! Cheers!

  14. I often look at those large groups of birds that seem to fly in unison and then change direction on a dime, I often wonder what makes them do that. We have many Canada Geese just south of our house, near the lake. They are often found lackadaisically crossing the busy east/west road and everyone stops to allow them safely through, it’s pretty amazing.

  15. I must admit, I’ve not dreampt of flying, although I have wished I could. It always seemed to me to be a much faster mode of travel; rather than the hour-long commute home, it would be so much faster to fly directly, as the crow flies, so to speak. Ah well, perhaps in time with technology advancing as it does — who knows what will become possible.
    Did you know Canada geese mate for life? Apparently, yes. I was reading sometime ago how they have now become quite a nuisance in the U.K. Not native there, they have had such a successful time settling in that there has been talk of a culling programme. I don’t know if it was ever initiated.
    Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  16. Is Sheila aware she might have to share her wallow this summer 🙂 Beautiful in flight pictures. Laura

  17. A few years ago in a tony mall, a Canada couple set up housekeeping outside a Nordstrom’s entrance in a huge planter. A DO NOT DISTURB sign went up and they were cordoned off. It was lovely.

  18. I too have dreams of flying! (And I too used to call them Canadian Geese! They’re Canada Geese!) Love the last picture.

  19. Lovely sequence pics of the geese in flight. For me it’s dreams of running, not from something but loping fast and free. In real life I’m not, never been, a runner so it’s wonderful to be able to experience it.

  20. Love the picture of Sheila! the open gate really makes the picture

  21. Smiling about the great geese montage . . . especially since a huge flock of sulphur-crested cockatoos [I’d say at least a hundred or more and they ARE big, bold and beautiful] have decided this morning to make my neck of the woods their playground and they ARE raucous but fun: oops, just had to retype ’cause a whole bunch flew screeching right over my roof 🙂 ! Your geese are so elegant in comparison . . . well, perchance they may have babies to show to make up for the paucity of interest at the mart yesterday . . . ?

  22. Oh what freedom I feel watching these geese fly – beautiful. and I laughed at the contrast with Sheila, who is so much of this earth. Lovely post Celi.

  23. You sure do have amazing dreams!! I sometimes dream I’m flying … but… I ‘swim’ in the sky in those dreams. I’d rather be on a horse!! Well, if those Canada geese decide to stay, you’ll have two more animals ‘making fertilizer’ LOL !!

  24. We had a bird expert staying with us when we did the photography courses and I mooted your point to him of being as “free as a bird”. He looked at me as though as I was mad…their whole life is spent looking over there shoulder for predators when they’re not looking for food or flying thousands of miles non stop without food….and then of course they lose their flight feathers for a month when they’re prey to any one or thing…..but it’s still a good dream 🙂

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