No such Luck

It was cold yesterday, below freezing, we left in the dark to drive up to the fairgrounds  but even though there were crowds of people at the market, there was more a flea market feel to the affair, people sitting wrapped in blankets with the contents of their garages spread out before them.  I felt my Happy seep out of me like a cold mist, down through my early morning shadow and away. pony

The animals were cold, the people were cold. The birds were huddled into corners of their pens. There were more dogs for sale than I have ever seen which just felt wrong, and more sad looking ponies than usual too but the actual bird show part of the event was small. Everything felt just a little too visceral.


You know how sometimes your rose tinted happiness glasses slide down and reality shows itself like a dark low tide. And you just cannot cheer yourself up and find yourself more likely to snap your teeth at other people.

dog in cart

Well, that was yesterday. I bought my honey from my usual Michigan Eastern European couple with aprons under their  coats. I bought a dozen Rhode island Red fertilised eggs from a man who I did not like, and just as the clouds covered the sun and the wind began to whip up  – we left that place and went out to an old fashioned American diner to have an American breakfast so Inaki could order his eggs Sunny side UP.  Then home again.



Later I sat in the sun room  of the barn and had a big old talk with Sheila before we both had a Sunday nap in her hay bed,  then I went to find Tima and helped her build a big cosy bed for the night.  I watched Poppy for a long time but it is still impossible to tell if she is pregnant or not. More cold is coming. More wind is coming. There is even snow in the forecast for later this week.lambs

Today will not be so bad though – I will look for loveliness today.

I hope you have a lovely day.





33 Comments on “No such Luck

  1. Gut feelings are important. It all sounded a bit close to the bone and a tiny bit desperate. I’m glad you came away and stoked up with a big breakie.

  2. Interesting to see the man carry chooks upside-down! Very Gascon 🙂

  3. I know the feeling. You look forward to an event that you have attended many times before, only to be disappointed as it was not up to usual standards or expectations. May be next time it will have regained its allure

  4. You have a keen, well-trained eye for the good in all things. You’ll find it. My heart goes out to you. I know that slippy slidey feeling. But sounds like it was nothing that couldn’t be cured by a nap with a beloved pig. Be well.

  5. Sounds like the swap was quite a sad place. You did get some lovely photos, though there is a sadness to them. The picture of the pony, little dog looking for his chance at a home and those two little lambs just melted me. It is cold here too and 10-15cm of snow forecast for Wednesday. My body needs sun now, hopefully soon spring will claw its was to the surface. Let’s hope today is happy with happy content animals😘🐷🐶🦃🐓🐣🐄

  6. You are much braver than I C. I can’t even talk about animals in any way other than them being perfectly happy without getting upset.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  7. You managed to make it through it and the brekkie at the end of it helped make it a better day. Seemed like a sad place that market —hopefully the next one will be a bit happier and warmer. Spring has to come, right?

  8. Cold can always lower the happiness level. I’m sorry you had a bit of a dreary day, but you have the Rhode Island chicks to look forward to (my fave kind of dual purpose hens).
    I hope today is better for you.
    ViV xox

  9. as always amazing photos but I could see what you eye was drawn to.. its harder out there then most want to say at the moment and its a slow grind, I see it locally in so many ways.

  10. Ugh. The higher the expected high, the more disappointing the let down. I’m sorry you had such a drop. How did Inaki like his eggs?

  11. Eggs sunny side up – I thought everybody in the USA cooked eggs way past point of redemption? those little lambs might have tempted me, but the rest seems very sad. Laura

  12. We have been waking up to -10C here and snow on the ground. The sun is strong enough now that by the end of the day the snow is gone. Rinse and repeat; sigh!!

  13. So, so sorry that Spring has not actually sprung in your neck of the woods! 😦 We have temps forecast in the upper 60s and 70s the rest of April. It just must be coming your way soon! The cold can definitely make things look grim, as seen at the bantam swayp, that’s for sure! Sending warm thoughts your way!!! XO

  14. tho it was disappointing and leaning towards grim, i very much appreciate your honesty.

  15. I hate that feeling where all you can see is the hard things, the mean things, the desperate things. It makes everything feel broken and awful. I’m glad Inaki got to have his eggs and that you had a nice nap in the hay. Those were both Good things. 🙂

  16. It snowed here yesterday. My Matriarch doe was quite disheartened at morning feed, and didn’t want most of her bucket or even one roasted peanut…I tried to reassure her that Winter has not started all over again, and this will all be better in a couple of days. Then I went back to the house for an apple and fed her half, slice by slice, til she perked up enough to start waving her horns and bossing the others around. Whew.
    A poor night’s sleep, and it’s snowing again today. Now I need someone to feed me apple slices.

  17. I felt much the same yesterday, though it was a lovely day. Tangling with the evil dead tree soured my mood. Here’s to a better day, and we both know we can always find the loveliness, even though some days, we have to look pretty hard.

  18. Even at the best of swaps there’s an undercurrent of sorrow.

  19. Hope you at least had a good, big, American breakfast with biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage and all the trimmings.

  20. Please look in the mirror my sweet friend. There you will find loveliness all wrapped up in YOU. XOXO – Bacon

  21. Awww, sounds like a miserable sale … I’m so sorry. Always disappointing, especially after looking forward to it for a while.
    The weather? It’s crazy right now. We had, I would say, about 4 to 5 inches of fresh snow yesterday and it’s still at minus 5 c. right now, not expected to rise above the freezing point until Wednesday and even then waver up and down for the next few days after that. But that’s March/April in our neck of the woods, isn’t it — always unpredictable when we so need it to be warm and sunny after our long winters. I just think to myself that this winter-like weather is short-lived, given the time of year, and it brightens me up just a little. No matter what the weather does now, it soon — very soon — will be warm and sunny out there. Hope you have a lovely day too! ~ Mame 🙂

  22. Ooo. That doesn’t sound good at all. Scary to think people are doing desperate things to sell living beings. It shouldn’t have to be that way. I’m glad you have such a warm place to come back to, as a reminder of what can be good in the world.
    And as always, I’m eternally glad you share it with us and teach us how things could, should, and can be.

  23. I love the feeling of anticipation and possibilities of swap meets & markets, and the premise of local economy re-use recycle…. but sometimes they’re a let down full of cheap crap & junk. A good breakfast is the only solace. And a return home to your own space and good things.

  24. The chill of season and spirit definitely shown in this post.
    Grim. I’d have come home with a pony or horse….you could use a lawn decoration, I mean, horse
    At least there’s honey!

  25. A few positives: Methinks your last four photos of what got ‘swapped’, especially the uppermost with that gorgeous and inquisitive pup peering out into the universe, were fun for us to see – AND, Inaki got to see his first event of this kind in the US, whatever the weather, and also must have loved his eggs ‘sunny-side’ up !! Hmmm, for me they do not come any other way 😀 !!

  26. I hope your day got better. I know the feeling you are talking about. You have cold, we have massive heat coming on Thursday. 😦 Balance. We need balance.

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