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Writing and farming below freezing

Yesterday was colder than ever and the wind was blowing fiercely scoring the skin off my face and the water out of my own eyes. So cold that if you are doing the dishes and your hands are a little wet, and you pop… Continue Reading “Writing and farming below freezing”

The Fantastic Fellowship of Books and Help-Meets.

While I  had help on the farmy. Feeding out.  Climbing up and down the ladder for me. Throwing in straw for the piggies.  Sheila was thrilled and slightly dismayed as she had to remake her bed. Making me lunch and trimming naughty Marmalade’s fingernails.… Continue Reading “The Fantastic Fellowship of Books and Help-Meets.”

The first Snow of the Winter

I was most definitely not ready for having an entire day below freezing in November.   Though I just checked the blog post for this date exactly a year ago and it was only marginally warmer.  So why am I surprised. Though no snow… Continue Reading “The first Snow of the Winter”

nanowrimo without the capitals

Last year I signed up for nanowrimo. And  finished in 21 days. It is an interesting concept. Basically it is a dare. You dare yourself to write 50,000 words towards a novel, hopefully including a beginning a middle and an end  – in one… Continue Reading “nanowrimo without the capitals”

The Man at the Gate

The man was well dressed and nervous. He was standing on my lawn blocked by barking dogs as I stepped out onto the verandah. “Alright if I give treats to your dogs?” He called out with his back to the shiny late model city… Continue Reading “The Man at the Gate”

Muffins and Mad Dogs

My friends the young students, and I made fruit and vege muffins yesterday.   Which gave us plenty of energy for outdoor pursuits. I found this recipe somewhere ages ago and delve into it off and on, using whatever is in the house (that… Continue Reading “Muffins and Mad Dogs”

The Mists of Writing while Walking the Boundaries.

Mama the policeman will have something to say about that.  Every photograph, though taken on the same day, has slightly different light and is viewed differently by each reader. This is why every writer has something viable to say.  Some might say: Mama you… Continue Reading “The Mists of Writing while Walking the Boundaries.”

Get the List here! 95 Books to read – recommended by the Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Friends

 Morning darlinks! How do you like your new name? The Fellowship of the Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Friends. Try and say that; at speed, three times in a row,  after a few wines, with a glass in one hand and standing on the opposing  foot.… Continue Reading “Get the List here! 95 Books to read – recommended by the Fellowship of The Kitchen’s Garden Farmy Friends”

Either stalactites or stalagmites – one or the other

I know one goes up and one goes down but whichever ones these are, they are an excellent visual example of it being too bloody cold – I will tell you that.  Ghastly, darlinks! The swimming pool has ice swimming in it.  These shots… Continue Reading “Either stalactites or stalagmites – one or the other”

The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.

Here you are. One piece of  The Writing for your perusal as a thank you for your wonderful patience and support while I have been writing. And while I continue to rewrite! This piece is a work in progress, barely out of First Draft,… Continue Reading “The Corridors: An excerpt from Chapter One.”